Saturday, January 18, 2003

Since Chanty was obsessing about Ring, here's a nasty trick to perform when you're sleeping over at your friend's house.

The uses of a programmable VCR, spare remote, and mobile phone

Copy the well-scene from Ring onto a blank tape and label the tape as "copy". Set the VCR so that it'll turn on and play the tape by itself at a certain time. When it's that certain time, use your spare remote to turn on the TV. Since it's the spare, people will wonder how the TV turned itself on when they're holding the main remote. Of course once it all ends, speed dial your mobile phone to dial the landline.

If Ring were adapted to the Philippine setting (Okay, me and some of the guys who hang out at CCHQ [forgot their names...] contrived this several days ago)

A text message would be passed on from one person to another. If you do not forward this, you will die in one week. The "ring" there is that your cellphone will ring.

"Wala na akong credit!" (I don't have credits anymore!)

"Paano siya nakakatawag eh prepaid text lang ako?" (How can they call when I'm using a prepaid SIM that only allows text messages?)

And of course, Sadako will come out of your tiny phone monitor.

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As usual, I have my feature-writing class on Saturday mornings. Our teacher came late, which isn't really much of a surprise to me. It did startle some of my classmates though. This has been what, our sixth session? And except for the first session, she's always been late. Not that I blame her or that she doesn't have an ample reason to be late, but students should stop complaining that the teacher's late, especially when they themselves came late (at 9 am, aside from me and Elbert, there were like three other students in a class of fifteen or so).

Surprise surprise! Gio was late for his class. And he had a haircut and shaved (by the way, Elbert, my mustache has been in existence since grade seven... never thought of shaving it since it hasn't grown much in the past few years). He says he felt now was the right time to do so. I say it's because Jobert ain't here anymore.

And of course, there's the topic of Marcelle finding out the existence of various people's blogs. So what's the problem with Marcelle? As a guy and as a friend, I have no qualms with Marcelle's personality. However, for someone who already has a girlfriend and is finding prospects at the same time, he's not the type of person I'd introduce to a female friend of mine. Yes, Marcelle, you might say you're not really planning anything with your prospects. But for us, it just looks like a failed flirt attempt. I mean hypothetically, if one of your prospects did show an interest in you, would you a) leave your girlfriend and court your prospect? b) have your prospect as your kerida? c) have two girlfriends at the same time? or d) make your prospect your "backup" in case your relationship with your girlfriend doesn't work out?

As for my complaints with Marcelle's gaming, it's not him as a player but him as a tourney judge. I think there was a point in time when he was expecting "compensation" for being the judge to the Raw Deal tournaments here in the Philippines. Monetary compensation (in the form of booster packs) that is. So hypothetically, if they didn't compensate you, you'd stop hosting tournaments and giving players the prizes the distributors gave you?

Of course Marcelle, I'm still your friend. And I know you'll eventually read this, hence "front-stabbing". Besides, you're not the only person I criticize. There are other people mentioned in my blog who I insult, tease, and berate. And yes, I know I'm arrogant. ^^

Strangely enough, Carlos gave me a lift home. What happenes in the past is something like this:

Carlos: Wanna hitch late after class?

Me: Okay.

-after class-

Me: Where's Carlos?

Elbert: He probably went home already. His car isn't here.

Finally got some time to sleep and to visit people's blogs (yes, I visit most, if not everyone, on my link list). Sometimes, it's just plain annoying when people don't have comment sections (I'm not referring to you Bart... and yes, I already saw your comments section). It's even more annoying when you want to reply to it but can't find their email address. At that point, it's their loss, and not mine.

Chanty also told me to meet her at Megamall at 7 pm. Of course by 5:30, she sends me a text message she's near Megamall already. Ate a quick dinner and ran. After watching Chanty and her friends (I'm terrible with names) play at the arcade, I played the scavenger when it came to dinner since 1) I'm in debt (not broke, in debt) and 2) they couldn't finish the food and it's a waste of vegetable and rice.

