Thursday, November 13, 2003


If it wasn't for the fact that I'm immersed with the Gameboy Advance emulator, I'd probably rant (and rave) about Matrix: Revolutions, and my first week of class earlier. But that's not the case so...

Internet Monopoly

As much as I have control over my computer nowadays, the same can't be said for the Internet, since my brother either frequently uses the phone line, or he surfs (especially since it's NBA season). So don't expect much in blogging productivity from me.


It's a not-so-typical start of the school year with my blockmates planning a workshop at the first day of class, which means I got home at 8:45 pm last Wednesday. Not that they were able to help me with my short story since they all claimed "we're not the target audience".

On a side note, it's book-buying spree again for textbooks as well as acquiring 1x1 photos to be given to our teachers.

Right now, I'm not really meeting new people since by now, there's too much familiar faces and in a twist of fate, most of my seatmates this semester compose of Xaverians.

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Monday, November 10, 2003

RotK Tickets

Suffice to say, there's a premier before the end of the year. Of course so far, the price ranges for the tickets are somewhere between P350-P500. And not at the most accessible places at that.

Chinese Names

What can I say? Here in the Philippines, a lot of Filipino-Chinese have the same first names and last names (unless, of course, it got misspelled in the paperwork and you're stuck with a name your parents didn't originally intend). It's a perfect "stalker" name since you're one among many (i.e. harder to track down) but then again, it's harder for one to get an N.B.I. clearance (you'd be surprised at the number of wanted people who share your name).

Of course in choosing the first names, I've noticed that many Chinese (here in the Philippines) look to the West for their inspiration. Take my name, for example. Why Charles and not Carlos (although while the latter is a Spanish name, it is more "Filipino")? I mean I haven't really met a lot of people with names like Juan Tan or Pedro Co. It's usually along the lines of Michael, John, Kenneth, etc. The only frequent "Filipino" names adopted by the Chinese I've seen are the Maria Theresas (*pokes Tchan*).

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Interestingly enough, I'm so immersed in Yugioh that aside from sacrificing the use of my left hand, my dreams as of late usually involve me playing games and strategizing...

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Numb Fingers

I've had lack of sleep ever since Friday evening, mainly due to two things.

The first is the fact that I downloaded a Gameboy Advance emulator just so that I could play the Yugioh game on my PC (and I currently can't afford to buy myself one).

And well, I've been glued to the computer ever since, neglecting both my blog and emails. I've never been this mesmerized since, well, Pokemon (Red and Blue) with the Gameboy emulator in the much older computer.

By the way, so far, I've managed to play two Yugioh games on the Gameboy Advance. One is the RPG, which I started around Saturday evening and finished it yesterday. The other, more addicting one, seems to have no end and I've been playing it since last Friday evening. The latter is really addicting since it's just a portable game of the actual cards, and you get a booster pack of five cards whenever you beat the computer opponent. Talk about addicting. Now if only I had an actual Gameboy Advance, I'd be trading virtual cards right now...

On the Bad Side

My elder brother is frantic about NBA stats, now more than ever since he's playing this basketball management game with his friends at And well, he bugs me because the working computer (i.e. no random popup ads at Internet Explorer) is in my room.

And while I don't mind him using the computer once in awhile, I've seen him more times today more than I see him in a month. And well, he bugs me at the worse hours, like say, 1 am.

So obviously, not only is my Internet access limited, so is my sleeping hours.

What makes it worse is that he's in my room, and me being the strange person that I am, I want solitude. My brother is also the kind of person who's been bugging me ever since I was a kid that I immediately wake up the moment he (or any other person for that matter) enters the room.

Had to salvage the old PC (the one with the Gameboy emulator, along with all my high school documents) and bring it to his room, which I had moved downstairs previously (still from his room, so you can just imagine the frustration of bringing back a heavy object back to its previous place).

Now if only dust didn't cling...

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