Saturday, March 08, 2003

Just came back from Hazel's birthday party. Actually, the party ended at 11 pm but majority wanted to go out so we ended up at Starbucks, the one opposite UA&P since it closes at 3 am and few people occupy the place.

First off, spent last evening cramming for my feature writing class. Of course that was kinda hard to do when your stalker is giving you a miss call every five minutes or so and pestering you with overreactive text messages. I don't know why people are fond of miss calls. Aside from the pager-substitute (I'll give you miss call when I'm there), miss calls baffle me.

Elbert told me I shouldn't tell girls that they're clingy and insecure. But my stalker is and I told her so. And beleive me, I know since I was once like that. But she denies it.

For feature writing class, we had a guest speaker from the Probe team. I wonder if I should tell my classmates who cut class because they had an arnis exam that next week is a free cut.

I started the week with something like P4000 and now I barely have P500. Been meeting too many people as of late and buying them presents (of note, it is warranted since two out of the three had birthdays).

ZzZzZzZz... had to walk all the way from the MRT station at 3:30 am. Strangely, it's the Internet cafe's that you see clearly early in the morning since they're the only shops open at the hour. I wonder if the 10 pm curfew is being implemented...

Lastly, there's a branch of Books 4 Less opposite UA&P.

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Friday, March 07, 2003

Here's some food for thought:

If you don't want your names mentioned in this blog, tell me. It's as easy as that. Because the norm I'm aware of is not to use aliases or hidden identities but to mention people as you call them in real life. I mean if I really wanted to mess people's lives, I'd mention their full names. But I don't go out mentioning, for example, what Elbert's full name is (and his address, and phone number for that matter). And so far, there's only one party (a clique of friends) that's complaining among the many, many people and groups I've mentioned. =P

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One of the books I'm required to read for Phil. Lit. is Gangster of Love. Spent quite some time looking for it in the Filipino fiction section of National Bookstore until I gave up. It's only later when I was browsing through the SF&F section that I saw it in the fiction section. Apparently, it's a US published book. And one that costs P455. *sniff*

At the lib steps, I grabbed Liana's bag just before heading for CCHQ. She was too lazy to stand up. She threw a ballpen. She missed. Brought the bag along since Liana is so lazy. Ran into Elbert and Jaime. Spooked Elbert, as stalkers ought to do. Headed for CCHQ, Liana's bag still in tow.

I told Elbert about this anime parodying the sentai series with businessmen as the heroes and with weapons like calling cards. Told him it was Shinseman. He told me he was trying to remember the English name. Later, he sends me a text message saying it was Shinseman. >.<

Before leaving CCHQ, Elbert said that he wouldn't talk for one hour. When we left CCHQ, it was 1 minute and counting. By the stairwell:

Me: So what will you do if you ran into a beautiful acquaintance?

Elbert: @#$%&!!!

Me: Two minutes and 48 seconds. That's how long you lasted.

Other latebreaking news is that there's a new stalker stalking me. >.< I have my suspicions who it is but I'll keep it secret for now.

Mich was trying to sell me something at Starbucks Megamall. It took twenty minutes for us to haggle. I guess that's what you get when both the buyer and the seller are greedy Chinese.

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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Quite a tiring day actually. But rewarding.

First off, kawaii Angela said hi to me. Gomen I forgot your name. I'm bad with names, even though I'm a stalker. =P

Had to go off to Makati to buy Hazel a birthday present. Apparently, Music One of Greenbelt 3 has a set of L`arc CDs. The ones that are released internationally, except for Clicked Singles Best. FYI, Japanese CDs costs Y3,000, which comes around to P1260. International releases are those not sold in Japan but are exclusive to countries like Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Philippines. Not all Japanese artists get this treatment but usually happens to those artists whom the company wants to market like L`arc, Glay, Utada Hikaru, Globe, Speed, etc. to name a few. In countries like the Phil. where there isn't a high demand for it (oh sure, there are cliques and groups that acquire those kinds of CDs but when I talk about demand, I mean the masses, or at least majority of thoses who have purchasing power), the company usually coerces stores to acquire a CD or two on their shelf as part of a business deal. Which is why you'll only see three or four L`arc CDs of a particular kind at any one time in a music shop. They [the record shop] can always get more but they'd rather finish their stock before acquiring more titles. The only exception to this was probably L`arc's Clicked Singles Best which ran out in a short time even though there were like two dozen in outlets like Tower Records and Music One. I am a stalker (this is reliable info, hehehe).

