Saturday, March 22, 2003

My feature article on anime in the Philippines

Those interested in reading the lengthy article may click the previous link or this. Hope people actually read it (and like it).

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Got this article from Gaiman's blog several days ago. It's about the craft of SF writing.

This, on the other hand, I got from Tin's livejournal and it's a handy resource for children, horror, and SF&F writers.

Here is more Lovecraft in case you haven't satiated your fears.

Feature Writing

Had our last session of Feature Writing today. While waiting for our teacher, we were watching the original Sabrina (with Audrey Hepburn) courtesy of Elbert.

Ms. Estella also told those who were present about their strengths and weaknesses. I was surprised when she told me that I was a good writer. I mean I don't think I'm a bad writer but rather a competent writer. To be classified as a good writer (especially looking back at my writings from four years ago) was surprising.

Elbert also started calling me Tim Yap (ugh) because Ms. Estella told me that my niche usually involved the rich. Actually, my take on it that my niche is pop culture, and well, some of them involve expensive hobbies (whoever said anime was cheap?). I'm not exactly a sociable person, much less one who goes out on parties, so I'm pretty confident I won't be the next Tim Yap who writes for the society page (or who travels abroad often). I also noticed that Pulp readers are smart, considering they didn't want to read Tim Yap. =)

By the way, it's nice to know I'm channeling all these useless trivia in my head to something productive.

Another criticism on my part was that I was "pulling my punches" and playing it safe. Ha! Ma`am hasn't read my blog yet. =P


First off, I think war should be the last resort. And like one of my favorite SF writers said, "violence is the last resort of the incompetent". And well, US didn't need to go to war with Iraq. Iraq didn't even antagonize the US (at least as of late). And while some might say Sadam is more evil than Bush, let me remind you that the US has been imposing themselves on other countries as of late in the name of "justice" and "freedom". Anyone "different" from them automatically gets the axe. And for quite some time, Bush hasn't been giving a damn about everyone else. At the risk of sounding cliche, all it needs for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. Bush lately has been doing the opposite, which shows you the other end of the coin (if Bush can be classified as "good").

And while everyone might just clamor and request Bush to stop the war, he's not the type to listen. I mean this is the guy who shredded the Kyoto Protocol for unconvincing reasons. Do you really expect he's going to listen to protesters? Bush is the type that can only be convice by hitting him where it hurts. Unfortunately, I don't think we can do that as of the moment (e.g. economic pressure for one but the Philippines has its economic roots deeply planted in the US so...).

Life goes on and for all the war that's going in Iraq (and people should indeed be concerned), we still have our own lives to run and our own problems to face. Like the epidemic that's coursing through Asia. Doesn't anyone find it weird that it coincidentally started to spread near the time war was about to break out?

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Friday, March 21, 2003

SF&F Con... the aftermath

Via Astris finally uploaded some pics they took. And I was reading the articles about the event at the Metropolitan Computer Times and Inquirer but they look like articles straight out of the press release. I think Digital Tour will feature the event either tomorrow or next Sunday.

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Dead Phone

Phone line's dead since this morning but the people around the house didn't bother to call PLDT. I guess I won't be having Internet or email for the next few hours at least.

Philo Orals

I've been cramming 'til the last few minutes of my orals, which was at 9:30 am today. Jon did ask me the question "what is Philosophy" but that's only because he asked me three thesis statements since I didn't consume the entire 15 minutes with the first question.

It's not Charles

Because Jon required us to wear business attire, I didn't exactly come to school looking "normal". People were asking why I was wearing a polo and I had to explain it was my Philo orals.

Waiting in the Rain

Since my orals ended at 9:45, I spent the next few hours at the photocopiers waiting for Grafic to finally be printed. Hopefully it'll be collated over the next few days in time to be distributed come Friday next week.

And of course, it was raining while the sun was shining. Got to test my new umbrella since over the course of the semester, I've wrecked three umbrellas already.

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Thursday, March 20, 2003

The melodrama that is war

People are glued to their TV sets, CNN particularly. The cable company is even desperate enough that they're intercepting the channel to plug in their ads. Well, war has finally occurred. Of course the bigger question isn't who will win but what will the aftermath be like?

Cramming for Philo

While I don't recommend that people cram for theri Philo orals in the span of one and a half days, that's usually how I study. Any study done before that tends to be forgotten.

I was also making outlines for the thesis statements when like a certain Dream who invested too much power in his tools, I came to rely on those outlines instead of what's in my head.

I also have a feeling Mr. Bulaong will ask me a "What is Philosophy" question but that's just me so I better study all of the thesis statements.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2003


Ack. The Haloscan comments are gone!!!


*cough* L`arc just released three "best of" albums yesterday.

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War Closer to Home

Well, while I was typing my feature article late in the evening last night, I could hear my parents and siblings duking it out with screams and sermons (in Chi-Tag-Lish). I was eventually dragged into it and pointed out to my parents that they equate love too much with materialistic goods (well, at least now you know why I like to treat people out) and that they're oblivious to everyone else's needs. Suffice to say, things ended peacefully.

Thou Shall Not Tell a Girl She is Insecure

I'm blunt to the point of rudeness. And well, people have been telling me lately that in criticizing a girl, I should never tell her she is insecure. It's rude to do so. Why? I mean I seldom use the word (well, if I do use it a lot, I usually use it appropriately) and when I do so, I really mean it. It's not an arbritrary term I take for granted. Sure, tact isn't my greatest asset, but if I really feel I should say it, then you should probably listen.

