Saturday, September 07, 2002

It was the typical gaming setup: game is set to start at 9:30 am but as usual, not only do people not come on time but the actual game starts late. We actually only had two and a half hours of RPG gaming time as we started at 2 pm and had to end at 4:30 pm since we had to leave.

Rain, rain, and more rain. Not as strong but still, it's still a hassle to traverse the streets in rain, especially when cars pass you by at high speeds and water splashes at you. My jacket can only ward off so much water.

Oh yeah, was walking in the bookfair when I passed by Mystic and her sister, Michelle. As usual, I'm invisible, even when I'm right in front of them. ^^ Anyway, they barely recognized me because of my long hair. It's nice to know that I can still scare people.

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Friday, September 06, 2002

Why do people assume that when you're asking to treat them out, it's your birthday?

And I should know by now after six years of interacting with girls that a sent text message with no reply means a "no".

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I'm depressed. What more can I say? I wish I could go out and get drunk or something. No amount of gorging in food, sleep, and whatever other vices I possibly have isn't really helping. *sigh* I even lost the mood to play Warcraft (besides, I'm broke).

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After an estimate of one month of not playing Warcraft 3, I'm having the itch again. Besides, at this point in time, Gerret can probably kick my ass since I haven't practiced, played, and kept my hotkey fingers ready.

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There should be things that I should be sad or worried. Like failing my long exam for Theo. Or getting drenched in the rain. But as proof of my insanity, I don't really mind so much. Despite the fact that Garrick might whack me for failing Fr. Dacanay.

Wheee! Zoids!! Sugoii!!! It has a ridiculous first episode though. "I've scavenged these ruins for the past few years... I won't find anything here." Lo and behold, he finds two capsules, one containing a zoid. -.-

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Thursday, September 05, 2002

There was a burst of rain yesterday. I was sitting at a bench in the CTC building when it suddenly started to pour. I was at the CTC since there aren't any other places I could hang out. The library steps have too many smokers. Anyway, only a brick column stood between me and the rain. It's during those times that it helps to be thin. ^^

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*sigh* I'm not suffering from writer's block. I'm full of ideas. It's more of I'm losing my motive. Perhaps the first sign of this was during the summer when I failed to continue my fanzine.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

I might be getting some good sleep if I'm consistently having dreams every day. It's a surprise my alarm clock manages to wake me (then again, I'm a light sleeper...what a contradiction). If you thought my previous dream was confusing, this is more so, so I won't bothering narrating it. Let's just say it involves telenovelas, computer hackers, mobile transportation, and a cast of people I know.

It's raining. Too bad classes won't be suspended. I honestly need a holiday...

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Right now, I need something to inspire me to read, write, and edit. =)

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*sigh* I'm depressed. Not because of my crush, studies, friendships, or anything that comes to mind. It's just a discontentment that gives me a lethargy.

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Tuesday, September 03, 2002

I just can't help but feel sorry for Jaime, a guy who teaches comics at the Ateneo. He bought for his class #60 of Fantastic Four at Comic Quest. It was being sold for P50 each.

At CCHQ, Fantastic Four #60 was P12.50 each. =(

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Yes, I know. It's early in the morning. That's when I get for sleeping at 8 pm. ~.~

Actually woke up an hour ago because of a dream.

I was back in high school, with everything that comes along with it: desks, ceiling fans, and stone masonry. Strangely enough, it was co-ed. My classmates had female as well as male students. I was seated at the left-most part of the room.

There were strange illegal activities going on in school. Someone was giving robots (I never said this dream was realistic) away. This was quite suspicious as the robots became the help of the students who received them. They were usually just there to carry the student's bags.

After much inquiry on my part, I find out that a student would be lured into owning a robot by a girl who would call them and lure them into a secluded area. No one else would see them except the customer. She would then reveal a robot and give it to them.

Since no one saw the transaction except the customer, it was difficult getting a description of the mysterious girl. I did manage to interview some of the students who owned robots and had someone sketch what the girl looked like.

When the sketch was finally done, it looked like one of my classmates. She was the kind and quiet type. I confronted her and asked if she anything about the incidents. She said no and despite several inquiries, that remained her answer.

Pondering on the dilemma, I followed another suspicion of mine. I asked the customers if my classmate was the girl they encountered. They agreed, except for one who said that the mysterious girl looked a bit fatter than the one who was in the room now.

I asked some of the girl's friends if she had a twin or a sister and if the relationship broke up or something. This smelled like a setup.

"Nope. She never had a sister. She get along well with a lot." said one.

"Except that one occassion. When she was a kid, she had a female friend. Once though, they disagreed and the friend was seen holding a knife. As far as I know, she died. But that was a long time ago." another added.

