Friday, June 13, 2003

Blogger Ate My Post

Retype retype retype

The Mystery is Solved

If you happen to drop by a bible site whenever you go to someone's blog in blogspot, it's because you mistyped blogspot with blogPSot.


Heard that there was a chat with the creators of D&D 3.5 Eastern Time but I didn't know what time that was so I woke up as early as 6 am (actually meant to wake up at 5) but when I entered the chatroom, they told me I had two hours to go. Drat. That was two hours of potential sleep.

After numerous disconnections, lag, and IE crashing, did manage to get a transcript of the event. Apparently, I was the only Filipino present in the channel (although there was another Filipino from Velenzuela who was in the chatroom) and there was something like 100+ people participating in the chat. It was a good thing the moderators put everyone to mute or words would scroll faster than the ones on Link TV.

It Wasn't Meant to Be

Did manage to arrive at Justin/Jasper/Candy's condo (where I snagged Candy's prom pic) where I installed Ragnarok Online but didn't manage to download the patch despite the fact that they were on DSL. I caused havoc in general.


Candy: Have you taken the yaoi test? Are you seme or uke? Oh wait, you're straight. Please be gay. Be gay for me.

Me: *glare*

Candy: Isn't Fuuma cute?

Me: By the way, people tell me I'm uke.

Candy: I can't imagine you seme.

A Different Bookstore

They finally managed to give me a replacement discount card and bought David Edding's book, Regina's Song (sounds like a romance novel).

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It's Friday the 13th!

I didn't realize it until it was mentioned in the news or something. Moving on...

Dentist Appointment

My teeth are killing me. It's pain I have to live with. Oh well. Hopefully my braces will be gone before the year ends.

GMA's Doing the ABS-CBN Thing

Well, it seems GMA is also regularly featuring on their news program their import soap opera. There goes any respect I have for them.

Text Messages!

I don't get a lot, if any. It's usually either Elbert ranting, or from the mobile phone companies Globe and Smart.

Did get two messages today, one from Carlos saying he's in Virra Mall looking for Red Devil Comics, and the other from Daimira who was looking for Coraline at Powerbooks.

I really wanted to run to the latter, mainly because I was watching Crush Gear when I received the text message from Carlos.


I'm staving off the Ragnarok Online addiction. It helps that I can't actually download the patch and play it on my computer. Maybe I'll bother Candy and Jasper tomorrow and install it on their computer, since they have DSL.

Oh yeah, Cyril's still sick, so there's no RPG game tomorrow.

People I Hope to See

I wonder if I'll get to see Vern since she's visiting the Philippines. And the same goes for Mia, who I presume enrolled in Ateneo.

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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Sore Muscles

Didn't get to jog this morning because when I woke up, some of my muscles were feeling sore. Not that sore but sore nonetheless.

Dentist Appointment

Honestly, I don't know if I have one tomorrow morning, because it's a holiday tomorrow yet my dentist is only open once every two weeks.

Splitting Headache

It's probably due to the five hours of so playing Ragnarok Online at Netopia.

Well, apparently, they're giving away free CDs to those who play at least one hour of Level Up Games's games (which means either Oz World or Ragnarok Online).

Also, apparently, Netopia only charges P22 per hour for broadband Internet from 10 am - 3 pm. And Compass Internet charges P10 per hour for playing games (how do they ever break even?). Then again, Compass Internet's game selection isn't exactly a lot.

3 Days to Go Before School Begins

Damn. And I'm not even halfway through Kushiel's Dart...

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003


Just applied to Ricebowl Journals so be sure to click the link. I first saw Ricebowl Journals from Noelle but at the time, they weren't accepting new members.

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Too Much for Comfort

Mosquito bites all over my body. I'm sorry but it's been one week that I've been living with flies. And despite my best attempts, I can't seem to catch them.

Theoretically, an open field is the ideal place to wage a war (if you're the one with superior numbers) since you can see quite far and your opponents have less hiding places to work with. Unfortunately, this doesn't work with flies since they have camouflage (whether this is due to their size, their skin, or their flapping of wings, I don't really know) and you can only see them when they're up close, usually feeding on your blood.

Sure, I have my tactics, but using your body as bait is not the best of circumstances, and if you fail, you're just inviting more insects to bite you.


And work comes in. I guess I'll be covering the upcoming toy convention for K-Zone.

Oh yeah, apparently, ABS-CBN doesn't want to share their info with Summit Media (or probably any other media company outside of their own) regarding anime, hehehe.

