Saturday, July 13, 2002

After getting more sleep and realizing that I just wasted an entire day, I ate dinner and headed for Area 51.

Only a few of us in the gaming group were there since the others were either busy or sick. There also weren't other players who were willing to be challenged, at least not until 3 am.

My parents were again ultraparanoid and came to the place, trying to fetch me. I told them not to worry in the first place and that somebody will bring me home. Sheeesh. They can't even trust me. I don't even lie to them. But as usual, since they're too attached, trust is not something in their vocabulary.

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Friday, July 12, 2002

Here comes more rain. I think that even if we did have classes on Monday and Tuesday, classes would still have been suspended.

It's also amazing the sights you see when you're sitting at Ateneo's library steps. People who've been avoiding you, friends who are now couples, old acquaintances... I'm back to being alone and doing the same things when I was a freshman. On a side note, I did manage to see some of the graduates from last year. Some have entry-level jobs, some are unemployed, and some are taking up their Masters. What'll be my fate in two years time?

Of course my waiting at school for four hours didn't pay off since Mr. Bulaong was sick. I ended up telling some of my classmates that it was most likely a free cut since he hasn't registered with the secratary yet and his previous two classes were given free cuts.

Getting home was quite exhausting, with all the rain, the wind, and the motorcycles passing through the pedestrian lanes. Sleep was a top priority when I got home.

Of course I only woke up to a sudden realization of boredom, so I went to Area 51 to practice for today's Warcraft game. Surprisingly, Carlo, my blockmate, and some of his friends were there. It gave me fresh competition. =) Later, the Area 51 guys and I fought against Carlo's group. Due to an early miscalculation, we lost. Since it was around 2 am by that time, Carlo had to leave and couldn't come today since they're having a game at Blueskies. I got to meet the other people at Area 51 and was inquiring about my gaming group and how they were a no-show last Thursday.

And I hear I am, waking up at 12 pm and I get a sermon from my dad asking me what I was doing at Annapolis and complaining that I'm always thin. I retorted that I did tell people I'd be coming home at around that time and that I was skinny since I was four. Also, it's mostly their fault since I told them when I was a kid that I was already full and they'd still force me to eat, causing me to puke all of it out. My parent's are leeching off me. Some call it love. I call it selfishness. I can't grow and I'll never learn unless they allow me freedom.

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Thursday, July 11, 2002

Guess what, I'm having another four day weekend. Monday due to the elections and Tuesdsays so that those who are voting from the province can get back to school. Oh wow.

My back is aching from all the extra load I've been carrying yesterday. People are starting to say that my bag isn't a bag: it's a folder case.

Of course yesterday we were supposed to meet to discuss our reflection paper for theology. Unfortunately, the other group members haven't read the reading we're supposed to reflect upon. -.- Looks like it's up to me (again) to write it. *sigh* Some things never change...

I also managed to clear things up. Leo Villa isn't the president of the Comicol. That would suit his ego just fine. In case some of you don't know, Leo is a very annoying guy (yes, more annoying than me). Not even his block likes him. His name belongs to the list of really annoying weirdos like Roman and Antonio. 'nuff said.

Of course during our nonfiction class, I had to bring a picture when I was a Kab Scout. I then realized where I got all my responsibility and how come I always come prepared. Grade school can do nasty things to your mind. As the saying goes, a scout is always ready. And as usual, when we started writing about it, people had to borrow paper from me. -.-

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Blogger's error message is quite interesting. "The server went boom." Which is probably why you'll be reading this post tomorrow.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Looking at the tracker for my other blog, here are the strange things that came up on the search engines that led to my site:

Clarissa Concio - someone's probably a stalker.

Cure for Insomia - hmmmm... my writing's aren't that boring a read. =)

Atenean Porn - ummm, I don't have those.

Ateneo chat Atenean - someone's bored.

Of course sometimes I don't know what's worse. The keywords there or the ones for this site:

Noelle de Guzman - Ummm, either you're looking for yourself or someone's been stalking you... then again, there are many Noelle de Guzman's in the Philippines.

Yaoi Vincent - How did that come up here?

Plus a lot of SF&F fanfiction like Zelazny, Brooks, and Hobb.

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I'm exhausted, and I just woke up.

Yesterday was quite busy. I played Warcraft longer than I should have but it's nothing I regret. I had to rush to get to my Philo class though but when I got there, Mr. Bulaong kindly gave us a free cut. -.-

And I was supposed to meet my gaming group at Starbucks Shangri-la by 6 pm but my carpool got screwed up. My friend said he'd be picked up at 5 pm but when 5 pm came, he told me that he was getting fetched at 6. I basically had to rush to Shangri-la, which wasn't easy considering all the rains and the traffic. I walked from Ateneo to Boni Serrano and then hitched a taxi. Of course the traffic at Megamall was intense as for every fifteen seconds we moved, we had to wait for five minutes. I paid the driver, got out of the taxi and literally ran for it.

