Sunday, September 03, 2006

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Let's start off with some links I already posted before. Toshiba's 4 GB 16 GB flash drive, aside from letting you store a huge amount of files, also features U3 technology (well, the 16 GB doesn't come with it). What's so good about U3 technology? It saves your computer settings so that when you plug the flash drive into a new computer, you can choose to load your personal profile. You can retain your screensaver, wallpaper, and perhaps more importantly, your bookmark links and the like. Not comfortable with the default browser of a friend's computer? No problem, it'll load Firefox or Opera or whatever browser you're using to surf. This'll probably be a guaranteed seller to call center agents, who have varied settings on their computer at work, yet are constantly forced to transfer from station to station.

The other "previously seen" link is the MP3 Player Yoyo. Aside from the aesthetic design, it makes use of innovative technology. Bluetooth wireless headphones, for example. Or the fact that you can recharge the batteries by tossing the yoyo a few times. Too bad it's not yet commercially available, as it was a concept from the winner of the Pop Sci and Core77 challenge. I do hope it gets developed, but I highly doubt it, especially with the US's policies on energy (not to mention it's not as profitable for businesses).

Google, on the other hand, unveils its latest innovation to the World Wide Web: archiving public domain books. While not the first one to implement such a plan, they seem to be the most effective. Documents are saved in pdf, and access to it depends on what country you're in (some works aren't public domain in certain countries, for example). A step forward for literacy, but perhaps a step back for "piracy"?

More disconcerting news though is the fingerprinting if visitors, of all places, at Walt Disney World. It's no longer just the happiest place on earth, its reputation as the most evil organization in the world is starting to show.

The one thing I dislike about making calls on cellphones is the fact that sometimes, there's simply too much interference or the signal is too low that you can't hear the other person. Well, meet tomorrow's phone booths, which solves just that. Except you know, an actual payphone would probably be cheaper, and it doesn't really help if the person you're calling is the one having signal problems. Still, I'd like to see Superman change in that phone booth.

In other news, Apple will be selling videos soon on iTunes, invading the territory of Wal-Mart in the US. More for the consumer but at this rate, Apple is slowly gaining a monopoly on entertainment (now if only they could develop good games for their computers...).

Now Porsche cars have established a reputation as being ludicrously expensive. Let's face it, it's become a status symbol. So what could be more impressive than owning a Porsche? Owning a 22 carat gold one. There's like nine models in existence. suffice to say, no one I know can afford it. Nor would they probably want one.

Now for our environment friendly segment. If you've always fancied yourself taking care of a plant but never had the time, you might want to take a look at Wet Pot Systems. Although I should really just ask, why bother taking care of a more or less self-sufficient plant?

We've also seen alternative energy sources, everything from sunlight to pee. Well, this time, Japan is harnessing bacteria. Maybe it could work in tandem with nanotechnology...

Oh, and Greenpeace just gave us more reasons to hate leading manufacturers of electronics. Nokia and Dell seem to be on the relatively passing scale (7/10), while it seems Apple, of all people, would have failed it several times over. The only companies worse than Apple, it seems, are Acer, Motorola, and Lenovo. Not that consumers will probably stop purchasing their products because of this fact.


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