Speaking of Anime

Just saw a clip of Cooking Master Boy at ABS-CBN earlier today. Just to show you the silliness of the show, we have Liu Mao Hsing, pressed for time since his master has been poisoned. His apprentice, without knowing who cooked which, must choose between two dishes, either Mao's or his opponent. After much whining (and wasting time), he eventually chooses Mao's dish. His opponent, disbeleiving the possibility, is shown by Mao how he cooked his meal. Apparently, Mao isn't pressed for time (they even used an hourglass with blood as the liquid) if he has the opportunity to cook another meal and show how it is done to his opponent.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Putting the Weblog in Blog

Here are some interesting entries I found, such as Gibson's Blogging vs Writing, or this really long speech, for lack of a better description about patterns and media.

Here is a preview of the Scary Grandmother animated flick (yey, another comic adaptation!). Watch out though, it's a whopping 20 MB, which my ISP can't handle (or that I care to wait).

From Orson Scott Card, here's his short story Ender's Game as well as an essay on why books die.

Also forgot this as Orson Scott Card answers three questions about adapting a book (his book) to film.

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Publishing at Blogger

Apparently, it takes forever to publish with Blogger. At least when changing templates.

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Alarm Clock

At 5:30 am, the stinging of mosquitos woke me up. Since I couldn't exactly kill them, especially considering I could barely open my eyes, I did what any sensible person would do.

I went back to sleep.


Woke up again at around 7 am. I was curious to see how unfit I was since it's been a long time I last exercised. I decided to run, at least what passes off for running (or jog).

Warm Ups

Never exercise without doing warmups. Unless you want sore muscles when you're done. Because my PE several semesters ago was running, well, let's just say just because I can run today does not necessarily mean I'll be able to run again the next day.

Around the Village

Well, I ran counterclockwise around the village. Of course just as I was about to exit our gate, the driver was there cleaning the car. And smoking a cigarette. I was already choking before I even started.

Suffice to say the villagers are surprised to see a guy running around so early in the morning (at least their eyes are all on me, until a convertible passes by me or the next luxury car). I mean mom jogs in the evening, probably because it's cooler. I want to feel the warmth of the sun. And sweat. That and if I exercise any other time, I'll probably puke my breakfast/lunc/dinner, so the optimal time for me to run is when I've just woken up since presumably, there's nothing for me to heave.

I eventually gave up running around the village when I was... a street away from home. Which is just as well since walking served as a cool down for my exercise. My heart was palpitating and I hadn't achieved second wind yet, although trust me, I was spitting phlegm all day (while there is a ban on spitting, well, I'm not SARS-infected), especially because of the exhaust the cars were leaving as well as smoke from cigarettes (you just can't imagine how many smokers there are at 7:30 am).

At least I wasn't running on EDSA...

At Home

My respiration was at a rapid rate. Luckily, there wasn't any lactic acid build up in my muscles. I'm consuming as much carbohydrates I need to recover my strength. Enough of the technical jargon. I collapsed at the sofa, took a bath, and ate a hearty breakfast. I eat when I need to.


Well, looks like there's a revamp. And it looks cool too!

Calling D&D Enthusiasts

I was going to rally people interested in purchasing the 3.5 books of D&D since ADB (A Different Bookstore) has a policy of offering 15% discount to those ordering ten or more books but I'm too lazy to coordinate (not to mention money has to paid upfront and I really don't want to handle P15,000 or so cash). But it's nice to know I have the idea. =)

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Days Like These...

It's just me alone in my room with nothing to do. I'm getting lonely. And there's this lethargy combined with laziness that prevents me from doing anything productive.

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Monday, June 09, 2003

The New York Best Seller List is Invented

Or so says the writer in Channel News Asia as one writer was interviewing another.

He did say that the list that based merely on pure data is the one by USA Today.

Just goes to show you the influence media has.

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Kushiel's Dart

Well, this is what I'm reading right now after purchasing it from Ink and Stone last Saturday (actually, this is for Tin in case she doesn't have a copy yet). And since this is the kind of book they're reading, I'm afraid. Very afraid. I feel it's going to end up like the time I was reading Mercedes Lackey's Magic's Pawn.

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Early this morning, I got a text message from Arcina asking me if I could meet her tomorrow. Of course at around 5 pm, while watching Crush Gear, I suddenly get a message from her asking me if I'm in Megamall already.

Apparently, Arcina sent me the message before she slept, hence the "tomorrow" instead of later.

Virra Mall

It's been so long since I've been to the place. Fad of the tiangges as of late is not Crush Gears, not Zoids, but Meteor Garden. And the occassional pirated version of Animatrix DVD. Aside from that, it's more of the same.

