Saturday, June 07, 2003

The Podium

Well, did spent most of yesterday at the mall called The Podium mainly because I was acting as the extra (or stalker, depending on how you see it) in Elbert's group.


Me not being the coffee-type of person and who easily gets cold, Elbert's meeting at Starbucks was far from being the most comfortable.

Of course I did get to meet Elbert's date, Camille, who among other things, likes yaoi and totally adores Gravitation.

Leftover Man

After sitting at Starbucks for two hours, we finally transferred to T.I.B. since Carlo had arrived and the three other people (Elbert, Camille, Jansen) were hungry.

I didn't order anything although I did finish Camille's food since she had lots of leftovers.

Of course it was only when the bill came that Elbert told us he was treaing us out.

Return to Starbucks

Went there again to meet up with Elbert's boss, Chris, and then supposedly Katch.

It was a long wait for Katch because we were supposed to meet her at 1 pm but she came at 3 pm.

Oh yeah, she's leaving to join her brother Charp in Canada on Tuesday!

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Friday, June 06, 2003


Yesterday's events (enrollment, dinner) have left me dead tired and smelling like cigarettes (I don't smoke, but can't say the same for those I was having dinner with).

First Semester Schedule

Good news is that I was able to sign up for Ms. Belen's children's writing class. Bad news is that when I signed up, I'm only the third person to do so so unless it meets the minimum of 12 students, the class might get dissolved and I'll have to apply for load revision.

My schedule would have been perfect but beggars can't be choosers. There were only two history classes left and I either had to take the 7:30 am class on MWF or TTH. Not exactly much of a choice but oh well. At least I didn't closed out of a class (unlike some people).

Hajime no Ippo Ends

Well, that's one less show to watch on TV since GMA aired episode 75 today.

On a side note, GMA's Front Page is doing what TV patrol did for Meteor Garden: feature their upcoming Chinese soap opera (My MTV Valentine) on the news channel.

It still remains to be seen though whether it's a regular thing (meaning plugging the show every weekday) or just a one-shot promotion by GMA.

Toy Convention

The toy convention is looming as it's two weeks away. Not that I'll actually end up buying something there because aside from being broke (well, in terms of disposable cash since I owe people a lot of money), I'm not exactly a toy collector.

It's on the 21st and be sure to remember it's in the Megatrade CONFERENCE ROOM and not the larger and more well-known Megatrade Hall.

It's Alive!

Looks like the Pinoy Exchagne bulletin boards are now up after several weeks of being down. Not that it's the best bulletin board out there but you have to deal with what's given to you.

Links Links Links

I'm just glad that people, including those that I don't know or barely know, take the time to link me in their websites and blogs.

That's one step closer for me in taking over the world. Nah, that's too cliche. It's one step closer for me in acheiving stalker status, hehehe.

Animatrix DVD

P595 vs the $24.98 of the Animatrix DVD. It's good to be in the Philippines.

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Thursday, June 05, 2003

What Does S.J. Stand For?

Last night, I was pestered by Elbert asking me what S.J. stood for. Super Jeep? Super Jesus? Super Jesuit?

Of course, I, the stereotypical "smart guy" is queried this. And well, seventeen years studying in a Jesuit school does teach you these things, such as S.J. standing for Society of Jesus.

Sleeping Early

Because I expect to go to school at 6 am and my usual routine of sleeping at 12 am just won't do. I slept something like an hour earlier and waking up at 5 am to prepare myself for enrollment.

No Ride

The driver brought me to school but he couldn't pick me up because according to him, his son got jailed in their province so he has to go there and won't be back until this evening at the earliest.


Yes, really long lines and I am apalled at how my blockmates are raving about Meteor Garden.

Suffice to say, while I was there at 6:15, I only got to enlist my subjects are 1:30 pm.

The enrollment system this year has room for improvement, but definitely better than the previous years in my opinion.

Of course it helps that there's only 180+ of us in the School of Humanities compared to others which has what, 400+?


Got treated out to Chilis were people actually saw me eat. Isn't that fact a blog entry in itself?

Also saw a lot of (semi-famous) people I haven't seen in a long time and while I could name drop, well, I'd rather not. =)

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Summer Marks

Came to school at around 7:15 am thinking that I would need to line up early in order to get my grades early. The line was really long (and when I say long, I mean stretching from the covered courts to the newly constructed church) since today was the sophomore's registration as well as getting of summer marks.

Oh, and then when I was finally at the entrance, I find out juniors and seniors get their grades at 10 am...

The Tradition Continues

After killing three hours to get my grades (and being near the front of the line), well, I do recall than the line involving people with the surname Tan (and those near that) usually have problems getting grades. I mean when getting last sem's marks, we had to wait thirty minutes since the grades haven't arrived yet. The same with the semester before than and the year before. Guess what, today was no different!

I hate it when I'm right.


