Saturday, May 28, 2005

[Blog Entry] It Has Returned, The Real Bestseller List, Leave it at the Office

It Has Returned

A Different Bookstore Glorietta is back, newly renovated and sporting a better look. Of course since it just re-opened, they’re having a sale until the end of next week (May 5). Books are 15% off, 20% if you’re a member.

The Real Bestseller List

I was telling people awhile back that some of the bestseller lists aren’t real. The New York Times Bestseller List is partly an editorial decision, for example, rather than a list solely based on statistics. I got all of this from a segment in CNBC.

So where’s the real bestseller list? It’s at USA Today’s Bestselling Book database.

Leave it at the Office

I’ve found it healthy to partition my mind. When I’m at home, I try not to think about work as much. To do so would only give me unnecessary worries. And of course, when I’m at work, well, that’s when I try to solve my work-related dilemmas.

Honestly, what I’m working on right now keeps me quite busy and very, very stressed out. It would have been okay if it’s just for a week or two but the project will probably last until the end of August, so every week is pretty much a very stressful week for me. (But of course, my previous call center agent experience put much more strain on me, and I’d choose this kind of work over a call center any day.) So every week pretty much starts like a descent into hell, and the end of the week I finally find some time to relax only to start over on Monday.

I guess I pretty much survive because I usually have things I look forward to during the weekend, whether it’s a book splurge, meeting friends, or gaming with old time buddies.

Of course when it comes to going to work, I try to come in early to attune myself to working conditions. The last thing a person needs is to enter the office fretting about the things that needs to be done. At least if you come in early, you can work at your own pace and start things at a bearable level.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

[Blog Entry] Because Elbert Insists

Because Elbert Insists

Total number of films I own on DVD/video: 1. Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition. Plus all the anime that's lying around the house. And whatever DVDs I haven’t returned to Elbert.

The last film I bought: Considering I only own one DVD…

Films that I watch or mean a lot to me:

Hero Hey, it just has the right amount of depth and right amount of action. It also departs from Western sensibilities.

The Princess Bride Still the best fantasy-comedy film in my book, even more than Robin Hood: Men in Tights (and The Princess Bride for me is the proto-Men in Tights film… it’s honestly a must watch for those who loved Men in Tights).

Lord of the Rings Despite me being more or less anti-Tolkien when it comes to the books, the movie is just great. A book to film adaptation done right. Best live-action fantasy film, period.

Mononoke Hime Although I honestly find a good number of Studio Ghilbi films boring, Mononoke Hime was not one of them. Much like Hero, it has the right amount of action and depth. Characters in the film both have good and bad traits, and features the constant interplay of the forces of nature and modernization without favoring one over the other.

The Thomas Crown Affair The 1968 version, not the remake with Pierce Brosnan. There’s something admirable about a crafty, intellectual anti-hero.

American Beauty What can I say? Superb acting, great characterization, and an interesting mix of relationships.

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[Plug] Paypal Alternative

As an alternative to Paypal, try GreenZap. It's still in its beta stage but once you sign up, you automatically get $25.00 and get an additional $5.00 for each referral. At the very least, it's free $25.00. (Uh, please use my referral. Pretty please? ^_^)

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Monday, May 23, 2005

[Blog Entry] Plugs, Plugs, and More Plugs

LIGHTS_OUT: Philippine Yaoi Convention V 2.0 [ Secluded, Sordid, and Sexy ]

It's the [ 2nd Annual Philippine Yaoi Convention ] and we're now open to the public!
It's on the [ 28th of May, 2005 ] from [ 13:30 PM to 18:30 PM ], at the [ The Ascott B, Somerset Millenium Hotel, 10th Floor ] , located at [ 104 Aguirre Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City].

Mango Comics Artist Call-Out
MANGO COMICS, publisher of Mars Ravelo's Darna, Mars Ravelo's Lastikman, Mwahaha, and Mango Jam, is looking for artists who can emulate the cartoon style of CLONE WARS [ ] and SAMURAI JACK [ ] for an upcoming comic project.

Interested artists may send in electronic submissions via e-mail as 72dpi .jpg attachments (1 e-mail per applicant, limit 1mb per e-mail) to or physical samples (photocopies or print-outs only, no originals) sent to P.O. Box 3432, Makati Central Post Office, Makati City. Artwork must be copies of existing property, and not original concepts. Deadline for submission of work samples is May 31, 2005.

New Local Anime/Manga Magazine

Shaider Annie Porn

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