Saturday, December 14, 2002

Saturday proved to be quite a busy day. Before I start, I'd just like to mention the fact that when Garrick broke his ankles in the bathroom, he also broke his cellphone. Hmmm...

First off was feature writing class. Read and discussed aggressive interviewers, nurturing interviewers, and of course, the ambush interview.
Of course one of Ateneo's SOA orgs and RO2 (Reach Out Otaku) combined forces today when they had Krismusmos, which entailed cosplayers interacting with kids. Despite the urgings of Gem and Ria, I didn't go, mainly because my crush is there and if I'm going to participate in an outreach program, I want to do it because I care about the people rather than trying to impress (or see) my crush. Of course when I heard the original announcement, my judgement was already clouded since I knew my crush is part of the SOA org. I did bring Ria to the site so that she can give Paul the Shadow Skill VCD he wants, and I inserted an artist-signed 5th ed. Incinerate M:TG card since I couldn't scrounge up any good rare cards from my vastly depleted card collection.

And it's Gem's birthday party tomorrow. Why do people tell me at the last minute that they're having a birthday party? Oh well. Whatever money I had was spent in buying presents for the people that'll be showing up tomorrow.

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Friday, December 13, 2002

Aside from the heavy bag I was carrying, I was also receiving text messages from my Philo groupmates because according to them, I was articule and thus wanted me to write the comprehensive outline for the group. I agreed but I told them they'd do the summary and handouts. Of course while I was typing the comprehensive outline early this morning, I thought of doing the summary and handout as well, just to get it right.

Cyril got to browse through the Epic Level Handbook. Actually, he was reading it the entire time Adrian and Alex were giving a lecture. Contrary to what you might believe, Adrian as a lecturer actually livens up the audience (in comparison to the stories I hear of him game-mastering, making players like Jobert fall asleep). Of course I guess it helps that I occassionally butt in and make a joke.

Adrian: The greatest thing about RPGs is that it doesn't cost much. You play free the first time.

Alex: It's like drugs. You know their marketing tactic? It's the same as ours!

-a few minutes later-

Adrian: ... so if you want to meet other RPG gamers, you can meet up with us tomorrow at Quezon Ave-

Charles: Pay attention! That's where they get their dosage of drugs...

Anyway, around twenty people attended the talk, and that includes all the Litsoc officers, the moderator, and me. Adrian also had guests like his girlfriend(?) and Jacob (the LotR judge and one of four champions in the RPG). Of course when Alex was using Jacob as an example.

Alex: You learn new things when playing RPGs. Say the game master (GM) introduces an automatic rifle in the 1920s, a player would say that it's not possible since firearms like those aren't developed until... what year Jacob?

Jacob: *says year*

Alex: And what automatic weapon would be available at that time?

Jacob: *begins to answer when Antonio (a.k.a. Rags, a.k.a. Timmy, a.k.a. guy who freaks out everyone at CCHQ [aside from me, of course]) suddenly interrupts him*

Fortunately, it quelled down before Jacob and Antonio could debate about military tactics and firearms. Antonio also kept making these geeky comments that was thankfully ignored by the crowd and the speakers, pushing through the talk with everyone's rapt attention (and they're actually learning something).

Of course around ten minutes before the talk ends, George (a.k.a. the guy who is always in black, a.k.a. the guy who asks everyone "is it anything like Vampire?", a.k.a. person who hosts RPG games for mental masturbation) enters. I guess we can be grateful for small miracles.

To complete the people-at-ateneo-you-must-avoid-at-all-costs, Leo enters, sitting beside Antonio. But thankfully, the three of them didn't make a scene, although George was pestering Jacob at the end since he wanted the core rule book for the Lord of the Rings RPG.

The officers were thanking me for organizing such a great talk. I wish more people could have attended but oh well. Adrian and Alex were similarly grateful for being able to push RPGs. Oh yeah, we also have a new recruit for the dying "caf-up people" (the caf-up being us geeks who play RPGs, CCGs, and other eccentric hobbies).

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Busy day today. Actually forgot to do some things but that can't be helped.

