Friday, October 11, 2002

Well, this is going to be my last post for the week as I have to go to school for my last class. Never mind the fact that it's going to consume my next 25 hours. And I have a Theology exam on Monday so cram cram cram! And I still haven't packed my bags...

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I should have spent the entire day at home since I didn't have any classes today except that today's my dentist appointment. Had to rise from my bed at 8 am. Ugh. I need sleep, considering I have a sleepover workshop thingie tomorrow at Assumption Antipolo.

Sometime in the afternoon, I caught National Geographic's gameshow, National Geogenius. Gosh, I couldn't answer any of their questions. Which makes me wonder at the intelligence level of our local gameshows. Or maybe it's just because our local gameshows are tailored for the masses. Or maybe it's usually multiple choice so the conventional gameshows are easier.

I managed to catch the first episode of Justice League. When Batman was facing those weird white aliens, my brain was yelling White Martians!!! Of course that's probably due to the fact that I've been occassionally borrowing Elbert's stash of comics.

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Thursday, October 10, 2002

Crap. There's an annoying person that keeps posting leud messages on my comments section and linking to a porn site. I feel sorry for that loser.

Anyway, had to wake up at 6 am so that I could study for my Philo orals which was supposed to take place at 9 am. Of course it so happens that Mr. Bulaong came late. Not that I don't mind. Spent the time relaxing and calming myself down. Either way, I was in double jeopardy: he could give me a thesis which I studied for the other night but fuzzy today or he could give me a thesis I studied today but didn't prepare for it as much. I also got to see his other students who were waiting for their orals.

There was small talk at the start and he asked me what part of the entire lecture did I find interesting. Told him that more or less everything and the fact that I can reflect and recall what he was pertaining to on the entire subject matter except for death (I haven't died yet you know). This is probably what the other students were pertaining to when they said that the teacher probably haves you choose the thesis statement when you're the first person to take orals. Basically, since I was talking about recalling the past, I was given Gabriel Marcel's topic about primary and secondary reflection.

Yes, I had a mind blank somewhere along the way, missing out details I should have said but at least he didn't reprimand me at the end. At least that's over...

Of course on my way out of the Philo department, I overheard someone talking about obtaining his exam permit. And to think I totally forgot about that. Well, God must be watching over me to remind me of these things.

Headed to the new caf up to see what other restaurants were there. There's Hen Lin... Apparently, Dominos Pizza does have apple crumble. Sure, it's P50 but it's well worth it. And hopefully it's made of real apple unlike McDonalds and the other fast food chains which essentially serve sayote pie with lots of apple sauce and cinammon and lable it as apple pie.

Well, we did have our last class of history with Ambeth Ocampo. And he dislikes giving F's because he doesn't want to see student's faces again next year. =P Anyway, those who did the *optional* reseasrch paper got exempted from the finals. Of course exemptions does not necessarily mean an A or a B+. It just means that your grade stays as it is and you don't have to take the finals. Over doing a ten page paper or a three-essay finals, I'd take the latter. =P

The Chobits plushies at CCHQ have arrived. Of course upon 5 hours of arriving, Black Chi and that other girl with blue hair already ran out of stock despite the fact that they nearly cost a thousand bucks and they had 3 sets of each. For good news, the Japanese imports are arriving on Monday. Wheee! I really want to bring Erin and Chanty (especially Chanty who's never seen the place) to the shop next week. =P X#18 is finally arriving, among other things. Can you say artbooks?

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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I'm ten hours away from my Philo orals. And I've barely started to cram yet. >.<

I did wake up earlier than usual since I don't have Theology anymore. Wasted most of the morning sleeping and listening to random soundtracks. Of course during lunch time, I had to meet Benj at CCHQ to return to him his Microsoft Office CD. I never knew that Benj was interested in Sailormoon...

