Saturday, August 17, 2002

Books I got from Johann for P290... total, not each:

Stranger in A Strange Land by Robert Heinlen

The Never Ending Story by Michael Ende

Ringworld by Larry Niven

Damnation Alley by Roger Zelazny

The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula le Guin

Dune by Frank Herbert (yes, I already own one... what's one more?)

Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke

The Cat Who Walks Through Walls by Robert Heinlen

Neuromancer by William Gibson

Downbelow Station by C.J. Cherryh

Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke

Imperial Earth by Arthur C. Clarke

While I was at it, I went to Book Sale Shoppesville and here's what I got for P270:

2010: Odyssey Two by Arthur C. Clarke

2061: Odyssey Three by Arthur C. Clarke

The Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven (looks like I got the sequel to the just-bought Ringworld)

Swords and Deviltry by Fritz Leiber (woohoo!!!)

I also tried looking for The Princess Bride video but alas, I shall never find it...

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Here's an interesting blog that refers to what I wrote in my other blog.

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Aaagh. I'm addicted to "Open Up Your Mind" from Saiyuki...

Was blog hopping and I'm actually hurt that some people haven't added me to their links yet added some people I know immediately... hmmmm... speaking of a walking pariah...

Oh yeah, Mutant X wasn't so bad. And then I saw the Marvel label. Figures. Also saw Avi Arad's name somewhere there.

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I'm just waiting for the minutes to tick so that I can see how good or bad Mutant X is...

Went to school to have an org meeting where there were only SIX of us. Of course I'm not really surprised... then again, I'm not exactly a role model when it comes to being an officer. Which reminds me to email the group to do work.

We were supposed to meet at Enconium but it was still closed when the "meeting" started. However, it began to open when the meeting ended...

Learned to commute from UP to SM North EDSA. Well, it's an experience. I haven't commuted ever since that incident involving boarding a jeepney to Cubao and I landed at SM Centerpoint...

Somehow, I feel jealous of Elbert's connections and contacts. But he did treat me out with his beautiful sisters at Pho'Hoa in North EDSA. People be amazed at how I eat...

And my search for a video copy of The Princess Bride still continues...

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*breathes in and tries to be calm* Garr, what idiot-slacker-from-Xavier do you take me for??? (read: I am not a typical Xaverian)

1) I don't bullshit... Garr, this is Charles, tactless and the walking pariah remember?

2) I always do my homework and not cut (in my entire three years at Ateneo, I have only had five cuts, two of them from ROTC). I am so saintly that when my English 11 teacher couldn't find my thesis in her pigeon hall, she assumed it was lost, not that I didn't submit (to those who are thiking about this, yes, it was lost, and somehow got mixed in another teacher's pile... I submitted a copy of the paper a few days later, getting a B+ for the subject).

3) The only reason I didn't know the thesis question is because I couldn't understand it in the first place and I asked A LOT of people and even they couldn't answer it comprehensively.

4) Regarding the well read and well written thing, you're overreading my post. I just said that Tin's site is popular. Nothing else about the writing (although she writes well). If there's anything I'm jealous about, it's the popularity, not the skill (although I admire Tin's writings a lot).

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Friday, August 16, 2002

Ack. Tin's site is really popular. Got several hits for my other blog from her.

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*listening to Saiyuki mp3s I just downloaded*

I miss people. Haven't talked to a lot friends in awhile. *sigh*

Anyway, today is the start of my long, busy weekend. Tomorrow I have an org meeting. On Sunday, a shoot for history, and a seminar on Monday.

Cyril: Charles, I brought your book.

Charles: That's great.

Cyril: There's just one problem... it got wrecked.

Charles: How?

Cyril: The rain...

Also spent a long time at the library waiting for the photocopier lady to finally photocopy some readings.

I'm bored...

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Thursday, August 15, 2002

Just woke up from a dream... I was lost... or more precisely, I knew where I was but I didn't know how to get home (what streets to take, what buses to board, etc...). And no, this is not subject to Freudian interpretation. =)

Also, while browsing through to look for Valdemar books for Steph, found out just how "uncommon" Mercedes Lackey is becoming. Most of the books I was looking for was running out. It said that they only have five or four more copies left (but will restock soon). Well, at least if there's anything I'm asking Russel to buy from the US, it's well worth it.

I finally got to see St. Scholastic's yearbook!!! Well, I mostly looked at the writeups of people I know. I'm not the type to aimlessly browse through a yearbook. Strangely, Joanne and Rose look so different in their grad pics... There were also some funny write-ups. And I finally at least have a vague picture of Martina, whom I have never met for the past four years we've been sending text messages to each other.

Also got to talk to Becca last night!!! I don't know, I was just full of enthusiasm. After which, my "hyper-reading" skills activated as I breezed through two hundred pages in an hour or so.

Hmmmm... just found out how to save emails in Netscape...

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It's a rainy day, although not as rainy as Tuesday. However, there were some interesting repercussions that I just found out today.

For one thing, the Kostka building's roof has collapsed. Yes, collapsed! Just goes to show one of two things: either the storm was really that powerful, or the Kostka building is that old.

