Saturday, November 30, 2002

I just hate it when people expect you to know what's wrong. >.<

Anyway, updated more links as it's only now I've discovered that some people actually linked to me. I guess I should check my tracker more often.

Meanwhile, the paradox of my existence is that I tell people to be frank with me but few actually do (probably as a result of Filipino culture where people are nahihiya and have utang ng loob). Those that are frank with me have known me for quite some time and so know my follies, so when I do screw up, they understand that it's more out of ignorance rather than actual intent. But then again, these aren't the people who must be wary of me. It's those that are unfamiliar with me, the ones that can't be blunt at me and hide their feelings. Which is a serious handicap for me considering I'm not really good at sensing vibes (and the fact that I'm dense and slow-witted). *sigh* I might as well get used to the fact that it's the world vs. charles.

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I was either going to start working on a comic script for Elbert or start doing one of my assignments but reading blogs makes me procastinate those things.

And I just made this observation. There's this "dread" I feel when someone's mad at me for reasons unbeknownst to me (actually surprised to find out someone's angry at me... but not surprising to believe considering that's what usually gets me into trouble). I'm dense and slow-witted.

Anyway, this "dread" keeps me from writing. Actually, it confuses me as my heart starts to race and I start thinking what I could have done wrong (knowing me, I either didn't do it, did it because I thought there was nothing wrong with it, did it for different reasons other than the apparent one, or it's just a complete misunderstanding). Of course nothing comes up right now (but that's just normal). It's resolving the matter that's the problem and since I don't have the contact numbers of the person I'm supposed to offend, I'll just have to either wait it out 'til I meet the person or someone makes comments on blogs soon.

Yes, I'm a walking pariah. Most probably me being too friendly had something to do with it. It's usually that. Feh.

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Brother had a birthday party last night and since the windows to my room is just plain wire, the smoke that comes along with drinking beer seeped into my room, giving me breathing problems and keeping me awake until the wee hours of the morning. At some point in my semi-conscious state, brother entered the room and woke me up to borrow my cellphone.

Anyway, I've been stuck in my room the entire day since I am broke and I'm trying to get some rest. Obviously, I'm bored.

Here's the list of where the 10 LotR tickets are going to:

1) Garrick

2) Arianna

3) Elbert

4) Elbert's date

5) Chanty

6) Chanty's friend

7) Lea G.

8) Joy G.

9) Still vacant

10) Still vacant

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Friday, November 29, 2002

While hanging out in CCHQ, Mars and Lindsay dropped by. Mars is selling her RX-178 Super Gundam MG model kit (comes with the booster and still unassembled) for P2000. Said a few hi's, and it's obvious the two are still freaked out by me. Ah, the old PO days where people find my personality in the chatroom to be annoying (understatement).

And of course, a popular thread lately is Comic Sale's bad service. A friend got ripped off as he consigned something to Comic Sale and didn't get paid the right amount. Of course I have my own stories like in an entry several months ago about how the owner, Raymond, offered my subtitled copies of Initial D but he gave me subtitled ones that had Chinese dialogue instead of Japanese. And of course, he wouldn't replace them. Of course Raymond comes out charismatic and kind at first but his business practice is far from fair.

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Steph: Next year, I'm imposing a maximum amount of gifts you can give to me, say something like P500?

Me: But that's what, one book?

Steph: Exactly.

Me: And then you'll complain I'll make you start a series and leave you hanging.

Suffice to say, carrying Steph's presents was heavy. I could barely fit it in my bag and I had to take out one of my plastic folders just to fit them.

Me: Steph, I'm here to give you your birthday present. But ummm, it's heavy.

Steph: Maybe we should go to my car...

And as if fate was conspiring against me, I accompanied Steph to a classroom where she's supposed to study with her study group. Except no one showed up so I ended up staying with her in the room for over an hour. And of course, geeks like me do what we do best. I read T.H. White's Once and Future King (which I've been reading for the past few weeks, by the way) while Steph began studying for her Japanese exam on Sunday.

