Saturday, July 27, 2002

I forgot to mention that last night, I had to walk AROUND my village since the gate near La Salle (and facing Robinsons Galleria) was already closed. I left the Podium at around 10 pm, hoping that the gate would still be open (it closes at 10). I also couldn't take the MRT to Santolan since the MRT closes at 10 pm also. When I finally got to the gate, it was already 10:15. Had to make a long walk which made me get home by 10:45.

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After eating an early lunch (11:30 am), I read some Asimov (Second Foundation) and went to sleep. Of course at quarter to three, I went to Megamall to watch the Anime On Ice cosplay competition.

I really think a lot of people would have watched the cosplayers if it weren't for the fact that there was a singing event at the atrium. As for me, Tanix, Ria, and Chris, we were watching the cosplayers from outside the rink. The cosplayers themselves felt they were fishes since they were encased in glass.

Went to the Podium afterwards. It wasn't a great sight as most of the cosplayers went along. It's as if we're one big tour or it was a class outing. Finding a restaurant to eat was also quite difficult. A lot of improvisations had to be made to fit all 35 of us.

Of coure aside from seating 35 people, billing for that many people will always be a problem. We did get a discount so the usual 10% service charge was zero. After which, people went to Starbucks and faced the same seating dilemma. Unfortunately, it wasn't resolved.

Also did manage to pass by A Different Bookstore's branch in the Podium. It's called Ink and Stone. And they have a lot more books there. Too bad my discount card doesn't apply. Did buy Dragons of A Lost Moon, which is by Weis and Hickman. It's the second of the series and the third is available hardbound at Comic Quest. Oh joy. I've discovered the joy of reading. Unfortunately, I'm broke, especially after buying Erin a manga and the shopping splurge I did yesterday. Which I forgot to mention.

I did go to A Different Bookstore yesterday and bought a couple of books. I also ordered a book by Asimov, Foundation's Edge, as I realized that I was lacking that book from the set. I guess that's what happens when you buy a set of books and read them a year later.

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Friday, July 26, 2002

I'm back... home. Actually, I got home before 1:30 am. Our group already had 2 wins vs. 0 against the opponents but by the time that happened, it was nearly 1 am. I decided to leave lest it take me the entire early morning to play Warcraft 3 in Area 51.

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More news about today while my Warcraft 3 hero heals up. Did play with Cyril and our usual companions at Blue Skies. Strangely, it's always our last games where we lose.

My group in Philosophy is totally unreliable. I told them to text me so that we can plan our report. What did they text me? "Charles, you'll be the one to report in class." >.< So much for a plan, much less a meeting. We didn't have visual aids and it was so obvious that Mr. Bulaong asked us if we had prepared or not.

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Agggh. There's still something wrong with blogger.

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There's something really wrong with blogger. My archives have gone haywire.

Anyway, here I am at Area 51, waiting for people to come and play. In the meantime, I'm surfing the net and updating my blog.

I think I failed my Theo quiz, mostly due in part to the fact that I didn't read what was required. Actually, I thought it wasn't required, but I read half of it anyway. Hopefully I'll get a 2. =)

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Thursday, July 25, 2002

I woke up today just in time to watch Saiyuki. Perhaps it's fate. Anyway, I feel that what AXN is showing is the second season rather than the start... Oh yeah, the opening theme sounds like something from Guilty Gear.

Oh yeah, just read WotC's update on their Wheel of Time RPG... they're not going to release any new products anymore. Great. That's an update?

Anyway, I managed to wake up "early" despite only five hour's sleep. Of course that didn't do me any good since I spent the next four and a half hours sitting on duty for the Comic Collective's booth.

Of course it's during this time that I was trying to sell the chocnut Erin gave me. It's not as easy as it looks since people want to buy them per piece rather than by the pack.

During history, it's surprising that Ambeth Ocampo didn't give us a quiz. Then again, he made us watch a long and boring film about Holy Week just to show how our old religious practice is incorporate into folk catholicism. And he did give us funny stories: In a town, the yearly procession was not held on one occassion. Why? Because the person who plays the role of the Virgin Mary was pregnant. -.-

Then it was off to nonfiction where I unloaded the rest of my chocnuts to my teachers. Didn't bother giving the "other half" of my journal since I haven't cut it yet. Speaking of cutting, I got a cold yesterday from Wednesday's cutting on the floor (since I don't have a table in my room). I'm highly allergic to dust and when I'm sitting on the floor, that's already close proximity. *achoo!*

Of course the one thing I hate about Thursdays is coming home at around 8 pm. I eat dinner and by then, I start feeling drowsy. To top it off, my ISP was going haywire so I couldn't exactly proceed with my daily surfing. And Erin's blog still isn't up. To top it off, I still don't know if Steph's mad at me or not.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2002


The first thing that wakes me up today is the... rain.

