Saturday, May 10, 2003

ISP goes haywire

Well, it did slow down to a crawl so much so that even visiting my blog took several minutes. It's working perfectly now though, and just in time as well. Nearly done updating all four blogs...

One of these days though, will have to finally update the links section of this blog. I don't know why but Angel Ace Creator linked me. He probably found me via Dean's site...

Its Raining

I'm sorry. This is such a big deal for me. Especially in light of the fact that electricity (and ISPs) fluctuate during a storm.


Right now though, I'm wondering if these any resource that narrates Sigurd/Seigfried's epic. Even Wagner's opera was based on this Norse myth and well, anthologies tend to give you the shortened version of the story of excerpts (the most famous one is probably his battle with Fafnir the Dragon).

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Friday, May 09, 2003

Never Trust Someone with Broadband Access

It was stupid of me to click on a link posted by in the mailing list about a "great ad". Sure, it was a great ad, but it's a few megabytes long, so I've been spending the past thirty minutes or so downloading that's two minutes long.

My Very Weird DVD-ROM and CD-R Writer

Scenario 1: *inserts 650 MB generic/Verbatim CD* *success*

Scenario 2: *inserts 700 MB Verbatim-brand CD* *failure*

Scenario 3: *inserts 800 MB generic CD* *success*

Scenario 4: *inserts 700 MB generic CD* *success*

Sudden Impulse

I don't know. While I was at CCHQ, I had a sudden impulse to buy Batman: Child of Dreams which is drawn by Kia Asamiya and translated by Max Alan Collins. And Lone Wolf and Cub. And Blade of the Immortal. Only the fact that I will be in debt for the next few months stopped me. I don't even know why I had the impulse when none was present a few months back (and I know I can borrow Blade from Carlos and probably the other two from Danny).

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Thursday, May 08, 2003

Stupid Charles

My body frequently moves in combinations so that usually when I get a text message, after hitting the reply button, the next action my hand does is press erase. And lately, I've been receiving landline numbers which I accidentally delete and I only realize I did so when I'm looking for that person's number.


Two nights ago, a pair migrated in our backyard. And well, it can sometimes be annoying. I mean they purr at the strangest hours and I've heard everything from cat fights to cats making love to each other. And it's loud.

Random Musings

Well, CCHQ will be distributing Ragnarok demo CDs when it gets released in June...

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One of these days, I'll develop one. My new bag has a larger carrying capacity than the previous one, but today I had to carry more than my usual load since some people I know suddenly returned the stuff I loaned to them all at once and I guess I miscalculated the weight I could carry.

On a side note, I don't have back problems yet. And my leg is healing (there's still pain, but not as much as yesterday).


I feel one of these days, I'll be known as "Elbert's Errand/Delivery Boy".

Had to deliver 20 more copies of Grafic at CCHQ since 29 of the 30 copies available have already been sold. And counting the sales in Cebu and the issues me and Elbert peddles, around 25% of our stock of Grafic has already been sold.

Now if only we could peddle it in the far reaches of Metro Manila, like Ayala or Taft...

And of course, had to drop off some comics for Dean from Elbert. Unfortunately, Dean wasn't at Pipeline. One of his lovely employees (she was wearing earphones listening to the computer I think) gave me a smile though and asked who I was looking for (since the secratary was currently preoccupied).

Didn't get to thank her though (stupid Charles!) because my attention was immediately drawn to Carlo (who remembers me!) who owes Elbert some money. Left the comics with the secratary and me and Carlo went to the bank (to rob it! just kidding).

Crash Course

Aside from cramming some 400 pages of James Joyce, I will have my hands full for the rest of the year as I'll be publishing two comic anthologies (OST: Original Story Theatre - Extended Edition?/Full Version?/Editor's Cut? hopefully at a retail price of P50 with 64 pages and as of yet an untitled project) and will get myself published along with my blockmates as it's a requirement for our senior year to come out with a book.

And of course, I will have to learn how to market these projects so that we'll manage to break even somehow.

Oh yeah, in case anyone's interested in purchasing Grafic (Comicol's publication last sem), just send me emails or your contact numbers. P60 for 52 pages. Visit the website for details.

