Friday, January 24, 2003

Thanks to Qara who uploaded these images to her site. And I guess Elbert for actually taking the time to scan them (and uh, the last batch of pictures were obviously unedited and scanned hastily but...).

My Room. Click to see why this made Franco claim the "walls were moving".

My Prized Possession. And to think this is only half of the shelf...

The Other Half. Yes, I know I'm arrogant to boast this on the 'net.

This and this make up the bottom parts. =P

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Apparently, Russel's phone died so he wasn't able to text me. Then again, when I met him at 11 pm, they were just making their characters so I assume they arrived at around 10:30 pm or so. But the experience was well worth it since Extended Play, the shop that took the area where Club Arena once was, seems to look promising.

First off, it's a gaming area. Right now, they have a couple of TVs with consoles hooked up to them. There's a few PCs networked together so in the future, it'll probably be a network gaming place as well. Better yet, there's lots of tables ideal for gaming, whether it's miniatures, card games, or other tabletop games. I don't think Warhammer will fit though since the tables aren't THAT big, but MageKnight and Hero Cliques will do. Best of all, there's a room with a spacious table and sofas which is the designated "RPG room", which is where Russel and company were making their characters. And the shop is open 'til the wee hours of the morning. I mean I did arrive there at 11 pm...

Of course today had to wake up *early* for feature writing. We played a message-relay game as the class was divided into two groups. Fortunately, I wasn't in the group Leo was. It's obvious how he screwed up the message. For one thing, it started out in Filipino. By the time the last guy wrote down the message, it was in English, and the trail all points to Leo. For another, a lot more details were added, like the time of the event, an additional background info on whodunnit, etc.

Since Carlos wasn't present, I had to hitch with Elbert going home. But before that, dropped by CCHQ. Feb. 1 will be their anniversary and to celebrate that, for one week, SELECTED items will be on sale 30% off.

And apparently, Khristine envies the org's name, Comic Collective. So if we didn't get that name, CCHQ could have stood for Comic Collective Headquarters. =P

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And here is the continuation of the The Two Towers movie review I was referring to the other day. Informative, especially to those who haven't read the books.

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Russel told me to meet him at this gaming shop in Annapolis at 7 pm. I told him to text me when he gets there. It's already 10:30 pm and still no text message. Is it too much to ask a guy to come on time? Or at least keep his appointments? But then, why should I expect him coming on time? I mean this is the guy who said he'd be coming back from the US on mid-November and he didn't arrive here until last week.

Before I went to school, had to remember whether my dentist appointment was today or next Friday. No one at home remembers. Trusting my instincts, I went there today and I was right.

Once I got to school, stayed at my usual haunt, which means the library steps. While sitting there, ran into the UPS guy who delivers CCHQ's stocks. His name is John and we talked for quite awhile. It's amusing to see that his vehicle has "John 3:16" posted on the dashboard. Apparently, my social skills were working that day.

Also ran into a Xaverian who's one year lower than me that I met in my ACP class last year and is currently my classmate in the feature writing class I'm taking. Since I'm awful with names, asked him this morning when I saw him at CCHQ. Mark, his name was Mark. At this point, I'm waiting for Matthew and Luke to complete the gospel.

Basically, I'm still broke and I have several projects still undone. The term paper for Phil. Lit., a revised short story for fiction class, a new short story for fiction class, and a feature article on a place for feature writing. I actually need help researching on Virramall. What can I say, that place has been my life during my four years in high school. I used to watch movies there (back when there was still a theater on the third floor), spent my afternoons there playing cards, spent my afternoons spooking people (boo!), saw the aftermath of the third floor fire, participated in network gaming, worked there during the summer, saw the third floor burn again, talked to employees, and well, I still go there from time to time...

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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Here's a movie review of The Two Towers. I think those who are uninitiated (that means you Gio) would find this... informative. Oh, and apparently, I was wrong about Tolkien. He's not a chauvinist pig as I used to think. He actually helped a lot of women during his time (read the last footnote), unlike C.S. Lewis... (again, see the last footnote on the site I just gave)

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Again, I was haunting the library steps. Didn't get to solicit ads for the Comicol magazine since Elbert forgot to bring the CD sampler. Hope he brings my CD and the tape of Razen tomorrow.

Anyway, ended up writing an essay for Theology class instead of listening to a lecture. Because of that, I got dismissed early (since I do write fast, albeit with bad penmanship).

Had to walk home from Annapolis then from there, walk to Ortigas to board the MRT to Glorietta. Had to get the list of books Steph wanted and I left it at home. Interesting finds is the fact that the hardcover of A Storm of Swords is available at National Bookstore, as well as the trade paperback of Lord of the Rings (P700+) at Powerbooks. They also have the trade paperback of Belgariad 1 and 2, 1 having the first three books while 2 having the last two books. At P700+, it is cheaper to get Belgariad 1 than to buy the first three books but since part 2 costs the same, it's cheaper to buy book 4 and 5 individually. Of course it'll ruin the look of your collection but...