Also found out Rin's sis, Kim, is having her debut tomorrow, and I have a friend Kim who also has her birthday tomorrow. Other anecdotes of the day:

Marcel: Have you seen the CompSat posters? (Marcel is infatuated with Ateneo's computer genius Sacha whose face happens to be on the poster.)

Jamie: So you'll be grabbing all of them in sight?

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Thursday, November 28, 2002

Again, was supposed to post this last night but brother was using the phone.

Apparently, there really is a Starbucks in Megamall (just goes to show how much I don't get out). =)

Anyway, I was waiting in Starbucks for something like fifteen minutes and I receive a text message from Athene at 9:15 saying that she's on her way. Of course that scares me since when people usually say that, it means they've just started to leave wherever they came from. Fortunately for me, Athene's workplace is right across Megamall...

And so I was by the door at Starbucks, admiring the scenery while waiting for Athene. The guard pats the back of a male customer, opening the door for him and even getting a chair from inside and brought it outside for him to sit in. Must be a regular customer since even the waiter was making chitchat with him and got him an ash tray.

A beautiful girl in a red/pink dress soon enters. Since it's been three years since I first and last saw Athene (not to mention she got eye surgery and wasn't wearing sunglasses anymore), I wasn't sure if that was her. But it was her.

Athene: Charles, I didn't recognize you. It's been a few years since we last saw each other.

Charles: Athene, people who've last seen me months ago don't recognize me. How much more you? On the other hand, I wasn't sure it was you. You're more beautiful now.

Athene: That's because I had short hair when we met.

Charles: And you're not wearing sunglasses anymore.

Athene: By the way, you seem to have become thinner.

Charles: People have been saying that for the past few years. Suffice to say, I haven't been gaining (and losing) weight since grade seven.

Basically, we were able to chat for twenty minutes or so and I left Starbucks at 9:45. Then it was a sprint to the gate in our village since it closes at 10 pm. Fortunately, I made it. However, Athene gave me a parting text message:

Athene: Bagay kang uke (Uke suits you).

Me: Ummm, what's an uke? (Suffice to say, I find out a few minutes later.)

Got Arislan #13 but still no #1. By the way, Tchan, Arislan Senki is spelled with Katakana characters and only the Senki is in Kanji. And of course, that's probably the last time I'll be tracking out of print manga sets as birthday presents. Then again, I did manage to get Karen out of print artbooks like Backgammon...

Here's the final tally of what I got for Steph: Arislan manga set, Arislan novel #8, Hakkai and Kougaiji plushies, Glay 2001 calendar, and a few books. Fortunately, my costs didn't reach five digits... =)

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Had to commute home today (my first during this week) so I guess I'm already well if I managed to do that despite Metro Manila's pollutted air. Right now, I'm just waiting for the minutes to tick by before I meet up with Athene at Starbucks (I think) to get Steph's Arislan #13.

Me: Just confirming if I'll meet you later.

Athene: Ummm, you'll kill me. I can't find Arislan manga #1.


*sigh* Tomorrow's Steph's birthday.

Oh yeah, Dec. 21 is the Lord of the Rings premiere. Had ten tickets reserved. To those interested, you know how to contact me. I'm already reserving one ticket for Garrick and probably another for Jobert.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Highlights of yesterday's day was intense coughing that other people were getting concerned over me. Arnold Arre and girlfriend also dropped by CCHQ except we didn't know if it was really him. Katya surprised me when she confirmed it was really Arnold Arre just befor he was going to leave.

For my itenerary today, I'm supposed to meet Athene tonight at Starbucks Megamall (Starbucks? There's no Starbucks in Megamall...) to get the Arislan manga, just in time for me to give it to Steph tomorrow. Which reminds me, I have to write that birthday letter soon.

Speaking of birthdays, it's Zena's birthday today, and Tin's birthday the day after tomorrow. Happy Birthday!

