Saturday, July 20, 2002

There I was, watching Tsui Hark's Time and Tide, when Skycable hard to interrupt the broadcast feed. Because of that, we viewers missed the first few seconds of the film. Angry doesn't begin to describe what I'm feeling.

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Just finished reading The Princess Bride. The "Good Parts" version that is. And it's a mixture of joy and disappointment.

The book is actually composed of two stories, and I'm not talking about the first chapter of its sequel, Buttercup's Baby. Aside from the abridged version of The Princess Bride, the abridger, William Goldman, recounts not only his own life story but how he made the movie and abridgement of the book as well. At one point, you think he's great. At others, you just think he's a jerk with an inflated ego. Nearly one-fourth of the books is filled with his own musings rather than the story itself.

His abridgement is also doubled-eged. Goldman managed to convert a 1000-page manuscript into 300 pages. On one hand, Goldman attributes this so that readers can enjoy the book more. Of course just goes to show how Americans need the "simplified" version of things. On the other, a lot of satire was lost because Goldman deemed it in bad taste of S. Morganstern, the original author. We'll never really know, since it is the "abridged version".

Of course now, I suddenly have a craving for the video. So that I can loan it out to people who haven't seen it. And then loan them the book. By the way, I managed to snag three copies of it from Goodwill bookstore yesterday.

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To keep myself in tip-top shape in terms of gaming, I play AT LEAST 16 hours of Warcraft a week. Alas, that's not the case for this week as I've only played for measly two hours.

In other news, we officially had three hours of game time today as everyone managed to get at the meeting place for our D&D at 10 am. Two of the guys had appointments at 1 pm so we had to end it prematurely.

Me, Mars, and Wesley headed to Megamall to have lunch. After which, we "tried" to watch a movie but either there was nothing good or they already saw it.

Did see Fed and Joel at the bowling alley. Also, as usual, there was a corner where people were playing Magic: The Gathering.

And of course, there's this wonderful weather we have. At this point, tomorrow's Mechameet might be cancelled. Again. Because of the storm. And throw in Monday's classes as well. What a long weekend this is going to be.

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Friday, July 19, 2002

Perhaps I did the bravest thing I could do yesterday: not talk to Steph. Saw her when I arrived at school and she was talking to her friend, Annet. Waved but she didn't seem to see me. Should I approach and talk to her? Since I'm in ultraparanoid mode, perhaps I shouldn't as it's when I exert too much effort that my friends start becoming less of a friend.

Anyway, spent my four hour break at Ateneo's library steps, just reading. It's different from the past week where I'd be usually playing Warcraft 3 or out somewhere. Being stationary in one place was painful to my ass since the library steps aren't exactly chairs. It's not what it used to be.

I was rushing to get to Glorietta 4 by 6:30 pm since I had an appointment with Scythe. Of course by the time I got there at 6:30 pm, Scythe was still at the MRT station. >.<

I don't know why but the more I see a person, the more beautiful they get. Of course there's also the fact that Scythe's hair was really really long.

Me: When did you last cut your hair?

Scythe: Two years ago.

I guess I really have a fetish for long hair. Steph, of course, with look beautiful no matter what her hair length. =)

Anyway, Scythe, Arriana, and me didn't get to watch a movie. Instead, they just ate and we strolled around, visiting Gamer's HQ and A Different Bookstore. Good news is that A Different Bookstore is having a branch at the Podium, which means I don't have to resort to using the MRT just to get good books.

And my D&D game supposedly today got cancelled, renewed, and who know's what now that it's raining.

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Thursday, July 18, 2002

Books I'd like to give to good friends, no matter what their reading tastes:

1) Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

2) Princess Bride by William Goldman

3) The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

Mental Note: Ma'an still has my Good Omens, along with my Shannara series. Pau has my Dream Hunters. Ann has my Riftwar saga. Tanya has my Legends set. Mimsy has my Beauty trilogy. Aaron has my Antrax. Karl has my Discworld. Lea has my Sandman.

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Well, there's a new precedent now in my other blog since there's been five posts for the past week. I wonder where I find all the time to write?

