Saturday, November 09, 2002

*gasp* Got an email from Steph. One out of her own initiative (which is just as well... was going to compose an email to her tonight). Anyway, it's raining. Hard. For the past few days. Stayed home the entire day and caught on some sleep. *sigh* Can't believe school is one day away. And in the three weeks that is my sem break, I only got to read a few books.

Recapping on yesterday's events, I arrived at school at 8 am to finish my enrollment. The line at the Theology department was quite long since a lot of people are enlisting for Theology subjects. Only a few though were signing up for Theo 131. Regarding that subject, only two teachers were available. Asis had a whopping 17 slots available while Fr. Dacanay had only five. Unfortunately, Asis' class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays totally wrecking my MWF-Saturday schedule. But then again, I had no choice. At least Kendra's my classmate.

Assessment was smooth and I saw one of my Guidance Counselors from high school enrolling. The payment line, on the other hand, was the longest. Wasted an hour in that line and I finished by 11 am. Saw Asther, had my ID validated, and headed to CCHQ.

Saw Asther's friends in the dining area of the FBR building and loaned Karen my Coraline book. Meanwhile, I heard the horrible enrollment stories the UP students were having, which meant Meia, Zena, and RC having to go to Miriam to get some forms from their alma matter.

Oh yeah, CCHQ still has a Hakkai plushie. Apparently, they got two plushies of each (except Kougaiji... they didn't get him) so there's still one lying around at the store when I left it last Friday... but it's now priced at P1100 since it's not from the initial run. There's still a set of Chobits plushies, including that bunny-looking creature.

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Friday, November 08, 2002

Oh yeah, there was also this guy at CCHQ who was a Vampire player and had a binder full of Vampire cards... and rare Magic: The Gathering cards. Cards I never thought I'd see: complete set of moxes, mirror universe, time walk, etc... He also signed cards, like a dozen Serra Angels and a couple of them signed by Richard Garfield (creator of M:TG) himself.

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And I mourn for the death of a few blogs on my link list, but I will keep them there in the hopes that they will someday be revived.

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Agh. I need to know Cartoon Network's schedule. They skipped an episode of Zoids and Arianna tells me there are replays on Saturdays. Need to know when...

And as usual, since Carlos hasn't returned my VHS tape yet, I had to settle switching from Zoids to Justice League, and then Beyblade to Justice League. Oh yeah, I'm suddenly craving for Justice League's opening theme but can't seem to find it anywhere.

And here's a list of comics I'd like to someday borrow and read (ha! Fat chance somebody's going to actually buy it for me):

1) Sandman

2) Blade of the Immortal

3) Batman: No Man's Land 1~5

4) Lone Wolf and Cub

5) Fist of the North Star

6) The Ultimates

7) Other batman comics... =)

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Mother's logic:

Mom: Could you tape for me channel 21 at 9 pm?

Me: No

Mom: Could you tape it for me please?

Me: No

*repeat six more times*

Mom: Tape it. *leaves the room*

Me: *debates whether to actually tape it or not*

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Thursday, November 07, 2002

Two more rats dead. Bouncing email address. Haven't taken a bath for one whole day. Cancelled dentist appointment. Enrollment part 2. Ugh. And this is just when I've woken up.

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Today was horrible. For one, I didn't get enough sleep since rats have appeared after one week of tranquility and I was in paranoid-mode during the evening/early morning. That and the fact I had to wake up at around 4 am.

As usual, enrollment was hell. I finished enrolling for my majors by around 10 am (grrr... the sophomores took up all the nonfiction slots) but had to kill several hours since my lottery schedule was at 3:40 pm, and the cashier closes at 4 pm.

And you know what? When it's finally my turn, I find out I'm not elidgible to finish my enrollment today since I failed my theology and the priority goes to the other students in that subject. Which means I have to go back to school tomorrow. >.<

Oh yeah, it's only today that I discovered my classes start on Monday, not on Wednesday as I thought it would be. And Steph has a new funky hairdo but that's what her friends are telling me. Haven't seen her.

And CCHQ has new Chobits plushies, Clamp Northside, the Saiyuki Movie artbook, and Saiyuki plushies (no more Hakkai though).

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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Rain, stalkers, and more rain. There's got to be more to life than this. Anyway, spent the entire day at home. Catching up on sleep (and dreams) and trying to read as much before school starts again (I only have one week left). Oh, Saiyuki's on AXN again. And I wonder what they'll replace Ayashi no Ceres with.

Yes, I've been spending the entire day at home that I have to rant about TV programming. I hate being broke.

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Monday, November 04, 2002

So I went to school to get a new advisement and check my potential subjects for next semester. I saw several people lining up at various places. So it was enrollment for the Sophomores. Yes, I just saw a preview of the enrollment hell I will have a few days from now.

I had to wait awhile at the IS department as several people were having problems with their classes and Dr. Brion was quite busy. And since I didn't want to walk home, probably in the rain like last time, I had the driver fetch me at 5 pm. So what did I do for seven hours?

CCHQ was open early. *gasp* I met Khristine and Katherine's father. No new stuff yet (which is a mix of good and bad). Did see a lot of people though.

Oi, Dang, my dear stalker, I know where you live. ^^

Tanya did drop by although she left before her other friends could arrive. My Coraline ended up with Zena and strangely enough, I think I have an infatuation with Karen (of course I only got to say hi to her during that encounter). >.<

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Sunday, November 03, 2002

Check my livejournal for Coraline and Tales of Alvin Maker reviews. =) Now, off to school to fix next semester's schedule since I flunked Theology.

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Hopefully my new pair of eyeglasses come in today. Because I can't stand wearing my spare since the lens is oversized and makes me look like someone from the 70s aside from the fact that it makes me dizzy.

You can probably guess that I didn't do anything for Halloween/All Saints Day/All Souls Day. Speaking of Halloween, like most festivals, it's a bastardization of various practices. And since I didn't know you found it to be so "unChristian", hence the text message. But while we're at the subject of corrupted practices, no one knows it better than the Filipino.

For one, it's been a practice to recite the pasyon during Holy Week, which is an oral tradition of Christ's mystery. And since the Spaniards centuries before wanted to brainwash the Filipinos into subversion, it's a tale that has many variants, has incorporated folk lore, and may literally take days to recite. One version even had Christ fighting it out with the devil on Black Saturday. And of course, a lot of the sources draw from Apocrypha. And if some of you are wondering where Mary's Assumption came from (aside from the fact that it's nowhere mentioned in the Bible)...

And I guess all these practices of burning candles for the dead, giving them food, etc., are done for various reasons. If you don't really believe in the afterlife, then of course the offering of foods and goods is nothing but to appease those living in this world. Of course before, a Christian burial was important since not getting one meant that the corpse wasn't going to heaven (and the social implications of being thought as a heretic). In comparison to the Greeks who believed that if the body didn't get buried, it wouldn't go to the afterlife and will forever be tormented until it gets buried (hence Antigone). There are also those who believe that burying the body is a way to honor the earth, the balance that mother nature gives. There's always reincarnation for those who are hoping.

And why did I bring this entire subject up? Because apparently, I didn't get enough sleep... =)

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