Saturday, February 01, 2003

Wasting an hour or so at Starbucks (one of the rare instances that I actually go to that place) and freezing myself to death, significant events of the day come back to me.

Two of my classmates from feature writing wrote about their high schools: Poveda, albeit each in a different perspective. Ingrid (one of my cuter classmates) worked inward and wrote about Poveda's history, while the other one (girl in front of me, forgot her name) wrote about how the outside affected them as students inside the school. Miss Chit also recounted about the strictness of skirt length during her time. Monitors and teachers would make girls kneel and take out a half-foot ruler to measure the hem of the skirt. Of course this would be circumvented over the years by either holding your breath, thus making the skirt fall down, or wear a long skirt but fold the waist when no one was looking.

Finally bought the Extended DVD of Fellowship of the Ring. When I passed by Music One today, couldn't find it in their stalls. Later, in my attempt to leave the house, I ended up in Astrovision of Virra Mall and the saleslady was hesitant to give me a copy since someone had it on reserve. (Should I be happy that Astrovision let go of their reservation, or sad that I can't trust them to hold reservations?) I'm presuming that all the other video shops ran out of it. Wow. All gone in less than a week. My precious...

Of course one of the things I just discovered is the fact that my DVD-ROM can reset its region setting. Which basically means I can now watch Fellowship of the Ring on my PC!!! Actually tried running it on my sister's laptop but since that caused errors, I was forced to try it on my PC and viola! Now if only my room wasn't consumed by cigarette smoke...

Which brings me to Starbucks, since where in the world am I going to find a place to read at this hour? Brought Stephen King's On Writing with me, the book that's part memoir, part instructional. Makes me want to get Terry Brook's memoir when it comes out this month I think.

Speaking of authors, Karl from Singapore sent the Cheng Chua sisters a copy of Guards! Guards!, a Terry Pratchett discworld novel. The inside cover had Pratchett's picture. Inside was a post-it note with Karl's anecdote:

"While I was browsing through the section that had the Terry Pratchett books, I saw this caucasian man. I was talked to him since I was figuring out which books made up the night watch trilogy. Later, to check that I got the right book, I opened it and saw Pratchett's photo. I think I just had a conversation with him."

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This might as well have been Elbert's blog since all the "interesting" events have been happening to him for the past two days. For example, the feature article he wrote for Feature Writing class got published in the Inquirer. He also drew some artwork for CCHQ's anniversary (which also happens to be Chinese New Year). And he was spooked out by me and when he felt my freezing hand since it reminded him of his deceased best friend...

In the blink of an eye, I go from bankrupt to someone having money because of the Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, I got it at 10 pm, and most bookstores are closed by then. Didn't reach the Powerbooks sale to get all the books I wanted to get but couldn't afford.

On the good side, Elbert loaned me Stephen King's book, On Writing.

Ate nothing but steak and drank red wine last evening. I didn't want to be at the party since I had a lot of cramming to do.

Placed the finishing touches to my feature article the next morning when I get a text message from Elbert. Of all days, he's sick. He's dehydrated, and his father brings him to the doctor. Because his father doesn't want their bathroom to get clogged up. >.<

Feature Writing class was different since Miss Chit Estella came in early (at 9:15) and by then, there were only around four or five of us. Soon, the class gathered up to around ten, but that's barely half of the class. A lot of students were either sick, missing, and will email ma'am their articles. Also, ma'am already gave potential ideas for the final feature article to be submitted in March. Guess what I'm writing?

CCHQ's on sale!!! Most notable on the Japanese side is Fushigi Yuugi manga, Oh My Goddess! manga, Card Captor artbooks... For Alan Moore fans, you might want to get The Supremes since that's on sale as well, and some one-shot Batman trades.

And now, dad is having a party. Will probably get out of the house to avoid the smoke. Last time this happened, ended up watching Ring. Of course I'm limping nowadays because of the gash on my knee so walking far isn't exactly something I cherish.

P.S. To George R. R. Martin fans, get Dragon magazine #305. He has an excerpt for his upcoming book, A Feast of Crows, entitled Arms of the Kraken, which can stand on its own.

*cough* *cough* choking from smoke...

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Thursday, January 30, 2003

If there's anything to rave about, it's this: The Fellowship of the Ring Extended version is already available domestically, as of Tuesday, according to Elbert. And I did check Astrovision out just now. Yup, it's true, and it costs P2000. And it's region 1, which is a bad thing for me since my player can only view region 3 DVDs. It's the four-disc set and I don't think we'll see any sign of the collector's ed any time soon (but hey, I wish I'm wrong). At least my "prophecy" to Arianna came true: they did release a domestic version.

I don't know why but today and last Tuesday, I was a sit-in in Elbert's fine arts class. The last time I did something of the like was in the comic class during summer. Oh well, it's more learning for me. For free. =P

CCHQ was closed today. Thankfully, Khristine sent most of their customers text messages saying that they won't be open today. Still thinking of a gift to give them for their anniversary on Saturday. I know they appreciate cute stuff and artwork but I don't draw. I'm thinking of a poem but I suck in poetry.

Not much fireworks today even though it's the second PAASCU visit. Heard Elbert ran into one of them and inadvertedly got interviewed. As usual, I'm in my haunt, the library steps, where I can see everything that takes place from Faura up to the Soc. Sci. building.