Of course getting to the gaming area from Shangri-la wasn't easy as well. Most of the jeepneys and taxis were occupied. We were trying to get a tricycle but couldn't find one. We had to walk around halfway before we were able to board a tricycle. The game finally started at around 8 pm after everyone was there and with their character sheets completed.

There were strange things that happened during the game, like most games I've played. For example, the half-orc was more charismatic and smarter than everyone else in the party, one of the rangers wanted to list and catalog every creature he saw, ala Pokemon, and the Dwarven fighter couldn't even hit. We almost got killed by two dozen rats.

I got home at around 2:30 pm, exhausted. I got some crackers and checked my email. I was too lazy to actually write this down. And here I am now, rattled by yesterday's events. Thank God my classes start at 1:30 pm.

But I'm sure I've forgotten something...

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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

I wake up in the morning only to... wish that there's no school today. Yes, I'm getting soft.

And right now, I'm hearing the whispers of the wind...

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I can't believe it's just Tuesday. It feels so like... Sunday. I guess it must be all the idleness.

First, instead of wasting the entire day at home like what happened yesterday, I was finally able to get out. Paid a visit to A Different Bookstore though it was a bit disappointing (no new books yet). And then I stopped by Shop 88 at the MRT station to buy some transparent folders for mom.

Came home to a Sherlock Holmes short story which I had way back in 2000. You just don't know how many unread books are lying at my shelf.

Of course whenever I tried to surf the net or download email, my brother would suddenly scream, which is the signal that he'll be using the phone. So here I am right now, using the "older" computer.

Since we're also talking about my brother, who's eight years older than me, I might as well narrate at how he's suffering from a mental disorder. Just an hour ago, he was screaming at everyone for the noise he hears during the evening. He was blaming the maids, blaming my mom, nearly everyone else. Last night, he even made a sermon that I should close the door "lightly".

Of course this is all strange coming from someone who plays his stereo at "loud" and you could hear him coming a mile away because of the stereo in his car. I'm surprised that his eardrums haven't exploded by now.

Also, it's now the third day since I haven't played Warcraft. And honestly, I should stop so I can save up for the bookfair one month away. And to afford the birthday present I'm buying for my crush. And probably to buy myself a new video card.

...must resist Warcraft...

Also been blog-hopping as of late. I go to Benj's site to connect to Wami's to connect to Arcina's...

And lastly, I want Philip Dick's compilation of short stories, like The Minority Report and Other Classic Stories. I heard that in the original story, Tom Cruise's character doesn't end up with such a happy ending.

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Monday, July 08, 2002

I wake up to another rainy morning. Life's getting dull. Among other things.

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If there's anything that will kill my computer, it's all these power interruptions. I'm here, peacefully writing the stories of my life, when the power goes out. Talk about killing the imagination.

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To complete the trilogy of power failure misadventures, I was taking an evening bath and when I finished drying myself, the lights suddenly went out. So I was basically in my bathroom, naked and far from any source of clothing. Not the best of situations.

Also, it was announced that there won't be any classes tomorrow. That's one history assignment I won't have to write... for now. It reminds me of the time some years ago when classes from Monday to Thursday were suspended because of the storm. It was basically a one-day school day. That's not exactly something I'm looking forward to right now.

And in light of my unfortunate circumstances, I just got an email from Lea saying how much she doesn't like me. I don't know why but my troubles with friendships usually begin with people not being wholly honest in an attempt to spare me injury. What usually happens is that the situation aggravates that they can't stand me anymore. What's also interesting is the fact that I'm usually unaware of the injury I caused and the fact that those people whom I've hurt read my emails in a sarcastic tone when it wasn't meant to (since I don't know I hurt them in the first place). Just shows you how your state of mind can affect your perceptions.

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In another cruel twist of fate, we had another power failure. And it happened seconds after I pushed the "post and publish" button.

It's also amazing what a power failure can cause you to do. I suddenly found the time to call people I planned to call up "one of these days". It was really great talking to Charm and Scythe. It's also amazing how many people aren't at home despite the awful weather. And how many people feel like sleeping.

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Sunday, July 07, 2002

Maybe the storm ain't so bad. I mean it's saving us electricity because of the power failure it caused us an hour ago. (Oh wait, Meralco is making us pay for electricity we don't consume.) And it's helping with my poetry as I'm learning all sorts of figures of speech like "I don't want to go out" (understatement), "Oh fate, what cruel tricks you play on us" (apostrophe), and "The storm outside is comparable to the Great Flood" (Hyperbole).