First on my list is the fact that I was organizing the RPG talk for LitSoc (Literary Society). Which explains half of the anonymous text messages I've been receiving for the past week. I got two guest speakers from AEGIS, namely Adrian and Alex. Of course Adrian asked if I could bring supplementary materials, which basically means all of my core books. Since I'm the organizer, I did just that. And ummmm, carrying 5 hardbound books is heavy (both in weight and monetary value). I kept getting headaches once I actually managed to put my bag down. A lot of people couldn't even lift my bag.

Before I go on, I'll just interlude with some pics from the UBE event last Saturday. Jobert, here's a pic of your brother's former friend whom he was ranting about during that time we watched the Cowboy Bebop movie in CCP. She won first place, by the way. Here are runner ups Robert and Hazel. And if I'm not mistaken, this is Krizelle. And I miss Tanya. I think I gave her that Digimon she's holding last Christmas (I bought it together with the other Digimon Jobert has hanging around his former car). And of course, Gem-sama together with Robert. Nothing beats these two though.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

When calling someone on the mobile phone, I've heard the message "out of coverage area" or "subscriber cannot be reached" but I wasn't prepared for what I heard when I called someone who sent me a text messge:

"The number you are dialing can be contacted through text messaging."

Also got a dozen free copies of Chemical magazine since they came free with the Lord of the Rings premiere ticket. Lugging them around was, well, heavy. Gave them away like wildfire to lighten my load.

Also got two freebies for buying more than five tickets. It was as raffle-like thingie (I could have won a DVD of LotR! Or the RPG...). One was a button of Legolas (I'm looking for a person to give it to). The other was a Fellowship of the Ring VCD.

Of course I was basically out of synch the entire day. But not as horrible as Elbert, who managed to improve his health by the time the Comicol GA was up. *clap* *clap*

And no, Jamie, Elbert has no significant other, or else he wouldn't be single right now.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Since I still have a few minutes to spare before I rush to school (crammed my Phil. Lit. assignment), let me just give a brief reaction to the news Danny gave me yesterday: Square and Enix have merged.

Back in pre-1996, RPGs for console systems (SNES, Sega, etc...) didn't sell as much as the other titles (hence getting a higher price tag compared to the other genres like side scrollers, action games, and beat-em-up's), or at least in the US (RPGs have always been popular in Japan... the Superfamicom was originally designed as a RPG console). The only popular RPG publishers (in the US) were Squaresoft (Final Fantasy titles) and Enix (7th Saga).

Squaresoft was renowned for its titles that while they were relatively easy to finish (nothing that can't be accomplished out of perseverance), took a long time to do so, but they did give you an enjoyable story along the way. Enix, on the other hand, took the other market. Enix games were more mature and significantly *difficult* to finish to the point of annoyance when you just couldn't get past a certain level. While Squaresoft targeted the kids, Enix's market was the adults.

Which makes the merger interesting.

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So here I am, writing a blog entry which probably won't get published tonight since brother is using the phone. And since I am a crammer, I still haven't done my Phil. Lit. assignment despite the fact that it is due tomorrow afternoon.

I was supposed to meet Magic from LitSoc since I was supposed to help him promote the RPG talk on Friday. He got the approval from DSWS but they (DSWS) forgot to get the approval from OSA so we had to go to their office and then go back to DSWS. It was awkward for me finding places to pin the posters for the event, considering there's as lot of ads that gets pinned up in Ateneo yet no one realy reads them.

Celadon is now selling Lord of the Rings The Two Towers premier tickets for P300 each. Mine came with a free mag (Chemical) since I bought more than five tickets (I bought a dozen). I'm supposed to get another freebie but it wasn't ready yet today so I'll have to show them my stub tomorrow. Oh yeah, there's also reserved seats available but they cost P500. I'm broke, especially after purchasing one dozen tickets. 'nuff said.

Of course I told Carlos that Celadon was now selling The Two Towers premier tickets. He said he'd think about it since it was so expensive. Me being the evil person that I am, I showed him the ticket (which has a huge Legolas picture at the back) and pointed out to him that they'd be giving away The Two Towers 2003 Calendars on the event. Well, he claimed that he'll buy tickets no matter what.

