Friday, February 20, 2004


To Dean, who's included in the next Year's Best Fantasy and Horror collection.

Now I'm just waiting for Vern and Vin to make their way into that anthology in the next few years, and maybe we could publish an anthology of fantasy and science fiction stories by "acclaimed" Filipino writers. =)

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One Week of Sickness

I've been sick for one whole week and it hasn't helped that this week has been full of orals and finals requirements.

Did finally manage to hibernate for ten hours last night, which is really helping me a lot right now.

Two Graduations

It's final. This year's batch is so big that they're splitting the graduation ceremony into two days. Which also means that the valedictorian will be speaking on both days. And that I'll really have to go out of my way to see my crush during her graduation ;_;

10-Hour Run

Yesterday, the Loyola Mountaineers at school held a 10-hour run at school. No, no one person was doing the entire run but rather people were doing shifts so that someone was running during those ten hours.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Thank You

You'd be surprised at how saying "thank you" can mean so much to a person. Not that many people say "thank you" to me...


Tin (thanks!!!) treated me out to this persian restaurant near school. They had this mint tea which tasted something like toothpaste and black gulaman juice, which is probably a good thing considering how spicy their chili sauce was. Also tasted cow's brain, which tastes like pigeon brain (yes, I eat pigeon brain). And of course if I smoked, I would have tried the smoking devices they had which comes in various flavors (like cherry, lemon, etc.).

It's All Coming Back...

I guess the problem with loaning books for the past four years I was in college is getting them back. I'm actually surprised at how "far" my books have gone.

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Sunday, February 15, 2004

It's a Bit Late But...

Too many people are whiny about being single on Valentine's. As Mia dear put it, you don't have to be "attached or in love" to enjoy Valentine's day.

Honestly, there's nothing wrong with being single. And while it may be lonely at times, one also can't expect your significant other to "solve all your problems". I mean some people are wishing they had boyfriends or girlfriends as if having one was a magic lamp, granting them all their wishes in their lives and that it would solve all their problems. I'm really sorry but that's not the way life goes. Your significant other is a human person, and to expect them to be the end all and be all of your life would be to treat them as objects and not as persons. Not to mention you're being dependent on them, which is not what a relationship should be based on.

And of course there's the people who envy couples that they publicly curse and insult them. That's as bad as bullying and sourgraping. Sure, we're not as "fortunate" as them, but that doesn't excuse us from such behavior.

Yes, I'm single, and while there are times I wish I wan't, well, there are also times I wish I was somebody else. But that wouldn't really be me now is it? When the time comes, I'll eventually meet her (and get my heart broken and will repeat the cycle). But before that, it's nice to be congenial to fellow human beings and to wish them the best in their endeavors.

Two Weeks to Go

Before I join the ranks of the unemployed. Of course that means no more allowance, so job offers are greatly welcomed.

Last Chance

Sign up for the yaoi con.

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