Friday, August 27, 2004

Weekend Already

Honestly, I've been so busy the entire week that I couldn't be bored nor excited, simply because I've been too busy. Well, I could always lose out on sleep but that's a no-no.

On a side note, I've grown and learned so much this past week that I'm not the same person I was six days ago.

And no, I'm still as thin as ever. And I still don't eat lunch. =)

On a side note, Abi is probably the only person who told me that I'm getting fat when I met up with her last week. Everyone else, for the past nine years, has been telling me that I look thinner. Unfortunately, they're all wrong: my body has found its equilibrum that I'm neither gaining nor losing weight.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Neither Wind nor Rain...

You do know that in my line of work, there's no such thing as "no work today" or "no classes". And I do *walk* to work. And there's a storm outside.

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D&D Anniversary

Well, since the anniversary is a few weeks away, here's a link to a Realplayer D&D Special by BBC, which includes interviews with people like Steve Jackson and China Mieville.

And yes, we should probably have something like "RPG Gamers Anonymous", wherein people say "I'm *insert name here* and the last time I played D&D was *insert months/years here*"

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More Rainy Day Stories

When you *walk* to work, it would be appreciated if the streets were clean and dry. But this being the Philippines, there's such a thing called "rain" (and "storms").

Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, as a pedestrian, it's not only the rain I have to contend with. For one thing, there's numerous vehicles traveling at high speeds that splash water. And since our streets are far from the sturdiest ones, there's literally pools of water all over EDSA. Oh, and don't forget incoming traffic!

I'm reminded of the classic Atari game Frog. Except this is significantly harder, especially since you have to contend with the rain. And you only have one life.

Word Nerd

It was pointed out today how Filipinos can have an entire conversation using only one syllable:

Elevator lady: Bababa ba? (Are you going down?)

Person: Bababa. (Going down.)

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

So Much for Anonymity

A decade ago, we had stories about couples meeting up on the Internet (perhaps from a chatroom or mailing list) and that the only time they get to see the other person's face was during an E.B. (eyeball) or through a personal date (i.e. the movie You Got Mail).

Of course I've heard that people use Friendster as a dating service, since your picture is up for everyone to see (and sometimes, the only info you have about the person). Anyway, I saw a coworker managing his Friendster account and it's really entertaining to see how people choose who they add to their "friend's list". And yes, it does get as shallow as choosing you because of your appearance (well, that is if you trust the photo that's uploaded there).

At the Mercy of the Elevator

Given the choice whether to take the stairs or the elevator, I'd go for the former. But that's not really an option at work, since you get locked out of the rest of the building if you do take the stairs. And unlike the LRT2 or the MRT wherein time lost in waiting is balanced by the time saved by not getting stuck in traffic, there's really no time saved by waiting for the elevator.

I guess jumping out of the window (once you manage to break the glass) is always an option...

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Monday, August 23, 2004

I Want a New Bathroom

I was trying to have a late-night bath the other day but unfortunately, I was competing with other organisms. First there was the cockroach where I was supposed to shower in (except my shower doesn't work so I make do with my handy tabo as I've done so for the past two decades). Then when I go to wash my face (my eyelashes actually), a spider was slowly creeping up. The faucet area is also littered with ants. This is what I get for entering the bathroom when the sun goes down.

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Today's my first day of work and hopefully, it won't be my last. =)

Lunch Break

Since I defy the laws of human nature, lunch break is usually idle time for me. Of course that also means I don't get to bond with other people, since that's usually the time when people normally bond with each other.

There's also the fact that I don't have vices such as smoking, so the same goes for my 15-minute breaks.

On a side note, I'm probably the only person who can wear a T-shirt and long sleeves and not break a sweat walking under Manila's heatwave.

Sex Sells

Masturbating with a certain video game device

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