Tanya treated me, Carlo, and John to lunch. Of course, I don't eat. ^^ They drew Chinese characters on the tissue paper and threatened to stamp it on my forehead like a Chinese ghost if I didn't eat the last cheese stick. I was adamant in my refusal. Thankfully, Karen came and she ate the last cheese stick. Treated her to a bowl (yes, bowl) of ice tea.

Kit and I were supposed to eat at Pizza Hut today, to try out the cheese pizza (with six kinds of cheese!)... except he already ate. Oh well. It's postponed to another date. Hopefully to a day when I'm not "broke".

Couldn't resist (yes, I have a weak will when it comes to cute girls ^^) so I bought Karen Zetsu Ai manga #2. She was extremely grateful, nodding her head and kept on saying domo arigato. Later, she and Tanya had to leave. Kit then asked us (me, John, and Carlo) if they were introduced. Kit is desperate to be introduced to the girls hanging out at CCHQ. Not that his parents would allow a relationship...

Mr. Bulaong started class at 4 pm instead of 3:30. He returned SOME of our quizzes. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to estimate my class standing in Philosophy. Anyway, my classmates wanted to strangle me because of the few quizzes that he returned, I got a couple of 4's (equivalent to an A). A lot got F's or zeroes. *.*

Not that I' getting a good grade in Philosophy. My midterms was a C+ and my maximum grade potential (assuming I get an A in tomorrow's finals) is a B+. But of course, considering all the cramming I'm doing and my lackluster efforts, I'll probably get a C or a D tomorrow. My minimum grade for the subject is a C+ though.

Caught Star TV's two new comedies, Titus and Two Guys and a Girl. I love comedies. Doesn't everyone? =P

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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Crap. My friend were right. Jordan's Crossroads of Twilight has been delayed to January. Well, that's one book less I have to save for in November. Alas, it's going toe to toe with Martin's A Feast for Crows (yup, I made an error in a previous entry). Oh wait, A Feast for Crows has been moved to April. >.<

On the other hand, I really want this. Give me Discworld any day.

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Just saw the first episode of Smallville. They took a lot of liberties with Superman's storyline but at least that way, it's fresh and not as predictable.

Of course Smallville's timeslot just has to clash with The Pretender. Oh well, you can't have everything. Anyway, next week's episode will be the season ender. And when it comes to US season enders, it either closes the season or just leaves you hanging...

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Thunder. It was roaring with a a crescendo an hour ago.

Had to wake up extra early since I had to borrow a history book from Dindy at 9 am. Once I got it, I crammed as much chapters as I could since I was expecting a long exam from Ambeth Ocampo. Of course I happened to drop by CCHQ and sometime around 11 am, people were coming in and I got distracted by Elbert and co.

By lunch, I went back to school and took a peek at the new cafeteria. It's large and as I said before, a lot of concessionaires like Wendy's and Domino's. The latter doesn't have their apple crumble though, just plain pizza (with Pizza Hut available at the regular cafeteria). The caf up people were there, Carlos playing Warlord against Elvin, Marcel fixing his Raw Deal deck, and Rob entertaining his girlfriend. Me and Cyril played a game of Warlord using Elvin's not-so-finely-tuned rogue/elf deck. Naturally, I lost.

The good news is that we didn't have an exam during history. Ambeth told us why Aguinaldo and Bonifacio aren't considered heroes in the mindset of Filipinos: the former for executing two Katipuneros in an obvious conspiracy and the latter because he was killed by his own countrymen rather than against the enemy. Speaking of the enemy, it's strange how Filipinos consider the Spaniards and the Japanese as enemies but always thought of the Americans as allies. The Americans massacred a lot of Filipinos and performed the torture called the watercure.

The watercure is simple. A stick would be place on the person's mouth so that his/her mouth would always be open. Americans would then pour in several gallons of water. The point is not to drown the person but so that they can drink all those gallons of water. Medics are around to ensure that the person stays alive. When the tummy is inflated with water, one of the Americans would jump on the stomach so that water would be excreted through all the orifices: the nose, the ears, the mouth... every part of the body.