Also, Leo screwed things up, as he usually does since I first met him in first year. He volunteered to be beadle of the feature writing class *cringe* and said that he'd be leaving the readings at the RSF photocopy machine. I dropped by there yesterday and the photocopier lady couldn't find any readings, mentioning that other people were also looking for them the other day. Trust it to Leo to do such a thing. Worse, I met up with Leo sometime after that and he said he left it at the RSF since Monday. Knowing Leo's lack of social skills, something must have gone wrong with the communication between him and the photocopier lady. That doesn't help me in the fact that I still don't have readings... Why couldn't the beadle be someone more responsible, like, ummm, *cough* *cough* Elbert.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

I was supposed to write this last night but my brother was using the phone so...

To those of you concerned, I'm well now (as far as how "well" I can be). Fever's gone but the cough and cold is still there, but then again, I've been having those ever since I was a kid (I remember having WEEKLY injections just for treatment). Besides, my phlegm right now is green, unlike previous day where there was some blood mixed in...

Just finished watching Smallville. Amazing. No one died in this episode. I mean for a small town like "Smallville", the casualty rate every episode is at least one (except today). I'm amazed that they still have a population. =)

I was disappointed with the Zoids ep today. Horrible plot and dialogue (I don't know whether to attribute this to bad dubbing or to bad story). It was the ep where they finally get to do battle with the Deathsaur. I enjoy the previous episode better where the Bladeliger battled it out with the Darksaur.

Amazingly, Mr. Asis wasn't late for today's Theology class. Tanya was showing off pictures of her pets before that. The cat's fat. And that's a large rabit (it's as big as the cat). >.< And I've already spent P38 of my P40 since watching John eat made me hungry and two hours later, I bought a Tortilla pizza. I would have ordered sisig but 1) it's oily and my soar throat can't take it yet, and 2) I don't have money.

Honestly, I can't wait for next week when I'll get my allowance. CCHQ has this Yami no Matsuei character book (different from the character sketchbook) which I want to get for Rin, the Fruits Basket manga #10 for Chanty (I'm sure she'll love the "grown-up" characters), Hunter x Hunter manga #15 for MM (so that she can translate it for me), and the remaining Kurapika plushie for Athene (since she's getting me Arislan manga #1 and #13 for Steph's birthday gift).

Speaking of Kurapika, what would make a great costume would be someone dressing up in the Kurapika outfit from the OAV (black hat, coat, and shades) and then removing it during the catwalk to reveal his normal outfit (white robe with blue markings).

Crap, there's a rat again in my room. Over the past four weeks, I've captured five rats, and now there's this new rat to deal with.

Oh yeah, Steph's birthday is three days away. *sigh*

And I'm watching Shaolin Soccer on Dec. 4, even if I have to watch it by myself.

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Monday, November 25, 2002

While visiting other people's blogs isn't too much of a chore (although it can be when you're evading your brother's usage of the phone), replying to them is. =)

Four days away from Steph's birthday, twenty six days away from the LotR premiere, and twenty nine days away from Christmas. Time moves so slowly, especially when you're sick and tired.

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Okay, I come home for dinner, sick and ready to rest, when the maid gives me a video tape and tells me my mother wants me to tape the Telenovela on ABS-CBN from 7:30~9:30 pm. Yes, I can see my mother's concern for me. Has it occured to her I want to sleep? And even if I did tape it and go to sleep afterwards, she'll barge in during the middle of the night and get the tape from the VCR and slam the door as she exits, which will still keep me awake during the evening.

Me: I want Calamansi juice.

Maid: Don't you want hot Calamansi juice? Your father is worrying...

Me: Hot? Do you want to drive out all the vitamins from the fruit???

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I'm still sick, although my fever has been coming and going. One pack of tissue didn't last me two hours (which is why I use a handkerchief but that was wet by then). And because I'm the "ever-responsible" student, I still went to school despite my condition.

Which is just as well considering I had a quiz in two of my three subjects. Spent the latter half of the morning at CCHQ, infecting people with my cold (just kidding!). Seriously, I was there and Khristine was giving me tissue since she's afraid of catching a cold (honestly, my not-so-common cold is a condition which I've had my entire life and as far as I know, is not contagious). Saw a lot of people but I wasn't that talkative considering I have a cold, cough, soar throat, and fever... all at once.