Anyway, since Princess Bride has got me reading again, I think that my posts will suddenly decrease in number. Either way, I'll be busy the entire weekend. Tonight, I'm watching a movie with Scythe and Ari. Tomorrow, a D&D game and hopefully, a Warcraft 3 all-nighter. That leaves me Sunday to cram all my assignments, especially that two-week due poem I'm supposed to pass for poetry.

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Blogger better be working by now...

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More problems with blogger...

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Finally got to talk to Erin about some Choc-nut business since when I happened to mention it, my teachers suddenly bloomed like flowers.

I now remember why I was able to memorize Erin's phone number in the first place a few years back: it's because it's so difficult to call her that you have to dial her number several times before it gets answered. Of course in this case, it was never answered. The phone rings, there's a long pause, and I get a busy tone. This happens for the next two hours. Go figure. It's a good thing I have her mobile number.

Of course calling her up wasn't the best idea since I spent 8 minutes and 12 seconds on the line with her. It's a good thing my plan is postpaid. Of course I didn't get to say as much as I wanted to since I had to keep it brief and on a need-to-say basis.

I agreed to meet with Erin on Wednesday, just before lunch. Of course when I put the phone down, I realized that 1) I might not be having classes in the afternoon on Wednesday and 2) That's the day I usually get to see Steph and walk with her to the bus/jeepney stop. Suddenly, Wednesday isn't such a good day to meet Erin.

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Ugh. I've been having problems with Blogger. Correction: My ISP has been having problems with Blogger.

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I like black. It's one of my favorite colors. I just didn't realize how much so until I saw my crush, wearing a black dress, pass by.

I had just finished one of my classes when I found out it was raining outside. After strolling around, my eyes wandered until it settled on a girl carrying a blue umbrella and in a dark outfit.

One of the highlights of today's hisory class was the fact that bagoong and patis were made out of rotten fish and shrimp. When Ambeth Ocampo came into the factory, he saw a pile of spoiled fish and other assorted creatures. Flies were swarming about and below it were two faucets. One released a yellow liquid, which was the patis. The other released the entrails of the fish, which was the bagoong. Yum.

There's also the story of the real reason why we have wakes during a funeral. In pre-colonial Philippines, it was believed that aswangs ate up certain corposes before they were buried so it was important for people to stay awake the entire time in a lighted room until the body was finally buried.

There was also the anecdote why there are signs on some churches and statues that say "Bawal umihi/tumae dito" (It is illegal to piss/shit here). It's because the Christian God is a kind one in contrast to the kapres and duwendes when you start messing up their homes.

I also accompanied Elbert and pseudo-girlfriend Jamie to the UP Bookfair. It was too bad Elbert got the last copy of The Princess Bride. I borrowed it from him though. And I was shocked to find out that a lot of people haven't seen the movie. A pity. If some liked Robin Hood: Men in Tights, they would have greatly enjoyed The Princess Bride.

Of course a few dozen pages reading the thing, I still didn't get into the beginning yet as the abridger was telling all these tales of how the book (and movie) came about.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Ugh. Had to waste A LOT of paper just to figure out that the settings for my printer in my word processor was set to A4. I later corrected that but it still kept printing as if the paper was on A4. Found out that on ANOTHER one of the settings, the paper feed was set on A4. That's Windows 2000 for you. The printer and paper companies must be earning a lot of money by now. =)

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Ugh. Had to waste A LOT of paper just to figure out that the settings for my printer in my word processor was set to A4. I later corrected that but it still kept printing as if the paper was on A4. Found out that on ANOTHER one of the settings, the paper feed was set on A4. That's Windows 2000 for you. The printer and paper companies must be earning a lot of money by now. =)

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Anyway, I'm off to get a snack (Ritz crackers actually), watch C.S.I., write another long post for my other blog since I'll be getting home late tomorrow, and then get some much needed sleep.

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Spent the last hour typing up a rewritten account of my childhood for nonfiction. Maybe I'll post it in my other blog tomorrow.

