Saturday, August 31, 2002

There I was, preparing to finally finish reading Foundation's Edge after strolling around Virramall, when I feel a sudden pain in my neck. I touch to where the place is and I find something sticking out. I thought it was a stray zipper so I pull it out and apparently, it was a living creature. It had a green carapace, had six legs, had a strong exoskeleton (as I found out trying to crush its body). When I managed to kill it, a yellowish ooze was coming out of its tail. I verified its death by crushing its body as the legs were still moving and the yellow ooze continued to gush out.

I know have a throbbing pain at the back of my neck. I mean I don't think it was a cricket, and it's not a roach. Must have crept up to me on my way home.

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There's something really wrong with my layout using the latest version of Netscape. Hmmm, can anyone help and answer why everything shifts to the right?

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After watching cards with blank plates and people who have an internal measurement device (the cars are only 5 cm away from each other...), finishing the first season of Initial D was enjoyable, if not making me a couch potato.

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I'm never good with names...

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After an exhausting weekend, I'm treating myself to some of the best stuff on earth (no I'm not talking about Snapple, although I do have one available).

For one thing, I got to borrow from John the first season of Initial D!!! For some strange reason, Ryousuke isn't as bishy as he is in the second season... or at least it seems so to me.

Second, I'm finally getting to read Foundation's Edge. Of course if I could only get the last book, Foundation and Earth, which is out of print...

Oh yeah, also went to the bookfair.

Well, after hours and hours of watching Initial D, I got the strength to rise from bed and go to the bookfair. Entrance fee was P5.00. Not bad. Had to bring an I.D. so that I could save P1.00. Hey, a peso is a peso, right?

Nothing really special there. Typical bookfair layout. Goodwill's at the end and their SF&F section is continually shrinking. The only prize I got there was George R. R. Martin's A Clash of Kings and Arthur C. Clarke's 3001.

Perhaps the booths to see there is Adarna since they're selling Arnold Arre's After Eden for P295 and it comes with a free poster. The Time Warner booth is also worth a visit as comics are on display although not being sold. My sources, hoewever, say that they will be sold at the last two days of the fair and at an exchange rate of $1=P52 so it's cheaper than what the comic shops are selling.

Finally, computer enthusiasts should visit as instructional books (especially the dummies line) are being sold for up to 70% off. Unfortunately, no other sightings of good SF&F books except the Lord of the Rings parody, Bored of the Rings, which once hit the top ten lists of

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Friday, August 30, 2002

Strange, but it's only now that I've been receiving reactions about my stint at Comic Alley from my other blog despite the fact that it's been posted there quite awhile. Then again, ummmm, there was a late-reaction as well to my anti-Tolkien posts so...

It just boggles me though whether people were referring to this entry or this one. I'm assuming it's most probably the latter, despite the fact that it was written fifteen days ago. It can only mean one thing. I should promote the site more. =)

And since I am reacting to other reactions, let me clarify, Mitch, that when I say I am over Steph, I mean that if she says that she's not interested, I won't be heart-broken and depressed. I'm past that. I guess I'm not giving up hope until there's totally no chance, but I've already accepted the fact that there is a big possibility that she'll never ever like me. At the very least, I'm grateful I have her as a friend. =)

Before I get to the main event of my life today, I'd just like to note that CCHQ has the "mythical" Furi Kuri Groundworks book. It's mythical because for one thing, it doesn't have an ISBN. And yes, books that don't have ISBN are quite difficult, if not impossible, to order. The only reason they got it is because their supplier mentioned it. Otherwise, it's real difficult to get. And oh yeah, they also have out the 9 cents comic, Fantasy Four #60. New artist and a rehash of the original story. Still, it's amazing that they managed to sell it to us for only P12.50 (13 is an unlucky number). Fancy that. As far as I know, it's only CCHQ who was able to give free comics during free comic day here in the Philippines.

Enough of plugging. Today had my second exam for Theo 131. Of course, since I didn't know the subject matter well, I opted for the written exam. And I had to run to class since I had to consult with our Philo teacher for our Philo report on Monday.

Of course there's also the fact that I DIDN'T get to study during the entire thing since I had an org meeting in the morning and I couldn't concentrate during the afternoon. Spent nearly an hour sleeping at the library steps before going to CCHQ, where all the cute and hyper people there are distracting.

And why don't people believe me when I say that Arnold Arre's official book is release is next week. They think it's tomorrow. Aaagh!!!

Did I mention I finished the Theo written exam 45 minutes ahead of time? I don't think I'll be getting A's as a D is most likely, although I'm hoping for a C or a C+. And F's are nonexistent with me, no matter how I feel inclined to it. ^^

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Thursday, August 29, 2002

Yum yum! Bubblegum flavored ice cream!!! Yogurt actually. For the past week, BIC (Better than Ice Cream) has a stall at the Ateneo and it's only today that I noticed it. Self-control. What self-control? Bought two cones of ice cream (I mean yogurt!!!) despite the fact that they're P35 each.

