Friday, October 10, 2003

I'll Get Back to You on Monday

Perhaps what's currently preoccupying my time for the past few days (and the next few days) are my orals in Theology and Philosophy. I'm having the latter four hours from now and I only started studying five and a half hours ago (knowing that my short term memory will forget everything if I studied last night). So there. *poof*

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Thursday, October 09, 2003

One Thing I've Observed from Blog-Hopping...

... is that there are other people more pathetic than me. =)


It's back, albeit edited by the MTRCB (after getting pulled back last Sunday) and with a R-17 rating. Which means it probably wasn't a good idea for me to have a haircut since I'll be mistaken for a sixteen year old or something.

I Was Studying...

...but my brother had to use the computer. Then when he leaves (after using the Internet), he tells me to get off the phone since he's going to use it.


No one likes me...

Of course when I splurge on other people, they're angry at me. When I splurge for myself, they're still angry at me (see below)...


Feh. Finally bought a starter deck and some booster backs. Of course Vin is now reeling in shock...

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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

No More Underworld

Should I mention I won't be able to watch this film, because the MTRCB pulled it out (for reasons I know but I'm too lazy to blog about)?

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The Past Few Days

Despite my approaching finals, I've been procastinating studying. I mean in the span of four days, I've managed to read halfway of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, play a couple of Magic: The Gathering Mirrodin expansion sealed deck games with Vin, Dean, and Nikki, learned to play (and master) the Neopet CCG, purchased a couple of books, wrote a review of a play (in Filipino), had a haircut, and managed to obtain an eight-hour nap each day.

Goodbye Book

Dropped by Aeon books twice today, first to see their stock of new books (including H.P. Lovecraft and Philip K. Dick, among others) and emptied my wallet of much needed cash. Dropped by a second time to empty my wallet more and bought an anthology of short stories for Vin. Of course as I was explaining the contents of the book via phone to Vin, the shop owner (I presume) caught notice and we soon started chatting.

Of course when she asked me what I thought of Jeffrey Ford (since I bought their only two copies of The Physiognomy and one of their female customers squealed when she entered the store and found the Ford books gone), I'm not the type to give an all encompassing opinion and did the next best thing: loaned her my copy of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror which included two of Ford's short stories.

Me being me, I forgot to ask her name. Not that I would remember it, but it's common courtesy.


Apparently, my shock tactics are working in school. I've gotten the strangest stares and the most exciting reactions.

It even gets better when I start hopping...

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Monday, October 06, 2003

Five Years Younger

Suffice to say, it's a surprise (you have to see me). And well, people actually initiate conversations with me now...


Well, it seems Globe is lagging again. Which means I can't really trust if the other person got my text message or not.


Well, it seems Yugi-Oh is finally on ABS-CBN. I honestly can't help but feel that the station is stealing their shows from Cartoon Network...

"Hell WeeK"

Honestly, procastination should be a sin by now. And well, I really have a lot to cram in the following days because of my Philo orals on Saturday and Theology two days after. After that, I'm sure I'll pass the rest of my subjects (actually, my problem with Philosophy is not in passing but rather in not dissapointing the teacher).

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