Back to the topic, yes, got Hazel a L`arc CD, as she probably knows by now since me and Ria had trouble contacting her (Ria, on the other hand, got two other L`arc CDs she didn't have, with me paying for it). And Hazel's actually playing it smart by not answering my text messages or calls when I ask her what she wants for her birthday. =P

To those interested, the Hero OST is now available at Music One Greenbelt. That and CSI. Oh yeah, jrock fans should be sad... Shop 88 has closed down.

Before heading home, ate dinner at KFC in the MRT station. I was hungry. But knowing me, I bought the cheapest meal, the one with the P20 hamburger.

Since my boasting of being a stalker never ceases, my stalker powers were again at work as I ran into Janni. And then later into Robert. After some chitchat for one and a half hours, ran home to watch CSI in time.

Finally remembered my other pet peeve: series's that never seem to end. To me, what makes Western comics and shows weak is the fact that they never seem to end. I mean it depends on the genre and shows like The Simpsons are okay since it's only taken half-seriously. But if you want something melodramatic and has a great climax, you can't keep telling the same story on and on for the next fifty years. Sure, comics like Batman and Superman have their own storyarcs, but eventually, the only way to refresh it is to portray the characters in a new light. I like how they eliminated Hal Jordan from Green Lantern. At least that, in Hal Jordan's story, had a melodramatic effect when he forsake his vows and turned into Parallax. The Green Lantern now, Kyle Rayner, while he bears the same "Green Lantern" label, tells a different story. But Clark Kent has always been Clark Kent as well as Peter Parker has always been Peter Parker. Whatever dramatic tension they make in an existing story arc, it is somehow overshadowed by the next successful story arc. (Yes, I'm not telling the whole story, but I don't really want to expound on this in a short journal entry.)

In contrast to anime series that do have a definite ending. Kenshin's done and finished. So is Yu Yu Hakusho. Even Gundam and Ultraman tells different stories, having different protagonists or if they do, they're changed from their previous incarnation. And eventually, those protagonists die, making way for the new.

I'm not saying that Marvel and DC should start killing off all their superheroes. But for dramatic purposes and tension, you can't repeat the same thing over and over again. Parallel dimensions and multiverses can only stretch so far. There's also the saying "quit while you're ahead". Extending something beyond its normal lifespan can kill the setting, the character, and the mood. Sure, there are reinventions right now like Marvel's "Ultimates" series but over time, you can't always do that. And while there are some comics that succeed in toppling its previous successes (e.g. Batman: Knightfall, Batman: Dark Knight Returns, Batman: No Man's Land, etc.), somehow, you get the feeling that in the end, things will turn our semi-okay and the main character still surviving. And that takes away a bit of the suspense.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

I guess what irks me today is the fact that I only have one class (Theo 131) and no one told me it was a free cut. All that time waiting in school for a class that was a free cut... not to mention that I crammed my midterms and reflection paper last night (since it's due today). But oh well, it wasn't such a waste because...

...Elbert treated me out to lunch. Actually, Elbert and Jamie treated me out to lunch. Jamie's eyes were wide open when she saw me eat sisig in a matter of minutes.

Also got Kim's grad pic as she and the other LitSoc officers were having a meeting.

Did manage to hitch with my high school classmate Patrick who brought me to Megamall and from there, managed to walk home.