Basically, that sums up the discussion we had, aside from the fact that Ambeth was giving bonus points to those who can attend his talk on Saturday. Ugh. Saturday. Writing workshop/seminar. I guess that's a bonus point I'll never obtain. Anyway, the entire discussion took around 45 minutes. I hitched with Aaron and I got home earlier than expected.

I forgot to tell the story of how another girl fell in love with Dominic last Monday. Nefer was clinging to him the entire day. Even when Dominic left, I joked that Nefer had a crush on him. Well, she never denied it. Considering a couple of Dominic's previous acquaintance are angry at him for one reason or another, I wonder if I should warn Nefer. Then again, she might not believe me. And sometimes, the best teacher is experience.

Right now, I'm juggling A Storm of Swords, White Gold Wielder, and the Philo readings I'm supposed to be studying in preparation for the oral exams on Thursday since Jaime signed me up on the FIRST day at the EARLIEST time. Oh well. Will find out my class standing tomorrow. And I haven't even photocopied my classmate's notes...

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Monday, October 07, 2002

It's strange how your waking up early in the morning can jog your memory.

Mr. Buloang was offering us sailing lessons. Sailing I say, not surfing. ^^

And strangely, Ela was looking through manga Mich likes the other day... Cafe Kichijouji, Koko wa Greenwood...

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Right now, I'm checking the people who nocturnally update their blogs. In the meantime...

I'm going bonkers over the new shows Studio 23 has. The new season of Buffy (not the one airing in the US now although it is the "dark" season) just aired three hours ago. Wednesday we'll have the second season of Dark Angel, and on Friday is Justice League! I totally hate the marketing they're doing for Boston Public, saying that "this could be your school". Because for all the similarities, US public schools are VERY different from Philippine private, much less public, schools.

Before I forget, one of the Miriam girls I met last Thursday was Karen. Mental note to remember that name.

Oh yeah, my Philo teacher Mr. Bulaong is also looking for a copy of last Saturday's game, even if it's just the last ten minutes, since he wasn't able to watch it. He's also going to give surfing (I forgot if it's surfing) lessons during the sem break.

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I wake up early in the morning only to get a text message from Cyril: "It's alive!!! Where are you guys?" The "it" he is pertaining to is the caf up, the cafeteria above the regular cafeteria of Ateneo. It was under renovation for the past semester and now it's open with a new decor and a line of concessionaires like Dominos Pizza (mmmm, Apple crumble). Wow. They open one week before the finals...

I came relatively early at school, hoping to borrow an Agoncillo history book from either Eva or Niko but alas, they couldn't. Eve is still busy doing her *optional* research paper and Niko hasn't photocopied one yet. And tomorrow we have a long exam...

Anyway, Dindy, Cyril's former love interest (and still is?) has been interviewing me for the past week for her study on abnormal psychology. Cyril dragged me into it, FYI (unlike George who volunteered without even being asked... and George is a guy you can identify as weird as it manifests itself physically, and I'm not just talking about him being cross-eyed or duling). That aside, Dindy had interviewed Rob and there were some things I found surprising.

Apparently, Rob has been paranoid over his former girlfriend PJ. Back when they were dating, Rob apparently holds a grudge against me because I gave a L`arc CD to PJ during her birthday. His complaints are 1) I shouldn't be giving gifts like that to his girlfriend, 2) I shouldn't be giving chocolates to his girlfriend, and 3) how did I know that PJ likes L`arc. In reply to that, I do give gifts to people during their birthdays. Heck, PJ's friends got some other, more expensive stuff during their birthday than just a P425 CD. As for chocolates, that was a phase I went through during second year. I've been tiny Kisses chocolate around once a week to girls I know, and not just PJ. Now, I'm bringing Chips Ahoy cookies to my classmates in nonfiction. =P As for knowing that PJ likes L`arc, it's kinda obvious to people who hang around PJ. It doesn't take a stalker to know that, especially when she raves about them all the time (right Jobert?). I don't know what kind of boyfriend Rob is to not pay attention to details.