Today was my first time to have classes at the new CTC building. Our nonfiction class was transferred there because of the aforementioned disaster that happened to the Kostka building. The students who were having classes there, on the other hand, were transferred to a new building which I don't know.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

I lay in my bed, sleeping and dreaming, encountering altered states of consciousness. It feels so good to sleep, especiallly when you came home at one in the morning. Saiyuki at 7 am. *yawn*. Ayashi no Ceres at 8 am. *zZzZzZ*.

Fr. Dacanay told us that in his class of 100+ students, 20+ failed the orals and written exams. Since Garrick spooked me with his text a few days ago and the fact that I got the thesis question which I did not know very well, I rushed out of class when the bell rang and headed for the Theology department to get a look at my grades.

I should always remember to trust my insticts. It's best to stay calm no matter how dire the situation is. I saw a few F's, one timeslot away from mine. Mine was 1.75. I passed.

Spent the next few hours at CCHQ, talking and chatting with Katherine and Khristine, mostly with the latter. I forgot to mention this before but Khristine used to teach at Xavier grade school.You learn something new everyday.

I'm also debating to get the ONE remaining copy of the limited edition of Neil Gaiman's Coraline. It has a few extra pages from the normal edition which contains concept art and sketches, among other things. The problem is that it'll cost me nearly P3000 since you have to buy the Hardbound Neverwhere that comes along with it (mainly because they had to order a set to get the limited ed. Coraline). Right now, it's a race between me and Elbert, and Elbert will have money by next week. To buy or not to buy?

I'm also short on budget right now because I have $60 to Russel who's going to the US. Haven't given him a list yet but will ask him to buy Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books so that I have something to give Steph on her birthday or Christmas. I'm also saving up for the annual bookfair which is on August 31. I really hope there'll be some interesting books that'll lay in wait for me. Then again, I only have P1000 in my wallet and I'm buying some used scifi books on Sunday (Larry Niven's Ringwordl, C.J. Cherryh's Downbelow Station, Michael Ende's Neverending Story, William Gibson's Neuromancer, Robert Heinlen's The Cat Who Walked Through walls, to name a few). Isn't it obvious I love books? =)

Of course, as usual, had our D&D game last night at Russel's place in Kapitolyo. It took us four sessions to get from level one to level two. It only took us one session to get from level two to level three. Amidst the ghouls, ghasts, animated objects, and mephits, we managed to fend them all off, without the help of a cleric. We're quite broke now though.

I'd also like to comment on Noelle and her smoke problems. At least she fared better than Elbert, who during the weekend managed to inhale smoke coming from burning rubber at a site near their house. He was hospitalized for three days, coughing to death the entire time.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

As I was reading Erin's post about wanting to watch Fake, here's one of those funny anecdotes about "macho guys" and hentai.

Last school year, me and Jobert were at Kamerori in Katipunan. We were waiting for his friend who studies at UP. Since I am not good with names, I will just label him as "Guy". If I really knew his name, I would put it here. =)

Guy enters and Jobert calls him. We talk and then somehow, steers into this conversation:

Guy: Hey Jobert, want to borrow an anime that has "hot" police action? My friend told me about this great hentai.

Jobert: Really? What's the title?

Guy: Fake.

Charles: *ROFL* Buwahahahahahaha.

Jobert: Why are you laughing?

Charles: He just mentioned an anime that your sister would probably watch.

Jobert: Yaoi?

Guy: What's Yaoi?

Charles: Male pairings.

Jobert: You were trying to trick us, weren't you?

Guy: Sorry about that. I was also tricked. My friend told me it was hentai and had hot police action so I watched it. I didn't realize it was gay until the scene where they were...

Charles: I have to commend you. You watched a homosexual sex scene. *laughs*

Jobert: *laughs*

Guy: Hey, you guys...

Let that be a lesson to perverts. There's bad karma in proliferating hentai. Apparently in that situation, all my yaoi knowledge paid off.

Charles: So want me to lend you some yaoi tapes you hentai maniac you?

Guy: Shut up...

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Well, I've been reading Pillars of Creation for the past few days and I'm already halfway. Still to sign of the main characters, Richard and Kahlan, so far. Not that it's unwarranted, it's so so... strange. Last I heard of Terry Goodkind, he's been doing research research research!!!

Can't believe I wrote three essays/stories/journal entries yesterday. Two was for my blog and one was for my nonfiction. The latter was experimental though since I still haven't been able to consult with Mr. Brion. And for some strange reason, I always write Mr. Brion as "Brionne"...

Also, I started bringing some Ritz crackers, since they're nice and salty. Often, people call them Fita unknowingly. I don't know why. Is it the red wrapper? Is it because it's spherical? Why do both labels use the same style? Anyway, I don't mind Fita. I just like Ritz because they're saltier.

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After much time watching the rain pour, meditating, and sleeping, I have made a list of thirteen wishes which will not happen (or if ever, not any time soon).

1) Take Steph out to dinner on my birthday.

2) Go bookstore hopping with Caroline, Erin, Steph, Tanix, and any one else who loves fantasy and science fiction.