I was able to meet with Erin yesterday at CCHQ. Since she didn't know where the place was, I had to stay outside the FBR building, waiting for her. Accompanied her to the shop and she really liked the place.

I realized that carrying one dozen packs of chocnut can be quite heavy.

Since I still had an hour left before my carpool leaves since yesterday was half-day, I hung out at the LitSoc booth for a change. At last, I was finally able to find someone who has seen the movie of The Princess Bride. Lent Mai Mai the book and then later went to Bel to meet Joel.

Joel kindly brought me home so I had enough time to get some sleep, check my mail, and print out all my journal entries for nonfiction. And then I realized that my notebook didn't have enough space left for entries.

Went to Robinsons and bought myself a new black notebook and a silver pen. Mars, my current DM, got mad at me as I was pointing out some rules I thought he missed out. And then we were off to Wesley's place, which is in between Greenhills West and the row of restaurants at Wilsons.

To make a long story short, we waited for two hours before the game started and there were only five of us total. Still, we had fun and left Wesley's place at 1 am.

Which explains why I'm sleepy right now.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Today seems full of activity. Anyway, good news is that I'll be having only one class today since there's a meeting so it's half-day for all Ateneans.

Will have our D&D game later although the venue is shaky since the guy were usually stay at has cancelled at the last minute.

Will meet Nissie later so that I can sell chocnut to my nonfiction teachers. I'm really looking forward to the meeting considering my ex-crush usually runs away at the sight of me.

Just wanted to laugh at the silliness some people have. For example, people nowadays are saying that the comic W.I.T.C.H., a Disney publication, is copying manga style. Of course manga and anime in itself got influenced by Disney.

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If there's anything to describe my life, it's chaotic yet structured. Yes, it's a paradox, but there a lot of paradoxes in my life as well.

I was sitting in Comicol's booth for more than four hours. Tanya did drop by before I left and Kim was with her as well. She asked if I had children, would I have them study in a school that teaches Chinese. Kim immediately said that, of course, she would. After all, we underwent it and so should they. That kind of reasoning is bully-philosophy. I endured it, and so must you. And so, the victims become bullies themselves and the cycle repeats itself. I mean Kim's a nice person but that kind of thinking poisons the soul.

As for me, I would have my children study Chinese but only for education purpose. If they want to pursue another language, they're entitled to it. But knowing Chinese has its advantages. And besides, it'll help the learning curve when you're studying Japanese. =)

Also, my "curse" or jinx seems to be following me. Several years ago, potential jobs suddenly have something wrong happen to them. For example, my article for Philippine Hobbyist almost got printed but they closed down before that happened. There's also this magazine that was supposed to publish comics but never got around to. The Comic Alley branch I used to work got burned down. The same could be said for Pulp Magazine/MTV Ink/Philippines Yearbook.

Now, my orgs suddenly lost accreditation. In my freshman year, I was part of three accredited orgs: Litsoc, MISA, and CompSAT. Now, only MISA is accredited and the rest are struggling to obtain accreditation. Since Comicol isn't an accredited org to begin with, we had a booth in the Colayco lobby along with all the other non-accredited orgs. Of course, all my previous orgs neatly formed a row.

And again, just when I'm able to connect to my ISP, my brother screams and wants to use the phone.

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Monday, July 22, 2002

Sleepiness gets the better of me. Which is why I try to avoid eating in the first place.

For one thing, I was supposed to fix my character for the PBEM (play by email) I have, rewrite my nonfiction for Thursday, and fix my bag last night. Unfortunately, I never got to do any of those stuff and I can't cram them this morning since I have duty for my non-accredited org.

On the other hand, I've discovered the joy of reading again, and this time, I'm reading Asimov's Foundation. "Violence is the last resort of the incompetent."

Finally had poetry class after two weeks of endless holidays. I thought afternoon classes would be cancelled because of the Sona but apparently, that's not the case for Ateneo. In the meanwhile, managed to play Warcraft 3. Lost our last battle though.

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Steph seemed angry at me today. I called out to her but she didn't seem to hear me. Of course that happens often. Too often. I'm beginning to think she's angry. Then again, I don't know of any reason why she should be. Either way, I stopped calling her and went away. After all, if she wasn't mad at me, what I had to say wasn't that important. If she was, no amount of argument on my part would change her mind.

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Sunday, July 21, 2002

My computer's acting weird. It's one of those days when your modem is active yet all the webpages you've browsed are done. Is it some scheme by Microsoft? Or maybe it's one of those damn-blasted SPAM everyone keeps on getting.

Yesterday was a wasteful one for me. And knowing how I abhor sleep, you know what that means. I did manage to drop by Area 51 yesterday evening, although no one was playing. I managed to beat two computers alone though.

Right now, aside from browsing blogs since elder brother was using the phone all evening, I'm trying to come up with a poem for my poetry class later. And I have to do it in less than an hour since I'll be leaving the house at 9 am. Me the crammer, as usual.

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