It occured to me while waiting in line that I might be waiting in vain. Because I only have one subject and that subject is taught by Mr. Pulan. Mr. Pulan does not give grades on time. You end up with an asterisk on the report card and you have to go to the department to claim your grade. I feel this summer is no different.

Again, I hate it when I am right.

Not Yet!

Mr. Pulan was in the department but he hasn't finished checking our final exams yet.

So I woke up early in the morning to be able to come to school by 7 am to get the grade I got for Books of the Century only to find out my final grade hasn't been computed yet. Yes, very productive.


Had to go back to Glorietta (that's me in the Makati area for three straight days!!!) to claim my copy of Animatrix. Still no text message from them so there is a big chance that it hasn't arrived yet.

Fortunately, it did arrive.

Of course it also so happens that the "free mousepad" is thinner than those paper fans.

CCHQ Closed this Saturday and Monday

So don't go there this Saturday and Monday or else it will all be for naught.

On the other hand, please do visit Octopus with all their cutesy stuff which I haven't failed to impress people as of yet. I'm such an evil person.

The Asian Import Soap Opera Wars Begin

Now I know the reason why they're showing this Asian band at GMA 7. They managed to acquire a soap opera of their own featuring handsome Asian men. Again, it's high school, except there's basketball involved. Hmmmm... who will prevail? (One secretly knows Meteor Garden will.)

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Tuesday, June 03, 2003


I forgot to add, please visit Tin's lovely site/mag on fiction. Not that I've read anything aside from the editorial...

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My Parents

Last Sunday, I asked mom for a raise in my allowance (which is the last time I'm able to actually have an allowance considering I'll be graduating soon) and she grudgingly gave me one.

This morning, upon hearing that I asked for a raise, my father also gave me a raise. Now the reason I don't ask dad for things is because he feels guilty about us his children and is trying to please us, especially me (since I seldom ask for anything... at least from him, and I did decline the offer to buy me a car).

Of course it could also be that dad is competing for my affections, but the reason stated above is more likely.

And when dad was leaving the room, all my mom could say is "how come you're asking a raise from me and not from him?"

Off to Get Animatrix

It was 1:30 pm by the time I got to Glorietta to supposedly claim my reserved copy of Animatrix (also available on VCD for P250!). Not that it was already there. They did tell me it would be arriving "later this afternoon". And since I don't to commute back to Glorietta again, I decided to stroll and visit the places I haven't had the opportunity.

It's all Interconnected

Fortunately, crossing over to Greenbelt 3 was easy with the new bridgeway at SM (although I wish the escalator was working).

And wouldn't you know it, from Greenbelt 3, crossing over to the main branch of Powerbooks is easy as one, two, three (streets to cross).

Of course all this time, I'm wondering if I'm jaywalking...

To Kill Time

It was only something like 2 pm and nothing kills time better than looking through the books in the bookstore that is Powerbooks (and they're on sale!!!).

Better yet, it's actually a place that encourages you to read through their books.

I was tempted with the new editions of Franz Kafka (a compilation of short stories, The Castle, and America. It was well out of my budget though (P700+ for the compilation of short stories and P600+ for a compilation of both his novels, although they are selling each for P300+), even if it is 20% off.

Dwelling on it, it seems fiction is expensive. The books I read, namely SF&F, are actually cheap! (P285 average price compared to novels which cost around P300+.)

They also finally have a compilation of Susan Cooper's books in a boxed set, but again, it's P1000 for something I haven't read yet (although it is a good deal considering it's five children's books).

Hmmm, William Gibson has a play!?!

I was finally settled on reading the anthology of Sandman short stories since I have except I haven't read it yet and it's on a perpetual loan to Lea (and besides, I can easily discard the book and not have the urge to "finish it" once I have to go since it's divided into short stories) when I saw two Terry Pratchett book's I don't own yet.

Moral Dilemma

Last year, I staved off buying Pratchett books at National Bookstore/Powerbooks for the reason that I was hoping they'd come out with an omnibus (hardcover compilation) and that I'd be able to get one at the annual bookfair, which I managed to do so the year before. Unfortunately, there was none to be seen last year.

And then there's the fact that I'm trying to save up money nowadays and I have the two books on my computer, in word format, which I downloaded from a site (see my link list at the left).

Then again, I don't want the fact that I have an illegal copy of the document in my computer to stop me from purchasing the real thing (stop piracy!) since the opportunity is there (I mean one of the reasons ebooks are popular for me is because they give me a chance to read books that aren't readily available, or even in print) and I do have the money (plus it's on sale!).

Also, since I'm not exactly the type that reads books in a bookstore without buying them (I have the priviledge to do so), well, so I bought them. But not before reading the store copy first...

And All the Chairs Were Occupied

I was going to settle for sitting on the floor but there's a sign that says "thank you for not sitting" and despite the practice of many people (there in the shop), I do follow rules.