So Long B

Just got my philo quizzes today and well, three of them are zeroes. As in 000. At least I'm not failing. A quick calculation reveals though that the highest grade I can acheive is a C+/B while if I flunk the finals, I'll get a grade of D. It's a steep fall from my B+ last sem but those are the surprises of life.

Anime - a plural noun or a singular noun?

In the seven or so hours it took me to write the ten page feature article I'm supposed to submit on Saturday, I've discovered a better usage for the word anime. I mean three years ago, I was churning off anime-related articles in an attempt to fend off the braindrain I experienced from editing news articles for school. Since at the time, anime wasn't an english word yet, I wasn't using it correctly.

In referring to several anime, I used to say "animes", which you shouldn't since foreign words aren't subject to the language's forms. I'd usually compensate by using "anime shows" but lately, I found that too clunky and sometimes even redundant. The word anime can stand in itself, a noun that is both singular and plural.

Right now, I'm still revising the draft, and I plan to post it soon. And unlike my previous works, this one is addressing the masses rather than the avid fan (no jargon-dictionary needed). And I've realized avoiding using jargon helps a lot, and it's a clear improvement in my writing style. If you want a preview, click here although that will eventually get revised.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Bush has brains... even if it's tiny

Looks like Bush didn't go on an all-out war today. He gave Sadam 48 hours. Since I know Bush is not doing it for the sake of avoiding war, I wonder, why the delay tactic? Is it to improve his image? Or is it part of a bigger, nastier plan?

Last Day to Relax

Well, I exactly have three days to cram for my Philo orals. Actually, right now, I'm typing up my ten-page feature article for Saturday's class so that I don't have to worry about it in the next few days.

Carlos the Director

Carlos needs to make a short film for his class with Quark Henares. Since Filipinos are crammers, well, Carlos just started filming today even though the project was given weeks before (well, that and it's only recently that the camera he ordered online arrived). One of the things I do best is to idly pose like a gargoyle. I can turn that video cam into a plain photo camera. Other interesting poses I did was stare at Elbert like a lovesick homosexual.

My Stalker Powers

Just as we were leaving CCHQ, Carlos, Elbert, and I ran into Gerry Alanguilan (not that he knows me). Elbert escorted him to CCHQ and Carlos, being the fan boy that he is, bought a copy of Wasted: Final Edition and had it signed.

Danger in the House

I don't know what happened since no one ever tells me anything at home but my brother got into an accident with a taxi (at least from what I can surmise). No hospitals involved but I think the car has a bump or something. Amidst all the shouting by my father (in Chinese), well, it's hard to get some sleep. Did I mention my family is known for its temper? And arrogance?

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Monday, March 17, 2003

New Anime Show

John told me that Final Fantasy Unlimited is showing on ABS-CBN.

Lines and the Nature of Filipinos

Had to go to school extra early today because I had to sign up for Philo orals (in which I am required to wear business attire, among other things). Met up with Tracy at Faura and together, we headed for the RSF where the line is supposed to be.

Despite the fact that Mr. Bulaong discouraged people from cutting in, some people still did just that. However, an informal list of people in line was passed to negate this occurence. Suffice to say, it worked to a limited extent since Mr. Bulaong asked everyone if the list was to be honored and he talked to the people whose place in line was questionable.

I don't know if it's because waiting in line causes tension but I was seated near people who were smoking and in the two hours that I was there, one guy consumed something like seven cigarettes.

Miscellaneous Stuff

The schedule for final exams is already out except it's located at the Bellarmine and that's quite a distance. Also remembered to get my exam permit from the registrar since Tracy and I passed by in an attempt to look for where the finals sched was being posted.


Mr. Bulaong returned four quizzes and well, mine weren't as high as last sem's. There's even one where I got a zero. I guess I can kiss the B+ grade for Philo goodbye, but I'm not losing sleep over something like that.

Krip finally returned my short story although the class didn't get to read or comment on it. I was hoping to get criticism from them but well, that wasn't possible. And when I talked to Krip after class about my short story, the mesasge I wanted to convey falls short.

Censored Material

In a barkada, it's been my experience that a few people like me, majority tolerate me, and one or two dislike me. Of course today was one of those days when I encountered that kind of group and it's strange how dialogue occurs.

I mean PDMBDWTBN (Person-Despising-Me-But-Doesn't-Want-To-Be-Named) talks to her friends and my friends but since she ignores me, I usually end up indirectly commenting on what she says. Or I bring up a topic and she also indirectly comments. All of this occuring with a straight face.

New Friend

My copy of Narcissus in Chains arrived last Saturday and instead of opening it, brought it today to loan to Tracy. She's cute, friendly, and reads SF&F as well. Our Philo teacher is also Mr. Bulaong so we were both in line, me reading Asimov's Foundation and Earth, while she was reading Narcissus in Chains.


Here is an article I made an hour ago off the top of my head. It might not be accurate but it'll give you a good idea on computer terminologies (at least the hardware type), I hope.

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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Random Musings

Had to go out and look for a shop that sells blank VHS tapes because people I loan out my tapes to don't return them. Didn't realize they now cost something like P100 at least.

I've been toying with the idea of making my pen name something like CharleS A. TAN and then writing controversial stuff, or at least what seems to be (religiously) controversial here in the Philippines.

I don't know why but my aunt and uncles are fascinated with the number 666. They make it a point that one of their vehicles has a plate number with those numerals. Makes me wonder. Maybe I'm the anti-Christ.

Cartoon Network is planning to release two new anime shows for its Toonami slot: Digimon Tamers and Zoids: New Century. Zoids: Chaotic Century was probably a testbed to see if Asian viewers would take to watching dubbed anime before dedicating all of its resources to the Toonami concept.

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