Saturday, August 03, 2002

There's something wrong with my blog code... everything keeps shifting to the right when I'm viewing it with Netscape. It looks perfectly well though with Internet Explorer...

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Wheee! Random quote generator. ^^ (look at left sidebar)

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Friday, August 02, 2002

I'm wasted. And while I don't drink and get drunk, I'm addicted to a kind of fatalism that I just can't seem to let go. Today (or should I say, last night) was one of those days.

It's bad enough that I came home late from Ateneo because of a meeting. Of course my entire family was waiting for me at the gate as we had to go out at for dinner since it was my parent's anniversary. There, we wasted two hours on eating. We even brought home the lobster that was still twitching when we were eating its entrails.

After getting home, I again debaucher myself by going to Area 51. And that makes me come home at early in the morning, with the guards of our village greeting me "good morning sir".

Right now, my legs are throbbing and I feel lonely and uncertain. Yes, I'm depressed, but it's not depression out of some girl like what's happened the previous two years. It's born out of dissatisfaction out of life. And the meaningless direction my life is going.

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Thursday, August 01, 2002

If there's anything I despise more than people who don't return books on time, it's people who don't return books on time AND doesn't read them. At that point, I'd rather you borrow them for an extended period of time until you finally manage to read them.

I had a trip to the Podium yesterday to get a better look at Ink and Stone. After which, I rushed to Robinsons to meet Pam and hand her Cyril's Kindred of the East sourcebook. Then, I went to Neutral Grounds to admire the Mechwarrior Wizkid figs. *drool*

Oh yeah, I also did meet Mars and the gang for our regular D&D game. We were supposed to meet at Wesley's house by 7 pm but Mars arrived in Galleria at 6:30 pm and then we ate (which took awhile). Then, there's the trouble of finding a taxi, which was a bit hard considering a lot were declining since we wanted to head for Wilson.

Along the SEC building, students are playing the Lord of the Rings card game. Just something I observed while studying for our history exam.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Because I'm fed up with using Benj's page as a surfing point for all other blogs, I've finally managed to UPDATE my links. Hopefully some people would be happy for it. Then again, I don't get much visitors. =)

Oh yeah, today's a holiday! Wheeee!!!

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Because someone had great confidence in themselves, the group challenged the computer 5 vs. 6. Naturally, we lost. Some of my companions are really just too confident... (although I have a penchant for arrogance and pride, I'm not that arrogant to tackle the computer 5 vs. 6)

Aside from that one battle, all of my group games were wins, surprisingly. Heck, I even played 3 vs 3 against two of the better players in Area 51 and my teammates were the administrators of the place (and they're not exactly "adept" at playing Warcraft 3, although they have been practicing). Either I'm really getting better, the administrators have been getting better, or they just got a boost of confidence because I was playing with them. =)

It was a good game, since I did get home at 3 am.

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Got dropped off at Quezon Ave. today. I rode the MRT but took the wrong direction. I ended up in North Ave. and had to take another trip to get to Santolan/Annapolis. Of course this all reminded me of what I left off last Friday, aboard the MRT station. At 7:45 pm, the place was crowded. As one guy put it, "you couldn't fall". I was practically leaning on other people that night.

My chaos truly still proves to be true as ever. When I'm not looking for someone, I inadvertedly run into them. That basically sums up my entire school day, aside from the fact that I spent several hours sitting at the library steps, getting intimate with the books I'm reading.

Speaking of books I'm reading, I'm getting adept at prescience (or psychohistory, whichever you prefer). I guessed the ending twist in Asimov's Prelude to Foundation. =)

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Monday, July 29, 2002

My life's chaotic. To simply put, I thrive on luck and chances, and I do it unconsciously. It's when I start being conscious of it that things go awry.

I was hoping to see Steph today so that I could sell to her the Assasin's Quest book which she's missing. Of course "hoping" does not necessarily translate to me looking for her. I tried that last week but to no avail. Today, I trusted that if fate wants it, I'll see Steph sometime during the week.

So I go about my business without roaming around the campus without a purpose (i.e. I need to go to the lib for research so I go there, not to roam around for roaming around's sake). Later, I meet up with Cyril, play a game of Warcraft, and go back to campus. And behold, I see Steph, lining up for lunch. I was just going my normal route and without any active plan to spot her.

Regarding the Warcraft game, it was the most satisfying. And when I said I played a game of Warcraft, I did play ONE game. It was a 2 vs 2 vs 2 fest. Me and Cyril versus Yang and Melendres versus Comps and his companion. Comps and his companion are long term veterans and we've fought against them several times. Yang's skill, individually, isn't on me or Cyril's level but he's always a great support player. Melendres, on the other hand, won the Warcraft 3 tournament during the summer and his ranking in is on two digits. The fact that we won that game was satisfying in itself. Of course there's also the added bonus that we killed both teams and did not win through the easy way, which consists of killing the team that killed the other team.

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Sunday, July 28, 2002

The problem with getting reacquainted with my "joy of reading" is the fact that I have little time for anything else. I spent the entire day at home, reading and sleeping, with snacks in between. If it wasn't for C.S.I., I probably wouldn't even be watching TV.

Of course reading isn't just what's been on my mind all day. I want to call Steph. Desperately. To tell her I have Assasin's Quest, a book I presume she still doesn't have. But then again, it's my overzealousness that sometimes proves my undoing. And so, with a lot of willpower, I put the phone down and not dial her phone number.

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