And then I had my class theology class for the semester. Fr. Dacanay brought a female condom which no one in class knows how to utilize. *.*

Then I went to CCHQ. It was kinda quiet there, especially since it's Miriam's sem break. I actually managed to finish The One Tree, the second book in the second trilogy of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. And then at around 2 pm, the Miriam graduatees started to enter like Zena and Monica. And Ela.

Gave Ela the Flip #2 I was planning to loan her and unloaded the Hunter x Hunter OAV VCDs so that she can hand them to Steph tomorrow. Then bought an artbook for Ela. It's Hana something... can't read the kanji. And no, it's not Hana Yori Dango, although Ela did have a phase liking that series. She said she was going to borrow the manga set from a friend. And Zena also said she wanted to borrow. Anyway, they're meeting up over the sem break...

Zena is scared of dogs. That's why she's hesitant to go to Monica's house. Anyway, she was drooling over Batman: Chalice. Can't say I blame her. I can only be thankful I managed to borrow Franco's copy when he was still here in the Philippines.

Then off to Philo and Poetry. No more poetry class. *sigh* And only one more class of Philo. That means I won't be having classes on Friday. Which is just as well considering I'll be having a sleepover seminar on Saturday to Sunday for nonfiction.

I finally got my wish of being invited to a birthday party. It's Chris (Mitsukake, Aoshi, etc... among the characters he's cosplayed) birthday on Saturday and he sent me a text message inviting me to his party. But as I said, I have a seminar. I'm even supposed to have a D&D game on that day but alas, school comes first. Some people will probably think that it's my anti-social behavior that made me decline to go to the party. But in truth, I really want to go. I rarely get to go out of the house and socialize, much less talk to people and friends. *sigh* And people will probably think that, considering my past.

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Sunday, October 06, 2002

Crap. My ISP's email went haywire this morning. I guess technically my email is working 6 days a week.

Went to today's Mechapinoy mechameet. Wow. We're now the official diorama builders for Bandai. Anyway, I was at Club Arena at 12:45 pm after coming from Book Sale. Arianna was outside Club Arena, waiting for her LotR friends that apparently never came (or came late for that matter). Richie was having a date with Kero at Starbucks and Winn was overprotective of his G Gundam and Shining Gundam, especially from the hands of Richie and Garrick. Had to leave at 3 pm. Oh yeah, Garr's ankles are still, ummmm, fragile condition.

Just wanted one and a half hour at my uncle's place for dinner. I hate family dinners. It probably has to do with the fact that I dislike my relatives with the exception of my auntie Ala and auntie Lorna (and my cousin Lloyd). Since I'm the only one from Ateneo there, everyone else was rooting for DLSU. And dad who knows nothing of basketball keeps on telling people that Ateneo's win was "chamba" or lucky. He didn't even watch the game. I mean in the previous games, he was already saying that Ateneo would lose even if it was just half-time. Of course mom and dad don't believe that a person can get good grades and still be a good athlete. After some basketball talk, they were fretting over my cousin's child (errr, what do you call that relationship?).

Also, tomorrow will be the last week before the finals. I'll only be going to school on Monday and Tuesday next week, since my only written exams are History and Theology.

I also got to browse through Flip #2. Ambeth Ocampo's in the roster of contributing editors. So my teachers and formers teachers there are Krip, Cyan, Danton, and Ambeth. It was also a fun read, although I disagree with Zaffra's take on Minority Report. Spielberg bastardized Philip Dick's masterpiece. >.< It's like giving a happy ending to Orwell's 1984. And of course, the magazine has anti-Bush 9/11 articles.

*sigh* Still have to get Ela a birthday present and I'm broke.

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