Saturday, January 26, 2002

*sigh* I'm in a slump right now although it's different from my other forms of depression.

I don't know what's wrong but I need something to revitalize my life. Things that stay the same makes me dull. I had a D&D game here at my house today and I went to Glorietta afterwards. Still, the place didn't change much and I quickly got bored (I wanted to buy a lot of books of course but I don't have money).

I also visited the Gundam Project website and it really is closed down. Farewell to one of the best sites out there on the net. I was also reminded of the time when I still collected Animerica issues. Those were the days.

A new manga shop is going to open in Katipunan. Central Comic Headquarters looks to be a promising shop since the original Japanese manga are going for P390.00 each. I wonder if I'll ever renew my anime enthusiasm.

Oh yeah, Cartoon Network's adult swim is pretty cool. Laughed my heart out last night with Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law and Sea Lab 2021. *sigh* I feel old. Yet not. I'm having something like a mid-life crisis... except I'm not in my mid-life yet.

There are right ways and wrong ways to incorporate Java into your homepage. Sometimes, it goes smooth and unnoticed. At others, it just slows down your computer and sometimes makes it even hang. You have to ask them, is this all worth the download?

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Friday, January 25, 2002

I finally finished reading the Book of Five Rings. One book down, a hundred more to go. =)

As I said earlier today, I need something new. I came home early today and I did nothing but sleep. How I hate sleep since you're lying down, idle and unproductive. Not to say I don't want sleep. It's just that I imagine all the time I could spend doing something else instead of sleeping.

Looks like my TV days are starting again. I just watched Ultraman Gaia today and looks like the season is going to be over soon. Ultraman vs Ultraman. Who will win? It's obvious that both protagonists are/is Ultraman.

I'm now killing time as I wait for Hunter x Hunter to start. *sigh* Today seems average. And I don't like being average.

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Thursday, January 24, 2002

Something seems to be missing in my life. No, it's not sleep. I managed to get enough of those lately. TV might qualify, although I don't think there's any worthwhile show to watch as of late. What could it be?

Life's become stagnant as of late. I do the same things and see the same people. I need a change of pace. I need a new hobby, perhaps even a new lifestyle. I want to learn. Perhaps that's the reason I want new experiences. Dullness is my bane.

I woke up today having a cramp in my left leg. Ouch. Must be the extra arnis practice I'd been having. Always do warmups, always do warmups...

Psychology class told us we always dreamt a lot of things every day. It's just that we couldn't remember them. She's right. I had around five dreams today. Then again, I was nearly hibernating throughout the entire time so....

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Looks like I'm on a streak this week. Everything seems to go in ways I never imagined.

It turns out our two-part exam in economics is actually a three-parter. Apparently, so did our psychology quiz. At least now I know what'll happen next week.

We also got a free cut for fiction today. Dan, I think that's his name, told me that Ma'am Cyan told him Danton would be going somewhere this afternoon so we didn't have class. I just hope he's right. =)

That reminds me, Elbert's lucky. He planned to cut fiction.

We're now learning a new technique for arnis which involves rotating the stick. I can manage to do it vertically but can't seem to get the hang of it when it comes to striking it horizontally. Oh well, I guess I need more practice.

I can't help but miss some girls I know. Joanne... Krizelle... Lea... Ela... Aiah... Steph... *sigh* Never mind that I just saw Steph this afternoon. She seems to get prettier the more I see her. I wonder if I'll ever get over her.

There's nothing like upbeat music to stir my blood. The songs of Initial D sounds cool... ^^

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Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Today was anything but ordinary. It was extremely abnormal.

First off, my driver forgot to pick me up from school. I waited for 45 minutes until I finally went to a pay phone to call home. I then found out that the driver indeed forgot about me. I should have known. This isn't the first time that it happened.

Furious at the incident, I took a jeep to bring me to Cubao. I was planning to take a taxi but finding a vacant one would take long. It's a good thing that the traffic wasn't heavy. Which is strange because it was 7 pm and that's usually the peak hours. While riding the jeep, I realized that it's been a year since I last used public transportation to go home from Ateneo.

Speaking of taking public transportation, earlier today Jobert and I had to bring Navarro to Aurora Blvd. and instruct him on how to get to Makati. I didn't expect I'd be taking my own advice, going to Aurora to find a jeep that'll bring me to Cubao.

Second, we had our Jap 1 midterms today. For someone who didn't study... well, I found it quite difficult. I don't think I failed but I doubt if I scored high either. Oh well, those are the breaks when you're chaotic evil... I mean when you're a ronin. ^^

Third, the group report on Sci 10 was interesting. There's this organization here in the Philippines known as cell. They recycle and reuse everything they have. Manure is filtered and then used to water the plants, or it can be fed to worms that in turn produce fertilizer. Waste management is something they excel in, and all the technology being used is feasible here in the Philippines! Too bad the government doesn't use it though. They still rely on landfills and furnaces to get rid of the trash... which is actually harmful to the environment. A classmate even ask if the technology is so efficient, why doesn't the government use it? Because for one thing, our government officials look at things short term and buying this new technology would seem as an expenditure even if it'll save money in the long run. Second, the first world countries have influences which makes people think twice in resorting to alternative ways of solving the trash problem (among other things).

And then I had to attend a talk by Bayer which was all about helping the environment by recycling and reusing materials. In a way, they are right. People have a stigma that industry is equal to pollution. Or that by being earth friendly, it means more cost. In actuality though, these things can work hand in hand, and being environment-friendly can help you save expenses in the long run. Just imagine the paper wastes a multinational company alone has, and by recycling those papers, how much money you save. Or the excess byproducts which can be reused for other products as well.