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Friday, January 17, 2003

First off, they showed the last episode of Transformers: Beast Machines yesterday. I don't even know why I watch the thing, but endings of a show always interest me. When I was at Jobert's place a few weeks back, Justin made a comment at how it's easier to animate CGI when it has dark backgrounds, like the ones in Beast Machines in comparison to its prequel, Beast Wars, which had bright lights and lots of foliage. Of course Beast Machines only proved Justin's theory that the animators were too lazy since the ending which involved lots of robots, only the main characters were visible. The rest were just silhouettes of humanoid beings running around.

Also spent most of yesterday trying to finish Book 10 of the Wheel of Time. Just read a review of it at my livejournal, along with my review of Pier's Anthony's Xanth. And don't worry, there aren't any spoilers.

Despite the fact that there's a sign that reads "no smoking, no eating, no drinking" at the library steps, people still violate those rules. Of course instead of posting those signs on the pillars, now there's an actual stand that has that sign. But well, people are still smoking in that area. Less frequency, yes, but apparently, people can't read, even when they're standing right next to the sign.

Right now, I'd be happy if I'm broke. But I'm not. I'm actually in debt. Which is probably why I haven't bought lunch the entire week. But still, Crossroads of Twilight and the other books are well worth it.

Also spent the day ummm, corrupting people to read Crossroads of Twilight. I guess the problem nowadays is that people are too busy to read novels. I showed Steph the book and well, she managed to resist. The last time she read a book she stayed up all night trying to finish the darn thing. Ela couldn't resist though. And I really wanna buy Steph's friend (since I am bad with names...) a copy of Fruits Basket #10. I wonder how Chanty found it, if she's actually managed to read it already.

Finally, as an in-joke, the org Comicol should be renamed to Elbert's Org. =P

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Thursday, January 16, 2003

Since their anniversary is two weeks away, might as well plug. Here's an article on CCHQ by Inquirer. *sigh* I hate being broke. And *gasp* Marcelle knows the URL of my blog... (Oh well, it'll make "front-stabbing" all the much easier, hehehe)

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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Harry Potter fans rejoice! Book 5 is coming out on June 21. And to those who've seen me in real life, no, I am not Harry Potter. =P

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Because my stalker-sense was tingling, I had a compulsion to go to Glorietta today.

Of course my transportation was far from convenient. The jeepney I was riding was caught in traffic (probably due to the rain). Then, aboard the MRT, we were asked to leave our seats midway because there was something wrong with the vehicle (at least there wasn't a bomb).

It all paid off when I got to A Different Bookstore. As if being on sale wasn't good enough...

Storeclerk: Sir, did you reserve a copy of the 10th book of the Wheel of Time?

I look behind me and saw the table where the new arrivals were placed. There were three dozen hardbound copies of Crossroads of Twilight, and that's not an exagerration. And if there's any doubt of my stalker-sense:

Storeclerk: It just arrived at 1 pm today.

Me: So when's your next restock?

Storeclerk: It'll be on February. We only restocked to obtain Wheel of Time.

Since I was in the area, I dropped by Powerbooks which was also on sale. Got myself Dune: House Corrino. Of course on my way out, saw an entire stall at Tower Records devoted to selling Playboy VCDs.

It's been quite awhile since I last visited Goodwill Bookstore and since I've been to A Different Bookstore and Powerbooks, might as well, I thought. Yes, they're on sale too. Got A Questlover's Treasury of the Fantastic which is an anthlogy featuring writers like C.J. Cherryh, Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Mercedes Lackey, and Michael Moorcock.

Lastly, on my way home, saw the billboard at Megamall listing the films they're showing. Did I see The Two Towers? Nope, just Lord of the Rings part 2.

After all that shopping, I'm broke. So broke in fact that I don't I have enough money to purchase the CD-Rs Elbert wants me to buy him...