And I just hate it when bookstores don't place books where they're supposed to be (it makes looking for them harder). Last week, saw a couple of hardcore SF&F books at the children's section like Guy Kay's books. Today, saw Dune at the fiction section.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

On my way home yesterday, ran into Izza. Commuted with her to Cubao but she took a different route from the one I'm used to. It's the first time I entered the mall that's interconnected to the MRT station in Cubao. Unfortunately, since I was using an unfamiliar route, I ended up boarding the ride headed Northbound instead of Southbound. >.<

And I forgot to post this several weeks ago: basically, there's a SF&F convention in March, a goth/anime prom event by yaoi dudes in February, and a Marvel convention at the NBC tent at the end of the month. Probably will be attending the SF&F con (time to corrupt more souls!), won't attend the prom thingie because aside from not having any money, I don't have any reason to go there (unless someone like my crush asks me out... and I probably have better chances of winning the Lotto than that happening), and I don't have a ride to the NBC tent. >.<

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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

The readings for Philo which took me the better part of an hour to look for is apparently now available with Alma, the lady who mans the photocopier at Colayco. >.<

Spent most of the day haunting the library steps. Saw a lot of familiar faces pass by. I guess what's annoying is the people who smoke. Beside the sign that says "no smoking".

Oh yeah, yesterday was also the day they were selling the Stephen Speaks concert tickets. Not that I saw the booth but I only saw the ad later in the afternoon. By then, it was too late.

The Theo 131 class we had today involved a group reporting on prostitution. At the end of the session, they gave us a small package and told us not to open it until everyone had one. The package was small and no larger than my hand. I pressed on it to feel what it was. It was a bit bouncy and had a liquid. And then the guy behind me says:I know what this is, it's a condom!. Then the guy beside him replies alam na alam ah (you seem to know about them very well). And of course, I concurred that it was indeed a condom, unless the group decided to give us gel or those sanitizers. Then the speaker goes on to say I don't think any of you is naive to not know what that is. The package gets opened and it indeed is a condom. Some people give it to their seatmates followed by shouts of "hindi ko iyan gagamitin! (I won't use it!) and the like.

I was supposed to meet Athene at 5:30 but it got moved to 8:00 pm. And as usual, there's the fight of gift-giving (must I endure this all the time?). I guess six years of giving gifts to people who are hesitant to receive it has taught me what people's limits are, when you can "leave it with them" and when you can't. This is one of those times when Athene is still taking to me. And Joan, if you're reading this, no, you don't have to pay me for the CD. Christmas gift nga eh. ^^

And it shocked me to turn on the TV to find out that they aren't showing reruns of Smallville episodes but actually new episodes. Lastly, just posted a Dune prequels review on my lj.

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Monday, January 20, 2003

For the past few days, I'm not depressed so much as living a life of hopelessness. Which isn't anything new, to those who know me. And those same people probably know why I'm pseudo-depressed (there's always has been only one reason). *sigh*

Meanwhile, here's some news on the Good Omens movie.

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So there I was, at school lugging around some two dozen CDs for Elbert as well as a couple of books which I'm loaning to certain people. Dropped by CCHQ when I found out it's a certain someone's birthday next week. Elbert also dropped by and ordered me to photocopy some sponsorship letters for the Comicol magazine. Which reminds me, donations are always welcome. =P

There's a job fair at school which everyone's interested in. For example, Elbert needs a job, period. The rest, on the other hand, need a job for their practicum and this is the venue. Saw Steph there and was trying to convice her to read Gaiman's Coraline. But since she's busy (which is the usual and official excuse), she wouldn't borrow it it from me.

We were given a free cut for Philo but Mr. Bulaong did post our grades and gave us a reading assignment. Got a B for my orals and had to move Heaven and Earth just to look for the readings. According to the library's computer, the book was "on shelf" but like most books listed in the computer, they're virtually impossible to find either because someone hid them somewhere else, it's mixed somewhere in the returned books shelf, or it's lost. The book, by the way, is Philosophy of Man by Manuel Dy. There's a lot of books entitled Philosophy of Man, apparently, and one of the books by Manny Dy is even "lost". A little ingenuity and more digging pointed me to the Special Collections which has a supplement to Philosophy of Man, which is where I finally found the reading.

Izza finally returned Coraline and The Princess Bride VCD to me. I'm itching to loan it to Steph but she refuses. Oh well. *sigh*

Got the pics of my room from Elbert. Hopefully he'll copy the pics to the CD I gave him, which is more than I can say for what Bart is doing with my C3 pics. *hint* *hint*

And of course, Krip amazed us all by telling us the first line to Harry Potter book 5. One of my classmates asked how he knew. Well, it's in the press release which I wrote down in a previous entry. And there's this girl who's reading this L5R novel (Scorpion clan). I was tempted to introduce myself but thought better not to do so.

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Sunday, January 19, 2003

Managed to pass by Virramall today since Elbert wanted me to buy him some CDs. The tiangges had a new look as they were selling one of two things: fake shoes and Beyblades. Yes, Beyblades. It really seems ridiculous when you're strolling down a corridor to see vendors selling nothing but shoes and Beyblades. Oh yeah, there's also this light switch which had Utena's picture on it...

On a good note, there were less pesky people selling pirated DVDs. I think there were only two people who approached me, and none of them kept on following me wherever I went. Also on the pirating scene, it's not movies anymore that litter the corridors of virramall but fake PS2 games.

Passed by National Bookstore and finally saw a copy of Ursula le Guin's A Wizard of Earthsea. Guess what. They're also on sale. =) Unfortunately, their foreign language section has withered and died. Bunched up with the Chinese and Japanese dictionaries are Latin, German, French, etc. They used to have one section devoted to each language. Now it's just one small pile.

Mom and dad are fighting, as usual. Dad's been ranting about mom doing this and mom doing that. Didn't expect him to be talkative. The only time he's like this is when he's drunk some alcohol. I ask mother what's the fight about. She replies some thirty minutes later and uses the excuse that she's complaining that dad's been drinking (which explains why he's ranting). I've give up hope for my family a long time ago.

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