On my way home, I tripped. It's not the trip that was caused becaue I lost my balance or I missed a step. My feet, ankles, and knees have been failing me ever since and I suddenly just trip (because of previous trippings, plus not to mention that doors have fallen on both my feet). This is one of those incidents and I failed to catch my balance in time. I now have a gash on my knee and will not be walking properly for the next few days.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

What can I say? I'm busy, busy, busy.

Finally managed to loan Mr. Yapan A Game of Thrones. The corruption of the Filipino dept. begins, hehehe.

Elbert's health is slowly deteriorating, so he left with me two comic books before he cut class. One of them is ZsaZsa Saturnnah by Carlo Vergara (One Night in Purgatorio), a two-part comic about a male homosexual who turns into this Darna-type of character. Manga and Pol Medina influences can be seen, as well as lots of in-jokes about Philippine culture (there's something eerie when the main villain talks like a certain megastar, and her allies are named after other superstars like Nora [Aunor] and Vilma [Santos]). The other comic was Catwoman which was also a nice read (I like her new look). Elbert also left me some Comicol "stuff" which increased the load on my back. And as if faith was conspiring, Jamie only returned to me today my Death: High Cost of Living (which I haven't read, by the way, because it was circulated to certain people first), and loaned me Alan Moore's From Hell. Yes, I am now carrying a very heavy bag.

Of course was surprised to see Johann (but not as surprised as he is to see me with long hair). He looks different, speaks different, and acts different, as if all the evil in him has been purged out of his system. Of course it could all be just a mood swing, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. But it's still definitely Johann because before I left, he asked me if I could introduce him to some girls.

Well, I was late for Phil. Lit. class because 1) I ran into Steph and 2) we ran into Ms. Castillo, my Psych teacher. Apparently, she's also was Steph's Psych teacher (you learn something new everyday). So Ms. Castillo was asking help since she wanted a database-sort of program for her studies and since Steph's in MIS, she should be knowledgeable about that. Then talk drifted to PAASCU, yada yada yada. Came in ten minutes late but I didn't really miss much.

When I get home, mother barges in and tells me I can meet someone RIGHT NOW for my feature article. Of course considering we're having a family dinner I don't want to attend at 7 pm, I told her I was resting (which I need). And then she complains that I should do it now. Of course first of all, I never asked her to set up this "appointment". Two, I'm unprepared, and an interviewer should never be that. Not that mother thinks any of this. I mean she's the one who suggested to microwave those donuts with filling (it never occurred to her that the sugar coating would melt). Third, since it's impromptu, I don't really have a set of questions now do I? Fourth, what makes her think I have a spare blank tape (I actually do) for my tape recorder?

Wasted two and a half hours of my life eating with family. I'll expect to waste three hours on Friday, and another on Saturday since I'm "obligated" to attend these parties in which I'm quiet the entire time and fed up with doing nothing but eat, eat, and eat (and worst of all, it's been the same food over the years... my relatives don't grow tired of eating the same stuff every month, every week, every day).

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Monday, January 27, 2003

The reason I haven't blogged lately is because I'm still waiting for more comments about my shelf (see bottom entry). Yes, I am arrogant. And while it's not shown on the pics, I still have a third shelf...

Since I often rave about books, here's one for my ultra-conservative friends who think Harry Potter is Satanic: What's A Christian to Do with Harry Potter? by Connie Neal. Found a copy at Powerbooks but as usual, I'm broke (mainly because aside from buying a birthday present for Izza, also ran into unexpected people today whose birthdays have recently occurred and I had to run away from them once I gave them their gifts since they might return it to me). I've said it before and I'll say it again, Harry Potter is not demonic. Do you really need to buy a book just to tell you that? Of course these same people who are afraid of Harry Potter cheer when it comes to Narnia and Lord of the Rings. Never mind the fact that the complaints against Harry Potter (magic, wizards, witches, monsters, etc.) can be applied to Narnia and LotR but hey, that's just me.

Elbert tricked me into paying half of the food we ate in T.I.B. The crab rice was good for two people at P75.00 but since I'm cheapo when it comes to food, I could have done without it.

And of course, Ateneo's all excited about PAASCU (the committee that gives accreditation to universities). Also known as the biggest farce in private school history. I mean during high school, Xavier suddenly renovated the bathrooms, gave lectures on what the school's mission and vision was, and told everyone to be on their best behavior. Even one of our editors wrote a column entitled "the country's greatest show" with the school's faculty and staff deserving the Oscars for acting. Of course lately in Ateneo, more or less the same thing is happening. We have new restrooms, and even the "historical site" where former president Joseph Estrada beat up one of his batchmates inside is gone. Heck, some teachers are even making "class rehearsals" for PAASCU, showing students where to walk, how to come in, and what the lesson will be. And as if the buildings in Ateneo are conspiring against PAASCU, it's only in this school year that the buildings are starting to collapse. SEC couldn't support itself so new pillars were added. The third floor of Kostka collapsed during a storm and now it's fixed. Yes, pakikiplastic and lying runs deep in Filipino culture, and you can't really blame them especially when a "Jesuit" and "conservative" university of the "Opus Dei" is encouraging it.

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