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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

The Stephen Speaks concert at Ateneo ran out of tickets due to miscommunication (understatement) and conflict. Because I cannot say more... (well, I can't!) There's also one at DLSU but if it does get held there, it's a closed door concert (meaning that only DLSU faculty and students can attend). However, since my "spies" tell me that they're having trouble finding a standing room venue, there's a slight possibility it might be held in La Salle Greenhills.

Me: Ack! I won't be getting any sleep if it gets held at La Salle Greenhills!

Elbert: Why?

Me: Because I'll hear it from my room.

Elbert: Really? Can I sleepover?

Katherine and Khristine were able to give me advice for my term paper in Phil. Lit. On a side note, my blockmates were asking advice from their other English teachers. For example, Eva and Niko asked Mr. Pulan (Phil. Lit.) to help them in their 3rd World Lit class. Then, for Mr. Yuson's (Fiction) class, they were asking help on their 3rd World Lit and Phil. Lit. classes. It's similar to the scenario of using this credit card to pay that credit card bill.

Yesterday was the first time during this year that I commuted home. Last week, Jobert was around to bring me home, or at least drop me off at EDSA. He went back to the US today. =( At least he'll be safe from Carlos's physical harassments. =)

And of course, couldn't go home immediately after class yesterday since I ran into various people who kept asking me for help in Philosophy. Then I was in the overpass when I received a text message from Jing asking this question, which of course can't be answered by one text message or even a phone call. Had to walk back to the cafeteria to meet her and explain.

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Monday, January 13, 2003

Day started with my 3210 cellphone dying on me. It wouldn't turn on or if it did, it would only be for a moment. Oh well. It lasted for something like two years.

Of course in my hurry to go to school, forgot to set the timer record of the VCR. Didn't get to see the first part of the last episode of Zoids.

Anyway, had more or less five hours to cram half a sem's worth of Philosophy. Not that I got to actually study when I arrived in school. Got distracted by some friends whom I accompanied to the Guidance office to sign up for Guidance Testing (whatever that is). Then found out there's a problem with the distribution of the Stephen Speaks concert and that it's sold out. Not that I'm going but a couple of people have been asking me to get tickets.

I began haunting the library steps but some people are still smoking there despite the sign that reads "no smoking, eating, or drinking". Ran into Elbert and then dragged him to sign up for Guidance Testing. Found out his script is going to be made into a short film. Will probably end up being an extra.

More cramming involved before I finally had to go to class. I still don't have a topic for my term paper proposal. After the class, had something like ten minutes to make some last-minute reading before I took the orals.

In fiction class, Krip gave us two erotic fiction pieces to read. He then narrates at how he was supposed to compile an anthology of erotic short stories for Metro but eventually, the figured out it would be risky to publish some 100+ pages worth of fiction in their mag every month. Mr. Yuson also commented that in the initial submissions, seventeen people gave their works and thirteen of them were women. Of the four guys who did submit, two were homosexuals.

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Sunday, January 12, 2003

If I've been missing in action for the past couple of days, it's because I was in Binangonan from Saturday to Sunday with Jobert and co. And of course, when I got home, the first thing I did was sleep. =)

Saturday began with me going to my Feature Writing class. As I said before, my interview wasn't exactly the best since father kept answering with one-word replies. Finally met Kapi, PJ's significant other after class though. We were supposed to eat at Jollibee when Carlos came to pick me up to bring me to Jobert's place.

Of course Jobert wasn't at home but he was eating at Red Crab in G3. There's this hobby store in G3 called Hobbes which has the Lord of the Rings board game, as well as other games like Risk, and puzzles. No Mindtrap though.

Most of the theaters were also showing either The Two Towers or The Ring. Had to eat lunch at the food court since Carlos already ate and it would be rude of me to join in Jobert's family eating the buffet. Apparently, the G3 foodcourt is quite expensive (expensive in the fact that you can hardly purchase anything that's less than P50, or even P80) so I just had to settle for a Hotdog since that was the cheapest thing I could get, which cost me P45.