One of my orgs, Comicol, was finally able to meet today. Guess what, I'm the Secratary. Oh wow, I'm an officer now.

Finally had Philosophy after two weeks of bumming around. I like Philo. It's the subject I can come in without studying yet participate a lot. The only thing I don't like is that I'm sitting in front.

Finally was able to rendezvous with Steph. It wasn't easy but I did manage to talk to her before she boarded her jeepney. Unfortunately, she already bought a copy of Antrax. I did manage to sell it to one of my classmates in Philosophy who borrowed my hardbound copy.

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Ugh. Came home only to find out I lost one of the benefits of having a room: privacy. Dad was in the room with the air conditioner turned on (hey, I didn't know that worked...). At least he didn't complain at how the room was dirty, as he usually does.

Before I forget, there was a story I "overheard" yesterday while shopping for ballpens.

Girl: So you proposed?

Boy: Yup, pero next year pa ang ring. It went like this: I told her "kilala mo naman ako eh, masama ang timing". So we're officially engaged next year pa.

Girl: So what are you waiting for? Getting a promotion?

Boy: Actually I'm thinking whether to stick to my stable job or not.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

I currently have my not so common cold. It's damn annoying but at least it hasn't impeded me too much so far. I was also able to get some "good" sleep last night.

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Here's a fun site for anime fanfic and scifi enthusiasts. =)

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On second thought, I'm not so happy. I'm sick and I don't know why. For some strange reason, it all comes down piling together: my cold, my kuliti, and my lethargy. It certainly isn't the rain's fault, and it's not raining now. I didn't overly exert myself today, so what could be the cause? And yes, I've been eating right, so that's not the problem either. =)

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After blog-hopping, I find out where Steph's been to and why I couldn't call her. Oh yeah, I'm happy happy happy since my ex-crush did reply to my text message today. =)

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Sleep, sleep, and more sleep. That's what I've been reduced to as of late, especially considering my eyesore.

Had to wake up early since I still had to go to Casa Manila and the San Agustin Museum. These museum trips are slowly eating on my budget, although not as much as the previous ones. The security lady at Casa Manila talked to her fellow security guards about me when I talked to them in Filipino. They must have thought I was a foreigner or something. The curators were kinder although they were surprised to that Ateneo has a Creative Writing course.

After a nap, I had the urge to go to Glorietta. When I was there, I saw a book that Steph would love. Of course I don't have her mobile number so I couldn't send her a text message. I had to look for a phone booth and call her up. Unfortunately, she wasn't home. And the annoying thing about Glorietta is that most of their pay phones are in the center, right next to the stage where events are held often. I don't know how people can manage to talk over the phone, especially with all the noise.

Went to Megamall and ran into Tonton. I was then dragged to Filbars and Comic Quest, and later to that arcade at the 3rd floor. Everyone was oogling at the Gundam game. And then I ran into some of my blockmates. Apparently, they had a block outing. Nice of them not to invite me. =) They sang Karaoke and Carlo even tried playing House of the Dead with two guns. Goodbye P24.00.

Since I was just standing there for two hours, watching people get beaten up at Gundam, I decided to move on and went to Robinsons to buy some groceries. By the time I got home, I had a quick snap and slept.

I was then woken up when the village youth was looking for me. I came down and saw it was the cute Ana, her sister Isabel, and a guy. His name was John, I think, and they were collecting the barangay census since only around 50 out of the 350 residence submitted.

Since I used to have an infatuation with Ana and nothing better to do, I decided to tag along. A lot of people didn't write their real estate tax and my mom even put P500 in ours. Called her up and told her it couldn't be P500 since people were putting in five digit numbers. Our lot is small, but it's not THAT small. Apparently, mother thought it was for the "sedula" and later gave me the correct amount.

One family put in "baby talk" under the languages spoken by their child. That's just one of the many things you find out. Oh yeah, I also found out Ana and Isabel don't live in Duke street anymore.

After, after visiting two streets, I went home, ate dinner, and slept. Woke up to tape something for mom and then went back to sleep. I just tried to call up Steph but she's now sleeping. -.- Guess I'll just have to somehow find her tomorrow.

