Saturday, January 24, 2004

Hopefully People Will Actually Try to Answer This

Stalking Charles Test

Stalker not by Choice

It was only Friday's event that I stayed until the end of my block's presentation. Unfortunately, during the credits, one name was neglected. I didn't get called.

Of course while I'm not Mr. energy during the event, I've also done my share of the work and perhaps even more than some of my blockmates.

So like the stalker that I am, should I be content that I'm true to my name and remain unacknowledged?

Hopefully the mentioned me in the gala last night, but then again, I wasn't there, so I'll never really know (I could always ask my spy network...).

Books for Sale

Despite the fact that only 150 copies of my block's book was printed, half remain unsold. So if you want to purchase a copy, tell me. It's priced at P160 ($3.00). Cheap by US standards, a bit above Philippine book prices.

I'm Repeating Myself

Samhiel, who by chance is one of the forsaken in Wheel of Time, is an angel that cures stupidity.

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Friday, January 23, 2004

Long Day

The past few days have been exhausting. I've spent more than 12 hours at school to assist with the plays and book launch. Out of the 150 books we printed, only half of that has been sold so far.

And I've done a lot of errands, from running to McDonalds to feed our performers, to carrying benches and books, all the while carrying my own bag of holding (i.e. my really big and heavy bag).

Chinese New Year

this and this is a link to a post regarding the event.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Work Work

Did spend yesterday doing chores for my block, including hauling a table nearly twice my height in left at the same time lifting my bag and two monoblock chairs.


On a side note, I was impressed by my block's play because it managed to combine three one-act plays into one cohesive whole seamlessly (rather than three 30 minute plays, the scenes were mixed together since two out of the three plays had the same setting).

Chinese New Year

There were firworks last night, and I can only be grateful it wasn't smoky.

I couldn't finish watching our play because I had to rush to our cousin's house to celebrate Chinese New Year.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Ateneo currently has its job fair but because I still don't have my transcript of records (my English 11 grade is still in limbo), it's not like I could apply either way.

Pain in the Ass

Two months ago, I bumped my butt into one of those steel chairs outside Comic Quest while waiting for Vin. I think I hit my tailbone or something and it hasn't really healed ever since. Now whenever I sit, there's a pain lingering there that intensifies when I shift out of my sitting position (such as standing up).

A Random Quote A Day

It's been my goal since last year to come up with 365 quotes so that a person can theoretically get a different quote each day (for one year) whenever they visit my blog. I'm far from reaching that goal but at least now, the number of quotes I have are in the three digits range.

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Sore Muscles

Had to do some heavy lifting for my practicum, and I don't think I've seen the last of it. Tomorrow's the first day of our play, and the day after that the book launch and poetry reading.

Of course I have to fend off the Chinese New Year (everyone's asking me for tikoy) as well as pass some school papers, all the while helping my blockmates set up the event. Juggling time and priorities suddenly got harder (especially with Animax on...).

And Stalking We Will Go

I honestly wonder how many people actually believe I am a stalker, and how many percentage of that actually think I am stalker (the type of stalker that can actually get arrested).

On a side note, during the past few days, my stalker powers (be it due to mutant powers, psychic powers, chaos magic, or plain 'ol luck) seemed to be working overtime, as I'm either knowing stuff I'm not supposed to know, meeting people I don't really expect to meet, or remaining unseen despite being in the limelight (and I do love being in the limelight because I'm Mr Arrogant).


Probably the one anime that I actually want to watch from Animax, it also features Drivers High as the opening theme song (which is sung by L`arc).

Fending Off the Temptation... either buy a box of D&D Miniatures, or to invest in the Warcraft RPG at Comic Quest.

And one of the things I should do before the month ends is to visit the Ink & Stone branch at Eastwood.

I'm Slowing Down

In the span of twenty days, I'm disappointed in myself that I've only managed to read five books (yes, I know that's four books more than most people would read in a year but hey, they're not bibliophiles). So many books, so little time (and money).

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Monday, January 19, 2004

Event Updates

We Are Anime Welcome Party: January 31, 2pm @encore encore, SM Megamall

Animax con: April 3

Yaoi con: May 29th


For those who don't know yet, A Different Bookstore/Ink & Stone is having their sale until the middle of February. All items are 20% off except new shipments.

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It Lives!

Animax is now airing at Sky/Home Cable. Anime is in Japanese with English subtitles.


I really love my Snapple drinks, although often, opening a bottle is as difficult as shitting during constipation.

Most Memorable Moment During the Weekend

Me: So how do you know Tobie?

Janni: You know Tobie? I know him from Malate, La Salle's publication.

Me: I'm a stalker. =)

*Janni rolls eyes*

Tobie: Actually, he's my ex.

*Janni freezes in shock*

Tobie: Just kidding.

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Sunday, January 18, 2004


Review of Return of the King

Van Helsing Trailer

Gene Wolfe Interview (by Gaiman)

Lost Episode of Dr. Who

New Worlds part 2

Didn't stay for long since it was my grandfather's birthday, and that means staying for dinner.

Didn't see anything really outstanding today, although today was the cosplayer's parade where around two dozen cosplayers entered the Powerplant Mall in costume and, uh, paraded. There was basically a number of LotR, Star Trek, and Harry Potter fans in costume, as well as a few Buffy, Matrix, and Kill Bill people.

On a side note, I did learn how to play the CCG A Game of Thrones, something to add to my existing repertoire (Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Raw Deal, Warlord, Neopets, Yu-Gi-Oh!).

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