Of course this all took place in the classroom during a time when everyone thought my classmate was the one responsible for the recent activites. I put doubt into their hearts and I claimed that it was a possibility.

A female classmate of mine then suddenly asked if she could leave. The teacher agreed. I found it strange since I never saw this classmate of mine until now. Another of my classmate then shut the windows, except for one. He asked the teacher if he could leave also.

A few moments after going out, he was chasing something into the room. It was a bat and it entered the classroom through the lone window that was open.

Apparently, my other classmate followed my theory and thought that the girl who came out was the mysterious girl. The bat was agitated and it headed towards me, probably because it was I who revealed her plan.

I tried to fend it off but it clung to me and a pain shot through my neck. I tried scraping it off my neck but it was firmly in place. I had one desperate attempt. I licked my fingers and tried to pierce the bat.

I woke up. =P

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I just made perhaps the most important discovery in Phlippine SF&F culture. You can order from Japan and they have an English section!!! Perhaps the best part is that their standard shipping cost is Y1000 for the initial and Y300 for each item. That's in Asia. =)

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One hour and eleven minutes. That's the time it took me to walk from Ateneo to my home in Greenhills. With my *extremely heavy bag*

Two years ago, I did the same thing except for different reasons. I took the P.Tuazon route and it took me nearly an hour and a half to get home. I promised myself then that I would never ever walk home again.

Today, it was 3 pm and my carpool was going home at 6 pm. The sun was out and I felt energetic. I thought what the heck. I took the Santolan route as I was more familiar with it and I broke my record by nine minutes. Nope, not really regretting the walk home today but I did notice my nose has a reaction to the air that makes it itchy.

Oh wow! Rin's site is back up again. It was down for several days since she exceeded her bandwidth. I wonder how long it'll take for that to happen again. =P

Oh yeah, while in CCHQ, I just saw a girl buy the Fruits Basket Artbook, the Yami no Matsuei sketchbook, and a Fruits Basket manga all at once. *gasp*

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Monday, September 02, 2002

It's been a busy day: great things, bad things, and tragic things.

For one thing, I had to waste several minutes waiting since I was having something photocopied to acetate for our Philo report. One of the girls in front was having something printed hundreds of copies. And then she had to pay the photocopier lady with a P500 bill and she didn't have change. The photocopier lady (since I am bad with names) had to run off, waste a lot of time, only to come back without change.

The only good thing that came out of that was that I got to see Steph and wave at her as she passed by.

*sigh* I want to kill myself.

I finally got to meet the cute students (one from Miriam and one from UP) who hang out at CCHQ. I am bad with names to begin with so I will not mention who they are. One of them though is the one that has the Cho Hakkai plushie on reserve. And she weighs five pounds lighter than me. >.<

Our Philosophy group report was a blast. It caught everyone's attention, especially when we were using strips from Calvin and Hobbes to explain our ideas. Mr. Bulaong even thought that I was good at explaining things. People thanked me after the presentation.

Too bad group reports aren't graded in the final mark.

Strangely, a lot of students were absent for Krip's poetry class. Anyway, during the break, Cathy came along and I said hi to her. I didn't notice that she was crying until she was near. She then sat beside Niko and me. She then wept her heart out.

Cathy had just came from an HPAIR trip and a sickness for the past few weeks. She's also one of the two remaining students in Eco-Honors. Anyway, when she came to consult her statistics teacher, the teacher told Cathy to take a test right after her class. Cathy was mortified as she didnt know anything because of the two aforementioned causes.

The break for poetry ended and Niko was comforting Cathy. I didn't really know what to say and I did feel sort of invisible. Quark happened to drop by and tried to comfort Cathy. Our teacher was calling us to class so I had to leave Cathy with Niko.

I just feel so helpless. There aren't any words that I can say to soothe her. I can justify my leaving to the fact that Cathy came running to Niko and that I'm not exactly good with public relations. But still, I wanted to help. But classes call and Niko is better at calming Cathy than me. *sigh*

I also have an aloofness to my studies so Cathy's scenario is not something I can cure. If I were put in the same situation, I'd move on. But not everyone is as apathetic as me, or as cold-hearted, or as moving-on-type-of-person. *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*

I hope Cathy's okay.

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Sunday, September 01, 2002

As much as I love receiving text messages, I've been getting inquiries about other people or the group project for the past day. Not exactly something I'm looking forward to.

I'm now beginning to read The Left Hand of Darkness, which I promised Vern. However, the fact that I bought it from someone else, it's old and yellow, and it's dusty, is making it a pain for me to read as it's affecting my allergies. Achoo!

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