Hot Weather

I'm optimized for the Philippine climate. Which means I don't mind the heat. Sure, I'm sweating, but that's just a minor inconvenience. And I still stay in a room with the windows closed and no aircon or electric fan. I don't sleep with a blanket anymore though. Which just goes to show how weird (which, isn't necessarily a bad thing) I am...

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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Jumps For Joy

Just got the quotations from the printers! Apparently, I can afford to rerelease Comicol's Extended OST comic (and for a price cheaper than Grafic!) as well as the 184-page comic project (which doesn't have a name yet as of now) which will feature 60 pages each from three talented artists (Elbert Or, Chiito Esguerra, and Andrew Drilon).

Sure, my shopping spree will be cut short until early December but...

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I Can't Run

At least without limping. Tried doing so this afternoon but my left leg keeps on collapsing.


Well, there's some construction being done near our place for the past few months. Somehow, one begins to appreciate the silence and tranquility that is no longer present.


Eh. Finally got my copy. And I think it'll soon be available in Comic Quest or something.

Anyway, my source told me that it was already on the web in DivX format since someone leaked out the DVD. And this is what Elbert calls the "Asian Release".

Also ran into my former Philo teacher Jon this afternoon and got to chat. He was surprised that I flunked Theo and didn't tell him. And he told me that he recomputed my grade because he thought my C+ was low. I told him that that was really my grade because of my low quizzes. Also talked about Matrix: Reloaded and how he can't wait for it. And I guess he'll be getting the Animatrix DVD if it comes out domestically. (Gio doesn't know what he's missing.)

Meteor Garden

For some strange reason (due to fan demand?), they switched to the Taiwanese dub of the song lyrics.

And there's finally subtitles of the Chinese words!!! (Then again, for the most part, I understand the Chinese...)

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Sore Muscles

Well, my legs are hurting, probably from overexhausting myself from last night since I sprinted from The Podium home.


Found out that someone's selling VCDs of the nine episodes of Animatrix, even when the DVD is due to be released a month away. I guess only here in the Philippines, where piracy (while not at its worst) is pervasive.

Meteor Garden

I wonder why ABS-CBN hesitated in acquiring this Taiwan soap opera (which in itself is based on a certain anime/manga title).

I mean it has most (if not all) of the elements in the typical soap operas here. There's the female protagonist that's "poor" and "oppressed", the underdog.

Then there's the handsome love interest that everyone else is drooling on (and in this case, that's four "bishonen"). Plus the typical love triangle...

And lastly, there's the typical female antagonist who wants the handsome men that fell for the protagonist, all the while acting like two-dimensional "selfish" matrons. And yes, they're rich too.

So there's several handsome Chinese men, a cute female lead, story based on a popular anime/manga series, and all the elements that Filipinos frequently fall for in a soap opera...


Just found out from Dean's blog that my former teacher as well as my former boss is going to contribute stories for an upcoming comic!

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Monday, May 05, 2003

Aren't they just lovely?

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Bag Upgrade

Well, I totally love my new bag. It has pouches with which I can store stuff (and to those who know me, I always seem to be carrying a lot). And the beauty of it all, when I go to the MRT or the malls, I only have to open one of the pouches instead of all four. Hmmmm, makes me wonder if I could sneak in a bomb...

New Stuff

Yey! CCHQ will be restocking their Japanese shipment tomorrow! ^^

And I Will Be Broke 'til the End of the Year

Not that there wasn't a time when I wasn't broke but two future projects have tied up my funds. Which means I'll be cutting back on all the presents I give to people, libres, and even *sniff* my personal luxuries. I'll be skipping lunch for the next eight months but well, I've always been doing that so...

Wearing Out My Welcome

Well, I'm not exactly Mr. Sociable and I've computed that people have a certain tolerance level for me (I am masama, makulit, mayabang, nakakainis, weirdo, stalker, and NR). Two things usually happen: either people break it off with me, or they leave for another country before that could happen. I've known Elbert for four years now and let's just say my time is up.

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Sunday, May 04, 2003


It might not seem much but managed to update all four of my blogs...

And in other news, I'm trying to compute how to produce 500 copies of a 184 page comic which is bounded with a budget of P25K.

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