And of course, I've finally solved the problem of my video card: it can't be fixed. I bought a pirated copy of Never Winter Nights to kill my boredom and see if my video card is really hopeless. Well, my video card is really hopeless. The game doesn't even start. I had to use the GM toolset and only then did it prompt me to say that there was something wrong with the video card. Great. -.-

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Yes, ironically, I wake up very early in the morning when I don't have classes. And yes, as fate plays its cruel trick on me, I can't send email. *sniff*

As to not sound not so self-centered, I'm watching ABS-CBN now and a lot of people are losing their homes due to the storm. Oh yeah, the rain also seems to have stopped. It's just like the Philippines to suspend classes when the rains have stopped. Although routes are really flooded right now.

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If there's a book that's written about me, its title would probably be "Luck of a Carpooler".

For the past three years in college, I've been hitching rides to get home. Just the other day, I hitched a ride with Fort which eventually made me end up at his house playing Never Winter Nights and watching Minority Report afterwards. The thing with these carpools is that 1) It's spontaneous: I usually don't know who I'm going home with until the last minute, 2) I actually meet a lot of people this way, 3) I see the strangest things going home, and 4) it's a great story to tell. It's just an example of the chaotic lifestyle I live.

And my parents tell me to learn how to drive. -.-

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Yes, it's a rainy Sunday evening and I really have nothing better to do than to write. It's better than wasting away in an Internet Cafe playing Warcraft 3 or Never Winter Nights. For one, it won't cost me P30 an hour. For another, I won't have to go out and into the rain where I'll get wet. Yes, the weather's getting to me, hence the cranky mood.

I've also been looking at Pinoy Exchange's thread on Warcraft 3. It just makes me want to write my own Warcraft strategy guide. Unfortunately, I won't have a site to place it. Any volunteers?

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On our way to our grandma's house for dinner, mother was asking brother about info on his friends. And then she had to ask questions whether the wife of the guy is Chinese or not Chinese. Better yet, is she pure Chinese or half Chinese. Welcome to conservative Chinese thinking, where people are close minded and want to keep the bloodline "pure". That just annoys me.

It also annoys me when my parents ask me those type of questions about my friends. I mean they object the people I go out with because of the bloodline, not because of their personality. That's "civilized" for you. Next thing you know, they'll be asking me whether the person I'm courting is Chinese or not. Makes me want to tell them 1) it's none of your business and 2) look at how your marriage worked out. I mean my dad is just living out the remaining days of his life out of duty to his children. He doesn't love my mom. My mom, on the other hand, doesn't want to get a divorce because of what people will say. She doesn't really love him. The only reason I think they got married in the first place is because aside from being both pure blooded Chinese, father was doing business with mom's father.

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Good news: I can finally check email.

Bad news: I can't send email.

Good news: There's no classes tomorrow.

Bad news: I'm bored at home and friend can't loan me Never Winter Nights.

Okay... I'm finally getting interesting email and I can't reply to them. Soooo annoying.

Also, it's annoying when the people you want to talk to are currently living in dorms. Sheila!!! Want to talk to her but whenever I call, either she's not at home or no one's answering the phone. Grrrrr.

On the bright side, I finally got to talk to Joanne. Managed to call her by cellphone. At least she's closer now. From UP Manila to UP Diliman.

And also did reply to Erin's blog. It's nice to know that some people are still talking to you. =) Still, because of my ISP, I can't reply to her email at the moment.

And the only good thing that came up from the fact that I don't have classes tomorrow is that I don't have to make a poem right now for my poetry class. Oh rain, thou art evil!

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If my computer isn't shut down because of the rain, my ISP probably is. Not only is my surfing connection nil, I can't even download mail.

Perhaps what makes storms more annoying than usual here in the Philippines is the fact that it happens all the time yet people don't do anything about it. The same streets get flooded every year. The same tragedies happen over and over again. The same problems occur. Yet what do we do about it? Nothing. That's the Philippines for you.

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Right now, I can't hear anything except the blowing of the wind. A really strong wind. Which is why I'm glad I decided to stay home and not go out.

Forgive me of my paranoia but with weather like this, I'm discouraged to turn on the computer since power surges are prone during this time.

I was with myself hours ago, reading a book and nothing in the background except for rain, and strangely, the sound of a vucuum cleaner. And then I get a text message from Em asking me if I already had a group for Theology. It reminds me of how the world strangely works for me nowadays. During last Friday, my only group member was Dada and we were required to have at least four. Of course it also happened that I couldn't find other group members. Now, that problem's solved. It's a juxataposition from when I was in high school, wherein I'd be the last one to find a group and usually it's because the group has no one else to choose. As of late, finding a group for class isn't much of a problem. I just let it drift by, let people sort things out, and I eventually get chosen. It's amazing how college has changed me.

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