Friday, October 03, 2003

Alternative Class Program

It's required of us to join a class and they distributed the CDs (since it's probably cheaper to produce CDs rather than to print the actual manuals) during the entire week. Of course when I checked yesterday, it said enlistment would begin on Saturday. Today, I wake up early just to sign up and you know what the website said? It'll begin at 8 am.

On a side note, there's around 16 classes on "gas station attendant for a day".

Outrunning Text Messages

I can finally claim I outran a text message.

Saw some, uh, comics at Bibliarch in Makati and sent a message to Vin. I then boarded the MRT and headed to Ortigas. When I finally met up with Vin, we were able to chat before his phone rang and my text message came in.

Good timing too because I had just finished talking about the aforementioned comics.

Sale Sale Sale

Apparently, it's only Ink and Stone that's on sale and well, I don't know whether to be happy that books I already bought are available for as low as P95.00.

Of course it took Vin an hour and a half to ponder on which books to get...

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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Smoking Ban at Ateneo

Apparently, it works!

And even my classmates are forced to walk as far as one building just to smoke (and be late for class, hehehe).

Books Books Books

Aeon books has new stocks.

And ADB/Ink and Stone has a sale:

Great bargains await you. You can avail of treasure books as low as Php 50.00 or purchase 3 books and get an additional discount on top of its sale price. These are just some of the discount giveaways. Checkout for more!

Also, all discount card holders of the Ink & Stone Bookshop and A Different Bookstore may avail of an additional 5% on regular priced books (purchases must be made at the Ink & Stone Bookshop to avail of additional 5% discount, additional discount is valid only during the 3-day sale).

And just in case you don't know, CCHQ is on sale until the end of the month.

Trek Convention

Enterprise Launch Party on October 10 at the Main Lobby of the Enterprise Center in Ayala Ave., Makati.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

10 Not-So-Random Authors on my Bookshelf

Courtesy of Vern:

George R. R. Martin

Terry Pratchett

Orson Scott Card

Frank Herbert

Isaac Asimov

William Goldman

Stephen R. Donaldson

Philip Pullman

Ursula le Guin

Oscar Wilde

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Next Cosplay

The WAA (We Are Anime) Cosplay Party 2003

October 18, 2003 Saturday

12noon till evenings

Brannigans, Scout Tuazon cor. Timog Ave., Quezon City

Entrance at P100 with food and drink

Less Motivation for SF?

Clarke Award Funding Slashed.

On a side note, here's a link to the British Fantasy Awards for those curious (i.e. Vin or Dean).

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The Omen

Spent the other half of my morning at a printer courtesy of Mr. Sunico's class. Strangely enough, the only ink that was available for use was green. Mr. Sunico exclaimed "it's an omen!" in reference to the UAAP game that afternoon.

On a side note, Elbert was drooling over the press that our teacher literally had to pull him away from the machine lest he come out in colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

Ateneo vs DLSU basketball Games in Ateneo

It's usually a routine that during the finals, students would bring their TV sets on campus. However, since today is the last game Ateneo will be facing DLSU, students brought their TV sets.

Org rooms and key locations sported TV sets and benches where many Ateneans gathered around. Whenever the team would make a shot, they'd cheer. Whenever DLSU missed one, they'd cheer also. And this cheer would resonate around the campus, because their voices are really that loud, and it's that scattered around school.

Sometimes, you just wish they'd be cheering in Araneta Center rather than just at school where the players can't hear it. Then again, that might have been for the best because of the...

...DLSU Riot at Game

The commentators caught on footage the DLSU team antagonizing the Ateneo players. But the latter, bearing in mind what happened to Tenorio, the banned member, they restrained themselves until the game ended with Ateneo leading by 6 points.

Guards came to protect the players, both those on court and those on the benches.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for those rooting for Ateneo on the bleachers as DLSU supporters literally swarmed them, including Ateneo alumni Enrico Villanueva, and started hitting them. On national television.

Not that I actually witnessed this but was recounted by a classmate who skipped class just to watch the game.

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Since today is the final game between DLSU and Ateneo, somebody left several flyers where students usually obtain the school publications. The flyer claimed that the writer was protesting against the elimination of Tenorio and not the other player, both of whom got into a fight during the last game.

Of course the flyer was placed there anonymously with no one leaving his (or her, but I feel it's a guy) name, no one to attribute whom the protest is coming from.

In my opinion, if one is going to do something like that, you might as well leave your name. It shows conviction, proof that you're willing to stand up in what you believe in despite the consequences. Anonymity leaves you free from the burden of consequences (at least the direct ones) so where's the conviction in that?

Suikoden 4

Here's the trailer.

Not that I'm an avid video game fan, mostly attributed to the fact that I don't have enough purchasing power to support a console system (and video game ROMS are still quite buggy and not up to my taste).

Free Cut

My thesis group, at the spur of the moment, decided to give a free cut. So my class ended at 10:30 am (9:00 am officially) and my next class will be at 4:30 pm instead of 1:30 pm.


Half a day away from October, one and a half week away from finals, and half a month away from sem break.

More Trailers

Return of the King. 'nuff said.

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Monday, September 29, 2003

Strange News

20th Century Fox Sued for LXG.


As if it was anything new. For the past week though, it's been turning dark as early as 5 pm.

New Stocks

Powerbooks seems to have new books, including Laurel K. Hamilton's A Caress of Twilight. I can only be thankful that it was actually shelved in the right section (Hamilton was previously under the fiction section).

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