Okay, you're probably asking why I'm not giving Carlos a freebie ticket, considering I did for Elbert (and for Chanty and friend... yes, from the goodness of my heart, I got you tickets) and date (yes, it was great foresight of me to write "date" and not Jamie... probably the same foresight I had when I said both of you would be a couple two years ago).

While Carlos does love Lord of the Rings like a fanatic (he bought the Collector's Edition DVD!!!), well, he loves as lot of stuff like a fanatic (like Eva, Batman, Sandman, Blade of the Immortal, etc...).

Secondly, Carlos is friggin rich (as I said, he could afford to buy the Collector's Edition, which costs $75.00, and yet is hesitating to get premier tickets?). Just last Saturday, he was offerring me and Elbert some Mentos.

Elbert: What flavor is that?

Carlos: Cinnamon.

Elbert: Is that available locally?

Carlos: No...

Sorry, just had to put that anecdote in. Wow. Carlos offering us candy not normally available here. You might say I made up that relation about not buying tickets for Carlos just to write what happened last Saturday (because I forgot to write it down on that day).

Meanwhile, a lot of cosplayers apparently attended the UBE Jam at the FBR building. Of course I was kuripot and didn't want to spend P100 just to get in so I went home that day. I wonder if the one who took pictures with Katya at CCHQ is anyone I know.

While we're at the subject of Lord of the Rings, the Collector's Edition of Fellowship is available at Neutral Grounds. Sadly, it costs P5300. I could have saved P2000 if I got it from Elbert a month earlier. But I didn't have money then either. On a side note, Astrovision is getting the Extended version (which will also be played by Celadon this Friday). It's just a question of time (this month or next year?) and what kind (four disc set or Collector's Ed?).

One more week to go before Christmas break. Unfortunately, I have class until the 21st. Which means while people will be claiming their plushies at the Culture Crash Convention, I'll be in Ateneo, attending a 3-hour class (but it's a lovely 3-hour class though... minus Leo).

Also had to give Garrick his tickets once I came out from school. Passed by Neutral Grounds and lo and behold! They found Benj's long lost Gundam model kits (they're Master Grade, if I'm not mistaken) which disappeared several months ago when a mechapinoy member misplaced it.

Lastly, I did see PJ this morning (she saw the tickets and decided to skip her reunion and go to the premiere... mostly because of the free calendar [I am so evil!]... and the fact that her favorite character will be making a debut, hopefully). One question that I keep on forgetting to ask her though is why exactly she broke up with her ex, Rob. Not that I didn't see it coming (on the contrary, I was right in my assumption that it wouldn't last a year... sorry to be mean but my "stalker perception" enables me to perceive things in a more "objective" mannner... unfortunately, it only works on other people and not myself) but I'm wondering if it's under the conditions I thought. As for her boyfriend (congrats!), well, I basically lack insufficient data. Don't know him so I can't make judgements about him. Hope he makes you happy PJ! ^^

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Monday, December 09, 2002

Eat, sleep, read. That's basically my routine for the past two days. Mom prepared dinner yesterday since it was brother's birthday party and she invited all her relatives over.

Just found out that Ateneo will be selling LotR tickets tomorrow at P300 each. Sooo expensive. And then people (like Carlos) backed out from getting tickets from me. I'm actually getting fifteen tickets tomorrow, six of which are from Garrick (Thank God I met him today so that he can give me money to actually buy the tickets). Which, of course, leaves me broke broke broke and three spare tickets.

And here's a plug: attend the RPG talk on Friday, Dec. 13, 2002, at the Soc Sci Conference Room 1 and 2 from 4:30 - 6:00 pm.

Also saw Elvin at Neutral Grounds (they already have D20 Modern, by the way).

Me: Jobert's coming home on Christmas.

Elvin: When exactly? On Christmas itself?

Me: Ummm, Dec. 24?

Elvin: Who is he? Santa Claus?

Me: By the way, Carlos is leaving for the US as well.

Elvin: Really? Then it's really Christmas!

Meanwhile, I'm setting up an epic-level campaign which I can hopefully run when Jobert and company gets back.

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