Friday, November 01, 2002

To get a start on people's Christmas presents, here's a list of ideal gifts I'd like to give to people. I mean if it was possible, I'd give people PS2s and the latest mobile phones and all but since I'm not that rich, here are gift ideas while still a bit expensive, is certainly within the budget of some people.

1) Lord of the Rings Extended DVD

2) Sandman: Dream Hunters paperback by Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano (DC)

3) Coraline by Neil Gaiman

4) After Eden by Arnold Arre (published by Adarna)

5) Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

6) Mechwarrior Starter Set (Wizkids)

7) Vampire Chronicles trade paperback by Anne Rice

8) Flip magazine (Editor-in-Chief Jessica Zaffra)

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Just came from the bookstore formerly known as Page One to complete my set of The Tales of Alvin Maker which is written by Orson Scott Card. Of course it so happens that Page One isn't known as Page One anymore, but people still call it that nonetheless. The bookstore doesn't have a sign outside the shop. Heck, their plastic bags doesn't even have the old Page One logo on it. It's just a translucent plastic bag. On the receipt though, it says El Archivo, Inc. Is it me, or does Page One have a better ring to it than El Archivo? Maybe it'll be known as the nameless bookstore in Rockwell Powerplant.

Oh yeah, they also have a discount card now. You can either store up an accumulated purchase of P10,000 in a year or purchase the card by signing a form and paying P700. If you choose the latter option, you'd save P300 to obtain the card but since I don't shop often in that place (the books are too expensive!), well...

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In case you're wondering why I have two comment sections up, I'm fed up with Enetation but wanted to keep my old comments, so...

And here's a thought I just came up with: "Seeing isn't as important as sensing, and sensing isn't as important as feeling." Me? Philosophizing? Nah. It's just me bored and lonely.

Oh yeah, and while I now have money, I still have to pay my debt to Arcina in addition to purchasing the Backgammon artbook, which I will give to a person I haven't decided yet. Maybe Tchan when she gets back. *sigh*

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I'm a bit dizzy and I will be for the next few days until my new prescription glasses come in. I haven't visited the optalmologist for more than a year now and if it weren't for the fact that I had nothing to do yesterday, I'd still be wearing my outdated glasses.

In the meantime, Star TV didn't show any Simpsons Halloween special today.

In other news, I was switching between Zoids and Justice League, and then Beyblade and Justice League since Studio 23's timeslot is slightly fucked up (not as fucked up as GMA 7 but still screwy nonetheless). And what's Beyblade you might ask? It's an anime about tops. Yes, you heard me. Tops. You know, those things that spin? Yes, anime merchandising has reached that point. At least it has as cooler theme song than Zoids. And Mich will probably adore the characters. Too bad she doesn't watch Cartoon Network. Anyway, it wasn't so long ago when merchandising involved making die-cast toys and model kits of popular robot shows. Now it's the other way around: shows revolving around popular toys: Tamiya mini-4WDs (Let's & Go), Laser Tag (Zillion), and now, tops (Beyblade). Just shows you the diversity of anime. ^^

Yes, it was a very lonely Halloween for me. As if there's anything I can do about it. And I better look for a better comment service while I'm at it.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Forgot to mention yesterday that it was only then that I realized Rob's girlfriend was a senior... she looked like a junior.

And for the past few days, Star TV has been showing the Halloween specials of The Simpsons.

Also been having nightmares for failing Theology. Then again, maybe that's just the lethargy I've been having lately.

*sigh* I'm broke, I'm lonely, and I'm bored. Did I mention Becca will be leaving the country soon?

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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Hmmm... it's either the blogs I'm visiting is down for one reason or another or they have new layouts.

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I rarely get headaches which is why the migraine I currently have is killing me. >.<

Oh yeah, I was wrong about having a rat in my room. I have ratsssssssssssssss in the room. And trust me, it's far from comfortable. Or safe. Or hygienic.

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During my orientation seminar in my freshman year, the volunteers said that there were four types of Ateneans: those who had high grades (A's and B's), those who had barely passing grades (C's and D's), those who had average grades, and those who were on opposite extremes (A's and F's). Well, as of today, I've been all those. -.-

I just fulfilled the last requirement when I got my grades today. Yes, I failed Theology (I hate it when I'm right). Then again, I also got an A in Kris Yuson's class and got a B+ in Philosophy, the highest in my class (I'm the only one who got a B+ but there were a couple who got B's). At least now you know how erratic my grades can be. And to finish my anecdotes of grades, all of Cyril's teachers gave him a C+ (no trouble computing for QPI there) and I think my QPI is higher than Cyril by .1 despite the fact that I have one F.

Dropped by Powerbooks (that's the last time I'm bringing my school ID with me since it has a barcode and the scanners go "bleep" whenever I enter or leave) and Coraline copies were nowhere to be seen, at least in the Glorietta branch. What's an intriguing buy though is the Sandman: Dream Hunters softcover which is going for P800+ (minus 10% if you have a discount card). And A Different Bookstore is on a sale until November 3.

Thank God the MRT's cards don't have Erap's face on them anymore despite the fact that it's been a few years since he stopped being president.

And one manga anthogy I'm looking forward to is Raijin. It's going for $7.00 ($6.95 actually) and it's a directory-thick anthology. The best part is that it's a weekly so you aren't left having (too long) unlike the other US manga anthologies like Animerica Extra. And Fist of the Blue Sky (prequel to Fist of the North Star) is cool! (Not to mention they're serializing Slam Dunk as well.)

I also have this new concept I call Santa's Sack. I have a makeshift sack (actually just one big Powerbooks plastic bag) with assorted items in it: books, comics, postcards, stockings (actually leftover from last year's Christmas gifts). If I want to give a Christmas present to someone I run into, I'll just let them pick from the sack. =P

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Monday, October 28, 2002

It was a wet walk home as I dropped by Ateneo and CCHQ but didn't have a carpool. I usually carry an umbrella but loaned it to Meia since she was going home too and obviously needed it more than me (I had a jacket). Unfortunately, my jacket (and my yellow shoes!) didn't last through two hours of rain (not heavy rain but rain nonetheless). Well, that's my good deed for the day as I have to wake up really early tomorrow so that I can get ahead in life for our registration forms and grades. And I just know I flunked Theo.

CCHQ's new stock will arive next week and I have to pay my debt to Arcina by that time as well. I guess I should be grateful that I already bought my birthday gift for Steph. But sometimes, I'm tempted to buy one thing more... like that gorgeous Glay poster...

And I guess I'm sad because I have no one for Halloween. Some people are having a celebration, others going to cosplay. I'll be home, alone, and probably without Internet access (because brother will be using the phone all day, among other things).

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Sunday, October 27, 2002

UE won the UAAP NCAA finals against Ateneo despite everything going against them. For one thing, their coach got kicked out of the court (and of course, UE fans screaming "luto!"). Two of their top scorers got injured early in the game, a sprain in the leg on one (he slipped) and a sprained wrist on Yap. And one other team member got tackled by Cruz (who never saw court action after that). Oh well. Maybe Ateneo will win it next year.

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