It was nice seeing the usual crowd, and Kit was offering me French Fries, which I would have accepted any other time except for the fact that I have a soar throat and Kit couldn't believe that fries are one of the most oily stuff in the country, even if it happens to come from Burger King.

I also had to fast for some seven hours since I only have P60 in my wallet (P20 of which went to buying tissue) to last me the entire week and when you divide that by five, that's not even enough to buy myself Ice Tea.

Add in more fever and a slight headache, so it was a hassle for me to concentrate on my readings. Aside from the short story analysis I was supposed to submit for Krip's class (which so happens to be my last class and had the timing of all days to give a free cut), there was still an essay for Phil. Literature in English and more Philosophy readings. Fortunately, I retained and understood enough to score some points in the quiz.

~drinking my second cup of Calamansi juice (mind you, I'm drinking it without sugar)~

Rosary and Rica (the girl strangely obsessing about me) dropped by. Of course I was sick so I only got to say hi to Rosary. And then Joy came in and I somehow got the energy (and voice) to scold her for giving my phone number to Rica, gave my condolences since James (Lupin cosplayer) died (and near her tambayan too), and asked if she was attending Krismusmos (an outreach that involves cosplayers and the Ateneo org Musmos... which I'm not participating in because I feel my priorities will be compromised).

Later, when I was back in school, Rica was harassing me with text messages:

Rica: Why didn't you talk to me?

Me: Because I'm sick.

Rica: Sick of seeing me? Don't lie to me. Tell me why you're angry.

-At this point, I'm really angry since class is starting soon and I don't have time for her dramatics, especially considering I'm feeling weak at the time.-

Me: I'm really sick. And you're overreacting.

Rica: Fine. Be that way. I won't bother you again. Just want to make one thing clear. My conscience is clear. I didn't do anything to you.

-3 hours later-

Rica: Sorry about what I said awhile ago. Could we talk. Please?

Okay, is it me or is she really overreacting? Which is why I never replied to the text message. That and I'm really not feeling well, among other things. There were a few more pestering text messages and a missed call. Thank God my phone was on silent mode.

The moral lesson? Do not give your friend's cellphone numbers to people you've just met. And if Krip didn't give us a free cut, I still wouldn't be able to answer Rica's text messages since I'm in class and don't get off until 7:30 pm.

Meanwhile, I saw some ICA and Xavier students roaming the Ateneo grounds. Apparently, there was a debate competition. Saw an old acquaintance, Akai from the PO chatroom.

*looks at Akai*

*Akai continues talking to his friends*

*still staring at Akai*

*Akai finally looks up*

*I wave*

Akai: Charles!?!? I didn't recognize you...

Yes, eight months of not cutting my hair has made me unrecognizable. It's nice to know I can still freak people out. ^^

Of course I met Akai outside of Krip's classroom and the teacher before his class asked us if we were the students in the next class. I said yes and he told us it was a free cut. His students told us he wasn't kidding. Off to CCHQ to wait for my driver since I was obviously in no condition to commute home. Of course at CCHQ was Ramon and Quark from Heycomics...

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Sunday, November 24, 2002

I'm sick. In every sense of the word.

Literally speaking, I have a cold, cough, and a soar throat. I have a headache and my temperature is rising. I've been asleep for what? The best eleven hours?

And I'm sick of my parents and relatives. I told my mom yesterday that I didn't want to go to my uncle's birthday party since I wasn't feeling well. Did she listen? Noooo. She wanted me to go and told me things like "it's once a year", etc. Yes, my mom's priorities is setting up her social figure rather than the health of her children. (My uncle has his own problems but I won't mention it here.) Other people's parents are concerned with the welfare of their children. Mine are concerned with their own social appearances. Which is why I don't always follow what they say, even if they claim they know "what's best" for me. I've tried that for years and it's only made my condition worse.

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