We used Carlo's vehicle on the trip to Binangonan. Dennis was also supposed to come with us but by 4 pm, they just left their house so they said they would just catch up with us. Evening came and Justin, our navigator, got lost, since 1) he missed the water tower which was our landmark to Jobert's house and 2) we couldn't ask directions since neither Jobert nor Justin knows the address to their house. We backtracked and eventually found the way. Justin missed the water tower since he was expecting it to be glowing bright but its lights were turned off that day.

When we finally got there, Dennis was right behind us. Of course the gate was locked so Justin had to climb his own gate and open the lock. Thankfully, no one called the cops while Justin tried to break into his own home.

One of the things I don't like about Jobert and Justin's home in Binangonan is that it lies upon a mountain, and the climb up is quite treacherous since the planks are thin and only the bottom part had handrails. If I were ascending or descending and an earthquake occurred, I'd probably plummet to my doom.

Aside from the fact that we played Justin's mesh of D&D, D20 Modern, and Fading Suns, Henry, who just arrived from the US, brought some games with him. Got to play Earthquake, a non-collectible card game published by Wizards of the Coast (Magic: The Gathering) as well as the Lord of the Rings Tarot Card Game (which Henry gave to Patrick). The former had easy rules, quick to play, and involves some basic arithmetic and recordkeeping. The latter, as Pat would put it, was easy as long as you know how to play pusoy dos, uno, and poker. That being said, it took us around thirty minutes to learn the rules, in comparison to Earthquake where we were playing in five minutes. Once we got to know the rules though, the game involves a lot of strategy but it really takes too long to play (around 1~2 hours) and while it's not math-intensive, involves a lot more recordkeeping than Earthquake.

Earthquake's artists are essentially the same as Magic: The Gathering. Its artwork involves one of five races (soldier, goblin, elf, etc.) each corresponding to one of the Magic colors (white, green, red, black, blue). No background art but great solo pics which are sometimes hilarious. The LotR Tarot Card Game, on the other hand, had more elaborate artwork. If you're looking for LotR movie merchandise, this isn't it. It's a cool concept though, the way the cards doubled as a Tarot deck and a non-collectible card game. Of course Pat's complaint is that some of the choices aren't exactly fitting. For example, the Nine of Swords is the Nine Nazgul. That's fine. But he complained that just because The Sword That Was Broken is what its name implies, it doesn't automatically fit that it's the Two of Swords. Anyway, for those wondering, the Wheel of Fortune is The One Ring.

We also played ASAP and I gave people some of the Mindtrap puzzles I can recall from memory. Overall, a lot more time was probably spent playing the card games than the RPGs. Which just reminds me the pleasure of playing those kind of games. Unlike RPGs were there's a lot of preparation needed on both the player and the game master, card games and board games are quick and easy. The rules are simple and all you have to do is bring the necessary materials (which is often already in the box). It's quick fun that doesn't involve a lot of pre-game effort. Pen-and-paper RPGs, on the other hand, can be a lot more fulfilling, but can be a chore to do, on the part of everyone participating (e.g. players consuming one hour making characters, the GM spending hours preparing the game and typing statistics, etc.).

Actually got to bed at 4 am, but I found the bunk was too dirty (there's some insect eggs and I felt something crawling under my pillow). But it's not like I have a choice since all the other beds weren't as clean as I'd like them to be. Carlos dozed off quickly and that left me with Jobert and Seven. Jobert and Seven couldn't sleep, so they started talking about Ring 1, 2, 0 and The Ring. Some five hours later, Seven is awake while Jobert eventually dozed off.

On the way home, the van got a flat tire. At least it's better than what happened the last time we were there when just as Jobert was about to go home, the van didn't start (not that I was there... hitched with Dennis during my previous stay).

Got home, checked email, took a bath, and slept. Now I have to cram for my Philo orals which will begin at 3 pm.

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