So I was leaning on one of the shelves, trying to read Terry Pratchett and eyeing the people who are actually sitting and waiting for the opportunity to take a seat. And then I noticed something.

For one thing, there were two kinds of material the people sitting were reading: either it was comics (the Sandman collection is popular), or it's graphic related (whether it's a fashion magazine or a book with lots of illustrations).

Another observation is that some were just sitting, not reading anything, and were waiting for something.

They even carried brown envelopes and periodically, one would leave his or her seat and enter the room at the back which said "exit" on top and "authorized personnel only" at the center.

Job Interviews

I guess a study should be made but apparently, people applying for jobs at Powerbooks read either the magazines or the comics.

There was even this lady that got the book Job Inteviews for Dummies.

Yes, I am A Stalker

During this entire time, eavesdropping would be natural, since the job applicants were talking to each other even if they probably only met each other then and there.

I don't know why but adversity binds people. Just look at the freshmen orientations people have when they enter college. You suddenly find yourself talking to the person to your left and right even if under normal circumstances, you wouldn't talk to a complete stranger.

Yes, they all had that look, or were trying to disguise it by reading a comic or magazine.

And of course, just as I was about to leave, I ran into Terry, who apparently was going to submit her resume there. (Buwahahahaha, I'm a stalker, and some would even speculate I've been waiting for Terry the entire time!)

We got on the lift to the basement where we saw two dozen seats with people sitting on them (of course that's what chairs are for, silly!), all of them facing us.

Terry just murmured that a lot of people were applying for jobs.

Back to Glorietta

To kill time, I accompanied Terry to Glorietta where she shopped for books and dresses.

Of course in purchasing a jacket, Terry had to leave the shop (and me with her) to withdraw from the ATM since it's cheaper to pay in cash rather than charge it. She did tell the saleslady she'd be back and to reserve the jacket for her.

When we went back, one of the salesladies said to the other "I told you so" since here in the Philippines, Filipinos are too polite to actually decline others and make up excuses when not buying something such as saying to the saleslady "maybe next time, I don't have money now" or "I'll come back for it" but never do so. And this is speaking from experience (ah, my previous summer jobs actually give insights).

By then, it was 4:30 pm and I went to Tower Records to check if Animatrix had arrived. The lady at customer service told me that it should arrive this afternoon (it's already 4:30 pm! what are they expecting, 5:59 pm?) and if it didn't arrive today, it will tomorrow.

And of course, since there's that tinge of doubt in her voice, I decided to go back home and wait for it tomorrow.

Of course I'm going to kill them if I suddenly get a text message from them saying it's arrived at 8 pm, where I'm already in my pajamas.

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Monday, June 02, 2003

Eat, Sleep, and be Merry

The only thing more horrible than a Charles that is broke is a Charles that has money. Which is why I'm putting myself under house arrest, at least for today.

Then again, there's not much I can do. I'm reading but I'm reading from the computer, which is far from the ideal circumstance, at least for me, since a computer screen will never replace a book (which will also explain my slower reading speed).

So after an hour or so of facing the computer, I go to sleep for one and a half hour. Then eat (I actually ate a lot of junk food today from bacon to marshmallows to pancakes) and watch TV (and it's my last day of enjoying Star Movies Mandarin). Then, the process begins anew.

GMA has Lost the War to ABS-CBN

Well, it seems that GMA has moved their schedule again so Shaman King started at 4 pm instead of 4:30.

And then after that, instead of showing Ippo, they suddenly showed the MTV of a Chinese boy band. At this point, it is my theory that GMA is acknowledging Meteor Garden's popularity and is making an attempt to counter ABS-CBN's strategy.

Happy Birthday!

Advance happy birthday to Mia, who I don't know where she is by now (is she in Indonesia, still abroad somewhere, or already in the Philippines?).

Also advanced happy birthday to Rin (*poke* oi, I need to give you your birthday's rotting here at home).

And Tomorrow

I finally go out to Tower Records in Makati to get my copy of the Animatrix DVD. Of course I actually got out today at 5:15 pm when I checked my email and found out that ADB just got their new stock. The only tempting book is the paperback of A Storm of Swords, but I already have it on trade, which is with Gabby on a perpetual loan (the first book, A Game of Thrones, on the other hand, is also on a perpetual loan with Mr. Yapan).

Cyril is also going back to the province tomorrow... and I wonder when exactly is Jobert coming back.

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Sunday, June 01, 2003

Writing Drought

Right now, I just want to sit back and relax. There's no frustrating feeling of getting "it" out. So here I am, sleeping during the day instead of spending my two weeks vacation writing, writing, and writing.

Today is a Bad Day to Go to Virra Mall

Because there's a sale, and the stalls have taken up space in the parking lot. Not to mention the amount of cars (which are parked where they aren't supposed to) and people currenlty there right now. All I'm waiting is for one accident, and drivers will be stuck there.

Weekends are Slow Days...

...for my blog. I'm under my average number of visitors.

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