Saturday, June 15, 2002

Looking at my BLOG, looks like I made a mistake in my Saturday post. It's not Benj that's supposed to give me mechapinoy's history (wonder why I wrote Benj... probably because I want him to do layout). Garr's supposed to do it. But knowing him, he probably forgot...

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Today hasn't been a good day. Not for me personally but for my friends. For one thing, Charm's mom died today. My condolences. For another, called up Steph an hour ago and I found out that she's sick. Awww, poor her. And I was planning to give to her the Dune books she wanted tomorrow.

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After reading Tin's livejournal, I feel pathetic as a writer. Her blogs are good, really good. And then I realize how much more pathetic I am. I'm too lazy to post the link in my site that I have to go to Benj's Pitas page and then use his links to go to other blogs. I use it to jump to Garr, to Mia, to Noelle...

Oh yeah, I'll need an optimouse soon. My current mouse is going haywire and I feel no matter how much I clean it, it'll break.

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I have some good news and bad news. The good news is, school is two days away. The bad news is, school is two days away...

Despite the fact that I'm fed up with summer break, there's still a lot of things I need to do. My fanzine's articles, for one, aren't even typed yet. Hmmm, maybe I could get Benj to do another layout for me. Another, my third blog which is supposed to be a resource for anime and manga, is missing an article. Benj hasn't submitted mechapinoy's history yet. And I still can't seem to track down Les...

As for today's events, a lot of it was comprised of sleeping. Tried calling Steph but she wasn't home. I did manage to get out of the house after being fed up of just reading. Saw Fed at Megamall which was a surprise. I didn't think the pinoy comic art people still met at the bowling alley. And speaking of the bowling alley, you'd be surprised at the people you see there. I saw two couples playing Magic: The Gathering. Of all places to game. =)

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Friday, June 14, 2002

Sleep... apparently, most of my "waking" hours have been spent on sleep.

To summarize my day yesterday, there's only one word I need to utter: Warcraft. Well, we did win three consecutive 3 vs. 3 games yesterday. Played the entire afternoon at Blueskies with Jobert and Cyril.

Oh yeah, Jobert's gone now. Went to the US a few hours ago. Guess we won't have a D&D GM for quite some time.

Also did drop by #pinoy_otaku last night. Surprisingly, there were people around.

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Thursday, June 13, 2002

I missed watching Verum Est since I didn't know the TV sched of ABS-CBN. Besides, I was watching Metropolis. =)

Bought the Metropolis DVD today. Had to configure my DVD-ROM on region 3. Now I wonder if there's anyone there who'd be willing to loan his DVD player program so that I can watch region 1 DVDs also.

Anyway, the movie was great! Everything was beautiful and gorgeous. It even came along with trailers for the Cowboy Bebop movie and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. The subtitles come in a variety of languages and you can opt for Japanese, English, or French dialogue. I'm wondering though if they already showed it in US theaters or will they plan to do so in the future. The English trailer was amazing and the story had depth. It didn't disappoint especially when you count the all-star cast of Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and Rintaro (X).

The DVD also came along with a bonus CD (the size of a single) that had features like concept sketches, filmographies, history, and interviews. It's well worth it for the P1000 I spent.

It also occured to me with the exception of the Studio Ghilbi animation, most of Japan's successful theatrical features are in the real of science fiction. Akira back in 1988, Ghost in the Shell in 1996, and now... Metropolis. What is it with people's fascination with man and machine?

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Wednesday, June 12, 2002

I'm definitely turning nocturnal, especially after yesterday's episode. And considering my current sched for the semester, I don't think it'll change. Of course problem with being nocturnal is that everyone else isn't. I don't think I'd find someone to talk to at 12 am.

I wish I had a friend I could just talk to and invite to go out on the spot. I mean I just called Kara and she immediately asked why I called. Can't I call for no reason at all? Similarly, at times like these when I'm bored, I just want to go out and play Counterstrike or Warcraft or something. Perhaps even go to a bar. But like my dilemma is that I don't have friends like that. Oh well.

It also makes me think that perhaps network gaming areas should be open 24 hours. I mean there are people who stay up late just to play, and there are people who come really really early in the morning just to play...

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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

The past two days has switched from boredom to very busy.

Last Monday afternoon, I decided to take a stroll along the malls in EDSA. Walked to Robinsons Galleria and visited Neutral Grounds but barely anyone was there. Then I went to Megamall to check out Powerbook's sale but nothing new was available, I wasn't really inclined to purchase anything. The "Deities and Demigods" book for D&D at Comic Quest though was quite enticing. Still, I thought better than to spend my depleting money on something like that. And it was a good thing as well. When I got to A Different Bookstore in Glorietta, I saw the paperback of Cleric Quintet. I didn't hesitate to buy it.

Purchasing it was a bargain. It cost me nearly P800 but that was better than the alternative. The Cleric Quintet has five books and at today's prices, each would cost P320.00. Five multiplied by P320 equals P1600. See, it cost me half the price to get the entire collection!

Then, I went to Neutral Grounds to take a peek if Paul (the cosplayer, not the model kit savant) was there. And he was. Strangely enough, there was a shortage of Magic: The Gathering players at the time. Anyway, he was waiting for a text message to tell him where he could pay his edsamail account. He needs one now since he's already applying for a job.

The text message never arrived but we did go to Virramall to help him scrounge materials for his costume. My legs were already strained at walking from one mall to another but what the heck. By six, he went back to Neutral Grounds and I went home.

The next day was Jobert's despidida. We were supposed to have paintball but that was turned down in exchange for Warcraft 3. I was at his hosue by 5:30 pm but we didn't get to leave his condo until 12 am. A lot of people were there and Jobert's sister even had her friends from Poveda. I also got my books and CDs from Jobert.

Anyway, we played Warcraft until 4 am at Blueskies. It was a 4 vs 3 match between the newbies and us. We were all playing Night Elves as a handicap as those weren't the races we were used to. Suffice to say, we won. =)

Also, got an email that the AXN Anime Fest got cancelled here in the Philippines. At least the cosplayer's won't have to trouble themselves with what to wear. Awwww. And Krizelle was going to come in as one of the divas from Akihabara.

On a side note, we might get Wilson (the current artist for the Gatchaman comic) as a judge for the Anime@Arki art contest. Cool!

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Sunday, June 09, 2002

I'm bored. And lonely. *sigh*

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Actually, Blogger only started working now...

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It's been an annoying past hour since Blogger was down and I couldn't update. Oh well. Just finished watching C.S.I. and God I love that show. Too bad I didn't get to see the first season. =(

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