Only to meet up with my former GM, Mars, who's currently contemplating on running a D20 Modern RPG game and is currently hosting a Scarred Lands campaign (complete with Creature Collection 1 and 2) but unfortunately, he lives in Velenzuela and there is no way I can reach that place to game.

Now, I have to raise some $100+ so that I can ask Carlos to buy me some books from Amazon since Amazon doesn't charge tax and ships stuff free to the US. Actually ended up paying more for last Christmas since I asked Carlos to buy books from Amazon but he got the fancy idea to just order from a bookstore so I paid something like an additional $8.

Thought of two pet peeves while I was sleeping but only managed to remember one at the moment. I just really hate it when anime fans compare other sports anime to Slam Dunk. The phrase "it's like Slam Dunk" has been turned into an adjective of various purposes that I can't even begin to fathom. I mean the piraters of "Prince of Tennis" CDs describe it as "Slam Dunk on the tennis court". What does that mean? And the boxing anime currently on GMA has been described as "like Slam Dunk". What the hell are you all talking about? Sports anime is a genre in anime and it has diverse methods to tell it. What does "it's like Slam Dunk" mean aside from the fact that it's sports? Slam Dunk has several elements. Are they using it as an adjective that says the anime is good? Or does it pertain to the "team" story of Slam Dunk? Or the focus of Slam Dunk on the sport as well as the character? Or its use of real-world references like the NBA? Or the pacing from a beginner to professional? Or the pretty boys? The humor? What? As far as I know, Prince of Tennis and that anime on GMA (I forgot the name so it will remain nameless) is vastly different from Slam Dunk as much as it has similarities, if any.

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Monday, March 03, 2003

Haven't been in the writing mood as of late (well, because either someone else is stealing my Internet time, I have homework to do, or there's something on TV). Well, I should remedy that.

First off, reading all these things about the earthquake. I was sleeping at the time. And nothing seems out of place (which means all my books are still on my shelf, among other things). *shrug*

Right now, still thinking of a gift to get Hazel since it's her birthday on Friday and she's celebrating it on Saturday. And I think I should start saving up since Raechel's birthday is sometime during the summer and I have a feeling that she'll ask me to get her a Sakura Taisen artbook (well, if the Sakura Taisen manga was still available at CCHQ... but it didn't last a day).

Also dreading the day I have to go to Page One (it's so out of the way) to order some books Steph wants since they're the only place I know that I can order European books.

Meetings are passing by and Krip still hasn't reviewed my short story. Oh well. I guess there's always next week, and the week after that.

And finally got my LotR extended edition back from Mr. Bulaong. =P Too bad I'm going to loan it again soon. Not that I have the time to actually watch it...

Anime Quest 2003 on April 25 - 27 for those who are interested. Honestly not that hopeful about it knowing who the organizers are but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

And the Comicol magazine, Grafic, will finally be coming out in a few weeks. ^^ Actually like it and something I'd pay to get, in comparison to last year's Grafic, which I wouldn't shell out P65 even if my name is printed there. At least my plans have finally come to fruition (because it was me who got Elbert to be the editor... the key to successful business is that if you can't do it right, get someone who can). And when it finally gets released, maybe I could send a copy or two to Vernon and Kristine. Hopefully Vernon will get interested in publishing it, and Kristine will be there to encourage Vernon (or at least give us a blurb). But it's been two years now since I've been to the Pulp/MTV Ink office...

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Sunday, March 02, 2003

Laziness is hitting me. That and melancholy. (Hey, at least it's not depression.)

First off, apparently, the teacher changed her mind and the technical article is due this Saturday, not two days ago. All that cramming...

Second, there was no driver to bring me to church yesterday. Just as I was about to walk there, my mom asks me if I want to hitch a ride with her (since she's hitching with her friend). I said yes. Then I go help my sis with her computer. Two minutes later when I get out, mom's gone. Out. Without me. This from my mother who pesters me every single time if I want to use the car or something. And when I finally do say yes, she leaves me without even a word.

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