Tomorrow is going to be another day. It'll be part two of our economics midterms, as well as part two of our pscyhology group quiz. And our teacher Mr. Danton Remoto has finally returned, and perhaps I'll finally be able to master the reverse sinawari for my arnis class. And then there's Friday. Hopefully, I'll be able to at least catch a glimpse of my crush and say hi to her. =)

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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Nothing like spending the past two hours downloading files from the net. In the meantime, I finished editing my latest entry in my other BLOG.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I was finally able to watch an episode of Ultraman Gaia this afternoon. It surprised me since the GUTS theme was gone and the series had a more apocalyptic approach. Maybe it's just that one episode.

I've been practicing arnis in thin air as of late which makes me look like a fool to a lot of people. *shrug* For some strange reason, my body reacts well to strokes in arnis and they become second nature to me faster than most people. Or so it seems to me. Let me practice and mind your own business. =)

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I don't know how but today, I seemed to have lost my passion for writing. Is it because I finally got home before 4 pm? Or maybe it's the side effect of my renewed anime music addiction? Or perhaps I'm too focused on preparing for my D&D game on Saturday?

Today was quite peculiar. I still have my streak of not quite studying for an exam. For example, today was the first part of our Economics midterms. How did I fare? Pretty well I'd like to think. Elbert came to class early and told me he wasn't able to study because of the power failure yesterday. After the test, he was smiling at how simple the test was. I then told him this:

"Now you know how I feel every day."

I wasn't as fortunate when it came to our Psychology quiz. It was also a two-parter like our Economics midterms. It was a group quiz but our group had only three members instead of five. And when you count in the fact that I didn't study... Let's just say I never got anything correct. Suffice to say, our group passed. For now.

Tomorrow is our group's report on the Bonifacio monument made by Guillermo Tolentino. As usual, we're cramming the report. And I'm assigned to do the introduction as always. *sigh*

Oh yeah, I found out Kim has a new cell number. I still don't know Steph's number and I don't want to ask any of her friends since I'd rather not pry in if she doesn't want to tell me.

Last but not least, tomorrow is our Jap midterms! And I haven't studied anything!!! It's interesting to find out what my grade will be.

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Monday, January 21, 2002

Updating took forever. First, my ISP disconnected me whenever I got connected. It had an error as it considered me logged on even when I wasn't.

Second, the "post and publish" setting seemed to disappear when I edited an entry. I had to press the reload button several times before I managed to correct it in its entirety.

If you're wondering what I updated, it's not this website. I'm referring to my other BLOG, Stalker Chronicles (look at my sidebar for the URL). One of the things I like about posting my nonfiction on the web is that I'm motivated to read it and check for errors. For such a lengthy piece of work, editing it right after you write it can be daunting. I usually give it a day or two before I reread it to check for errors. And it's a good thing I did too. The thing had LOTS of errors.

Oh yeah, I also realized today how big the font Verdana actually is. While I like to look at size 10, printing it is another matter. 8 is more the average size for saving space and readability. Unless you're nearly blind.

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The Philippines has suffered its first power failure of the year. Why doesn't that surprise me? Ever since the "brownouts" we had eight years ago, I never expected the Philippines to have a stable supply of electricity. Of course we have that geothermal plant but that's far from Luzon. Or the nuclear power plant that we never got to use.

I got my first cut in Interdisciplinary Studies today. I thought we didn't have classes so I didn't attend. It surprised some of my blockmates, and I told them the reason why. I wish our teacher made it clear when we had our free cuts.

This week is exam hell. We just had our Sci10 long test this morning and we're having a quiz on Pscyhology tomorrow as well as our midterms in Economics. And then there's my Jap 1 midterms on Wednesday. Why am I so calm? *shrug*

I didn't get to finish my D&D game today because Jobert had to rush Carlos Navarro to Makati Med. since his mom was having her cancer operation. At least I got home early today, which would have been good if it weren't for the fact of the power failure.

I've been itching to write ever since I didn't get to publish an entry last Sunday. Oh well, now I have the time. It's not like I could study for my other subjects since I don't have a Psychology book or the notes for my economics test.

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Sunday, January 20, 2002

Yay!!! Blogger's done with maintenance. I can finally update this! =)

Anyway, I spent most of the day at home. I finally got to watch The Corruptor in its entirety on HBO after I came home from church. At least now I know why it's entitled that.

Also got Ayashi no Ceres' first ending theme this afternoon. It's soooooo cool! Maybe I should revert to my anime soundtrack collecting days. *sigh* I miss those times. If only I didn't lose half of my collection...

Today must be my lucky day. I checked my mail and saw Steph's reply. Poor her, she's busy with exams and projects. I guess I should be busy as well (that reminds me, we have a long test on Sci10 tomorrow...) but I don't usually study. I guess it's the laziness in me.

Another sign that today (checks clock... oh, it's now officially a Monday) is my lucky day is that I received Steph's reply from my reply. ^^ Did I get you confused yet? I also finally found the time to email Lea and she replied to it as well. How lucky can I get?

Apparently, not as lucky as I thought. Got an email from Anima Anime's relaunch party and they announced the winner. They also stated that two possible winners didn't show up. I wonder if I was one of those people. Nah, I'm just too confident and arrogant. ^^

So what else kept me up all night? I was busy preparing for my D&D game tomorrow. Wait 'til my players encounter the nasty things I've made up for them, and I'm not talking about the dragons...

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