3) Bring Steph to CCHQ so that she can admire all the manga, plushies, artbooks, and wall scrolls.

4) Treat the old PO members, from Garrick to Benj, Richie to Fed, Pablo to Kenneth, Gerrett to Jake, Mars to Mavis, Lindsay to Mia, Sheila to Ash, Becca to Charm, Scythe to Mitch, Joyce to Noelle, Krizelle to Chrystel, Kara to Joanne and anyone else I missed out, to dinner.

5) Have all my friends huddle together for one big picture taking.

6) Get a kiss on the cheek from all my female friends.

7) Have one last game session with the D&D people like Jobert and Franco, Cyril and Carlos, Lloyd and JA, Magat and Michoy, Brian and any else I might have missed.

8) Publish my own anime/SF&F/gaming magazine.

9) Having a day all to myself without anyone bothering me.

10) Eating dinner without anyone making a comment on what I will eat, how much I will eat, and what I should eat.

11) Have a game with my friends from the batch at Xavier like Ambrosio and Allister, BJ and Dennis, Hubert and Ryan, Inigo and John, Joel and Brian S., Plim and Kenneth M., Bundi and Karl, Terence Y. and Saturn, Matthew and Mark, BOG and Charles, Aaron and Carl, Garvin and Saul, Affie and all the other people who I consider my friends.

12) Have a trip with all my other eccentric anime friends, from Arianna to Tin, MM to Miao, Charm and Scythe, the entire OAV, the other cosplayers, the Anime@Arki people, and any other org I might have missed out.

13) Have a fast Internet connection at a high bandwidth and no interruptions, disconnections, and power surges.

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Monday, August 12, 2002

It's just my luck to arrive at school after a one hour drive and twenty minutes of walking, only to find out classes are suspended.

The storm has brought on some interesting, of pitying sides, along the road. People were splashed by water as cars passed them by. One vehicle had its window down so that the person inside could bail water out using a mineral water bottle cut in half. And there's the driver who went out of the car during traffic and then pissed.

I walked all around Ateneo to get to CCHQ since the opposite ends of the overpass were flooded knee deep, or at least it was by the time I got there. Students from Miriam and Ateneo were flocking along Katipunan, going to the restaurants and other stopbys after classes were declared suspended. I headed to CCHQ and fortunately they were open. Can't say that's the case though if it was signal no. 2.

I've also noticed I'm impervious to the charms of CCHQ. I'm not tempted to buy manga, comics, wall scrolls, and whatever else that's there... except the Neil Gaiman novels.

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I wake up at 6:30 am and it's like 12 pm in the evening. Looks like an impending storm is "happening"!.

Among the other things I forgot to mention in yesterday's post is that I haven't suffered from "Warcraft withdrawal". Yes, I haven't been playing with the game for more than a week now, mainly because I'm broke. And I'm not regretting it. I've been hanging around at CCHQ during my 4 hour breaks as of late. Time spent there is time where money is not spent. Of course that might not be a healthy alternative to some people 'lest they get tempted by all the plushies, artbooks, wall scrolls, and manga.

I also need a new set of clothes. I was wearing my jeans yesterday when my graduation pictures suddenly fell out of my pants. Later, it was my entire wallet. Apparently, there was a whole in my pocket, big enough for my wallet to pass through and land on my feet. It's a good thing I wasn't wearing my leather shoes with holes at the soles. It was raining and I don't exactly want to get cold feet, literally.

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I managed to see Danton Remoto!!! That's a big undertaking considering he's been out of sight for the past few months. He dropped by for Krip's poetry class, because we had a guest speaker (forgot his name already) and I'm presuming they're either friends or Danton's interested.

Eva: Sir, you're back!

Danton: Nope, I'm leaving.

By the way, Becca, Emy Liwag is one of my teachers for nonfiction class (and is hopefully reading this). Yun lang. ^^

I also made a one paragraph addition to my post in my much linked other blog.

Meanwhile, spent most of the day at CCHQ, talking and getting acquainted more with the lovely store owners. Also found out that Elbert was quite sick during the weekend as he inhaled smoke from burned rubber and got hospitalized by it. Of course he also had to cram three papers today...

Lastly, rain isn't one of my best friends, especially when I have a semi-cold. *achoo*

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Sunday, August 11, 2002

I was supposed to watch Saiyuki this morning but then again, it was AXN's anime marathon. I went back to sleep. =) *yawn* Today's going to be a long day considering I have poetry, which lasts until 7 pm or so.

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I was in no mood to go to the mechameet since I had to walk to church. I was quite exhausted by the time I got home. And it's a good thing too. Rain started to pour. I slept and did more sleeping...

And then my mother told me that after our family dinner, we'd be heading straight to ICA since it was my sister's Days With The Lord, a sort of retreat. It's then I realized that my sister hasn't been home for the past three days. Which explains the open door to her room the other day...

Father got to drive the new automatic. He also wanted me to take driving lessons (again) during the sem break. He also wanted me to drive an automatic. Grrrr.

The wait at ICA was long. Mom was chatting with her various acquaintances while we were all waiting for my sister to come out.

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