Virra Mall is still one of the most annoying place to hang around, mainly because if you stayed in one place, men would swarm over you asking if you want to buy porn.

On a side note, while browsing through a shop, a guy passed me by carrying an X-Box, which he suddenly dropped and the contents crashed on the floor.


In keeping up with my stalker reputation, I did creep up on Arcina and friend when she finally arrived there. Ended up carrying her jacket, her purse, her CDs, her CD cases, her friend's Devil May Cry toys, the books I loaned her...

Did meet Kim from JAE's Toys, which will also be participating in the upcoming toy convention. The three of them were smoking (*cough* *cough*) in Starbucks and I just had my handkerchief to cover my nose.

The Famous People of the Anime Community

Well, Kim did mention Arcina's name is known in universities like UP, UST, and Holy Spirit. They haven't met her, but they know of her. Which isn't surprising really.

I mean the only other person who probably has better name recognition in the Philippine anime community is probably Tin Mandigma. I mean these two girls are known for their Internet presence, whether it's establishing anime groups/mailing lists, their fics, or their propensity to show up in events (this was before anime conventions).

Fed and Richie would follow suit, and then there's the cosplayers who are people known more for their appearance rather than just Internet aliases or web handles.

As for me, I'm not famous enough. Heck, people don't even ask me to write articles about anime or manga. They ask people like Elbert, who is knowledgeable when it comes to comics but dislikes anime/manga, especially since lately it's been overrated.

Dissolved Class

Well, it seems that one of my classes will get dissolved unless seven people tomorrow start enrolling. Writing for Children, under Ms. Bellen, has 35 slots free out of a possible 40. Well, I could always pray for a miracle.


*mom enters room*

Mom: Do you know how to connect the VCR to the *points to TV*?

Me: No.

Mom: You really don't know?

Me: No.

Mom: Then you're totally worthless! You don't know how to do stuff around here.

Me: Look who's talking. It's not me who's asking if I know how to connect the VCR to the TV.

On a side note, yes, I do have an inkling how to connect the VCR to the TV. But mom was blocking my TV set when she was asking the question, and I knew she'd blame me for one reason or another.

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Sunday, June 08, 2003


They're having errors again. Here's last night's entries.

Mosquito Bites

For past few days, staying in my room is a real pain, because there's a mosquito (what breed, I don't know since the Philippines is infested with these insects).

I tried catching it but it's too small and too fast. Not to mention that it doesn't make a sound when it flaps its wings, which is usually my cue.

Strangely enough, this one mosquito only comes out when the sun has set. Kind of like a vampiric mosquito.

On a side note, strange larva has been popping in my bathroom. I don't know whether this is due to the mosquito, a sign of an impending ant swarm, or a spider breeding ground. A cockroach did enter my room the other night, but I've gotten over that.

Grade Seven

It seems that this extra year of grade school education plays a huge role in my college life. I mean when I entered first year, at 18, I had female classmates who were just turning 16.

By the time I (hopefully) graduate next year, I'll be 21 (which means I'm not a dependent anymore when it comes to taxes), but I'll be graduating with other batchmates who are 19 or even just had their debut.

I'm not complaining about getting old (especially me looking younger than my age) but it's a disparity that tugs at my mind.

I Look Smart

After one hour of talking with Elbert's employer Chris yesterday, suddenly he gave the comment that I'm smart. Why is that? I mean with the exception of telling him I study in Ateneo, I didn't show him my grades. In fact, I did fail a subject two semesters ago. So why do people persist that I am smart (not that I mind but it's these first impressions that make the world... go wrong).

Or maybe it's my stalker-sense tingling at how people overestimate me.

Of course in other news, people don't beleive I'm a stalker. At least Chris didn't until he suddenly found out I knew Katch. Or suddenly returned Camille's copy of Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah.

Pirated Animatrix

Mine's an original copy. Except the bonus feature doesn't have English subtitles when they're interviewing the Japanese involved. I hear the pirated version has english subtitles though. So you can just imagine my annoyance.

On a side note, the pirated copy has in bold letters "June 1, Quiapo Version". So much for inconspicuousness.

Of course I think that is a dilemma of those pirating stuff. I mean you have to inform your consumers where they can contact you but at the same time elude authorities. At least those whom you can't bribe or are your employers.

In Stalker News...

Well, it's just interesting that someone actually searched "Elbert Or" + girlfriend in Google and landed on my site.

The person in question is using Windows 98 and Internet Explorer 6. Hmmmm...

Oh, and if you want anonymity in blogs, I suggest you subscribe to the likes of livejournal, easyjournal, blurty, etc. They don't appear as much on search engines.

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