Saturday, February 09, 2002

*sigh* Looks like I haven't been as regular as I want to be.

First off, yesterday I spent my afternoon in Ateneo waiting for Elbert to give me the CD of the burned pictures. However, he had to attend LES so he couldn't give it to me personally by the time I got there. He instead handed it to his sis whom he expected me to know.

It wasn't a total loss though because I was supposed to meet Ela and Raechel sometime in the afternoon. I met two of their other batchmates and we talked for awhile.

I was in a hurry to update my website and I soon realized how others are better suited to do layout.

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Friday, February 08, 2002

Oh yeah, I hope Kara's fine. Found out from her friend that she got the German measles. Awwww, poor her.

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Hmmm, had lots of thing to do last Thursday. Let me see, to sum things up, this is what happened: Failed my eco exam, had to cram a Jap report, and then got some Zs.

I didn't really expect it to rain today. Had to rush to National Bookstore to buy a CD-R for Elbert and then go back to school to give the CD to Elbert as well as meet up with Ela. Did I mention the Philosophy and ME block had to dress up as people they weren't for Psychology? Ela dressed up as a tomboy, Aiah as a slut, Camillo as a gentleman...

Well, I did manage to drag Mitch and Ela to CCHQ. Well, they were distracted enough that they actually stayed there for an hour. I was also right that the person I saw last Wednesday there was Ela's friend, Monica. I met today Ela's other friends from Miriam high school and gave them my usual introduction. "Masama, makulit, mayabang, nakakainis, weirdo, stalker and NR."

I talked to Raechel a few hours ago and later reported that Monica freaked out that I knew about her and all. My reputation as a stalker is well... a reputation. =)

*sigh* I miss Steph. I saw her today but...

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Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Nothing ever goes as planned. What can go wrong will go wrong.

For one thing, when I went up to the Caf up, I finally saw Steph. I talked to her but she seemed to lack any enthusiasm. Later, I sat at her table and I said nothing. She kept asking me "what?" and later even told me if I could go back to my table since she'd be leaving. *sigh* Things aren't working out. I actually ran out of things to say to her. And I think she's caught a cold. Poor her. To say nothing of how I feel.

On a bright side, my interview with Central Comic Headquarters was successful. I think I now have some four to five pages worth for my fanzine. I hope I can come out with it before March.

I wanted to write the article about CCHQ but my sister had to use the computer to research some pictures for The Good Earth because she didn't want to draw. Grrrr.

Finally gave Camillo the Fellowship of the Ring Book and sold Mk Harry Potter socks. Mk's cute... Anyway, also told Tobie what we had to do for CWS and tomorrow's our Arnis exam (finally). I almost died in today's D&D campaign but at least I killed one NPC and two PCs. Buwahahahaha. Anyway, I'm getting sleepy now and I still have two exams tomorrow so...

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Tuesday, February 05, 2002

I finally paid a visit to Central Comic Headquarters today. It was so cool! I got a Belldandy plushy for Sheila!!! *sigh* I wish I could do the same for Steph. Well, that's the way my life goes.

I'm all geared up for my upcoming fanzine. I even bought a tape recorded today just to prepare for my interview with Central Comic Headquarters tomorrow. I borrowed my parents' camera and I'm all set. I just have to make the questionnaire today and probably get someone to take down notes for me while I interview them.

Still, life isn't perfect. My original feature for the fanzine can't push through so I'll just have to settle for next issue. My budget also has increased because of expenditures I'm gonna make (film, photo development, the tape recorder...). I wish I had money.

Interestingly enough, I forgot to give my fiction teacher my short story last month. I knew I forgot something.

Steph was soooooo kawaiiiii today. *sigh* She didn't notice me though.

My arnis exam got postponed to Thursday. Just when we were all primed up... Oh yeah, our sparring is also scheduled for February 28. I hope I don't get hurt too much.

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Monday, February 04, 2002

Great. It's only now I start reading other people's BLOGs.

Benj... I was lazy last Sunday and for some strange reason, I come to Hobby Cafe whenever there isn't a mechameet. Bad timing I guess. Or maybe I should check my mail more often. =)

It makes me wonder what Richie's revelation is... a new boyfriend? Or perhaps a girlfriend? I guess I'll never know. =)

Dying is overrated. Death might not be a release. For all you know, something more horrible is awaiting you in the afterlife. Like someone showing you reruns of your life. =)

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*yawn* I know I should be doing a lot of work today but I can't seem to remember any assignments. All I did today was stay home, sleep and watch TV (and read, of course).

For starters, I was supposed to meet Krizelle at 3 pm today so I didn't leave my house. I was getting bored and planning to go to a mall but she didn't arrive until 5:30. By then, I was too lazy to do anything else.

I was going to write something creative earlier today but my ISP went haywire. By now, I forgot what I was supposed to write. -.- It's just like me.

Life does get lonely around here. I miss a lot of people, especially my crush. But life often isn't fair, or pleasant. Might as well get used to it.

Hunter x Hunter is something refreshing to me. It's not too violent and at the same time, it makes me think. In the meantime, nothing makes my blood burn like Initial D. I really like the songs there. Can't wait for the CDs I ordered to arrive.

Nothing showed me how nerdy I am until today. Since I was bored ever since I woke up, I started typing D&D information and started making formulas for them, like how to compute the base attack bonus, base saves, and even the nasty experience point awards. It's nice to know that I can still solve math problems at this age.

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