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Monday, July 15, 2002

I actually spent the last two hours typing up our group reflection paper for Theo 131 about love. And then my friend tells me she'll just get it tomorrow. >.<

Staying cooped up in the house all day isn't my day of "fun". And tomorrow I have to go on a field trip for my history class. Nice way to spend my "holidays". Grrrr. Makes me want to go out and play Warcraft but my parents will blow another fuse if I come home late.

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Sunday, July 14, 2002

Schoolwork is typical. We're supposed to write a group reflection paper for theology and the rest of my groupmates said they'd be emailing me theirs. As usual, some have emailed, and some have sent me a message they'll do it tomorrow, at the last minute. And to think I was prepared to have it all done by today.

Right now, I'm going to everyone else's web logs, planning to disconnect, and read them all. You'd be surprised at the Internet time you save. It's also quite annoying at all the blog pages you have to go to just to get a good link list.

And speaking of link's list, Benj's site is one of the best portals out there. Why? Aside from having a long list of links (which is one of the reasons why I really shouldn't extend my small link list), the site is quick to download and doesn't have all those irritating, noticeable scripts. If anything else, he doesn't have all those graphic character tests that people are taking these days and then posting them up on their blogs, livejournals, and movable type.

Also, just to note the ultra-paranoid boyfriends lurking out there, Rexy, my friend, had a boyfriend last year who was quite overpossessive. How much? Ummm, he deleted all the boy's names on Rexy's phone so that every time I saw Rexy, she'd ask me for my number over and over again. >.< Maybe I should actually be thankful for her boyfriend...

And Garr, I did tell my parent's I'd be coming home at around that hour (3 or 4 am) and that somebody would be bringing me home (i.e. in a car). The place is only a ten minute walk away and it's right next to the restaurant my mom managed before they relocated to Shoppesville. I don't even get lung cancer from the place (unlike M:TG fests) since all the smoking is held outside. I can sleepover in Makati yet not stay up late for a game a few streets away? That's irony for you.

And I'm not eighteen. =) Which reminds me, I'm too lazy to register, much less to vote. Besides, I don't know who to vote for. I even had a dream this morning of voting using a computer and behind me were all these officials. Whenever I scrolled down to a name, they'd make all these reactions and I don't know whether they're the person I just passed through or their acquaintances or their rivals.

Another annoying thing I noticed in the wee hours of the morning is that most of the insects in my room pop out at around that time. All the papers in my room suddenly start making noises as insects of all kinds scuttle around. When I'm typing on the computer, a bug flies on the monitor or lands on the keyboard. I never get to catch it as it hides INSIDE the keyboard. Also, the bathroom is literally turning into an anthill. Usually, it would just be littered with ants from one end to another. The other night, I saw literally hundreds of ants and some of them went vertical, which is quite a shock. When I go down to the kitchen to get a glass of water, I encounter cockroaches the size of small coin purses. Lizards run amock the sink and in our guestroom, a rat lurks in the curtain. It's also amazing that no matter how much I get bitten by flies, I don't get dengue.

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Here are some inconsistencies my parents proliferate:

They say we're not rich, just mediocre in terms of finances. However, my dad thinks I'm too good for commuting and that driving (and having) a car is essential to everyday life.

My parents highly encouraged me to drive. I just couldn't practice doing so in the evening, which is actually my only free time since that's the time I get home from school.

My parents say that I should get along with my brothers and sisters since they were close with their siblings when they were younger. Of course my dad seldom comes to the family dinner during Sundays since he abhors my mother's side of the family.

My parents wanted me home by 3 am so that I won't get wet in the rain. At 3 am, it was raining hard, so how can I get home at that hour without getting wet?

Dad says he's been working hard for the past several years so that we can all be happy. No one in the family's happy.

My parents say we should marry fellow Chinese since marrying outside that will cause lots of marital problems. My parents, both Chinese, have arguments and fights all the time. They don't even have sex.

Mom said it's nice to be curious. When I ask her about how much she earns, she suddenly tells me it's none of my business. -.-

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