Leading can be tiring. I mean I had two group meetings today, one for Philo and one for Theo. Since everyone was just staring and oogling, I had to revive them and started ordering people around. It was simple when I didn't have to think and was just following orders. *sigh*

Wheee!!! Got to see and talk to Steph. =)

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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

I'm lonely. No one wants to go with me to the bookfair. =P

On more mundane matters, I was checking the address book of my mobile phone since I met two new friends today: Cherry and Karen. Anyway, I'm getting old. I saw a name I don't remember: Katherine Kho. Ummmm... I checked my memory banks for the past few days and nothing rings a bell. Then again, while I'm not good at names, I'd at least remember putting it in my phone. But I don't.

Not knowing is driving me crazy.

Oh yeah, and I really love all the email I'm getting from newmade friends. ^^ I guess the best thing about having friends across the world is that their time is different from yours. I can expect email in the evening from people in the Philippines and email in the morning from people who aren't here. *smiles*

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The Bookfair is also three days away. Anyone want to come with me on Saturday evening? It's always been my personal experience not to come early on the first day since most of the merchandise hasn't been put up on the shelves yet. Consequently, it's also not good to be there on the last day since the best stuff are already gone.

On a side note, Arnold Arre's new comic, After Eden, is going to be available at the Bookfair for only P295. It's at the Adarna House booth and the comic features 3 color pin ups and 254 B&W pages.

Alas, CSI calls...

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Is it me or has Saiyuki's production been improving?

Anyway, found out that I didn't fail my Philo orals. C isn't so bad.

Oh yeah, and I bought a spare Good Omens since my copy is currently still circulating. Anyone wanna have it? =)

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

While sitting in history class, I sometimes envy Mia since she's read Ambeth Ocampo's writing. To me, everything's spontaneous and I just laugh at his jokes.

Today, before we made our very gay presentation of Jose Rizal and Blumentritt, Ambeth gave us a quiz wherein we I barely answered anything. How was I supposed to know that Mercado stood for merchants? Or why Rizal stuck with Rizal instead of Mercado. Blame the Xavier high school (or grade school for that matter) for not teaching us that. =) Anyway, he later enumerated Rizal's three influences. One of them is his mom (who is actually illegitimate). Another is GomBurZa. And here's a tale of how they died:

One of the martyr priests suffered a nervous breakdown so that when they finally got him on the stand, he was already dead. Another was old, feeble, and quite philosophical. He didn't mind dying as he reasoned out that he was dying for God's glory. The last, Burgos, was hysterical and kept resisting the execution. He kept on repeating that he was innocent.

Burgos: I'm innocent!!!

Friar: So was Jesus Christ.

Burgos: When you put it that way... *calms down*

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Sometimes, I wish I was on DSL or on cable modem. Oh wait, it's not sometimes. I always want to be on DSL or cable modem. There has to be an easier way to read everyone's weblogs all at the same time.

I should put in a link to your website one of these days. I'm just not in the mood at the moment to revamp the layout. And here's a link to the annual Philippine bookfair. And Daimira, you forgot CCHQ which is at the third floor of the FBR building. I should bring you there one of these days. ^^ Check this fanzine for details.

And here's a Neil Gaiman and Gene Wolfe interview.

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Sleep is my default program. I sleep when I'm exhausted, I sleep when I'm bored, I sleep when I'm tired of reading, I sleep when I have nothing else better to do.


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Monday, August 26, 2002

I'd also like to reflect on how my current interest in SF&F is just a phase. I don't expect it to last too long. I mean when I was a kid, I was into comics. I even had the comic where Gwen Stacy, Spiderman's original love interest, died. Of course since I was a kid back then, I didn't exactly take good care of it. The only remnants I have of that age is my Dark Phoenix saga compilation and Marvel's Best of What If compilation. I also don't know where all my Marvel trading cards 2nd ed. went.

After my comics phase was the video game phase. I was collecting all these magazines from Game Pro to Nintendo Power. During my time, RPGs weren't selling very well for the consoles, at least for the US. Street Fighter clones were in during that time and there was little publicity for RPGs. In Japan though, RPGs were another matter. I mean the Superfamicom as originally designed as an RPG console system. And I did find out about the first 64-bit game system, Atari's Jaguar. It flopped because it lacked 3rd-party support (game developers like Squaresoft, Konami, etc...). 3DO was just too expensive. If you owned a Neo Geo, you were rich. And Nintendo's Virtual Boy just didn't have mass appeal. Suffice to say, I stopped getting into the video game business in 1996. At that point, RPGs were gaining steam with the release of Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger in the US.

Then there's the Magic: The Gathering CCG hobby that lasted for the next four years. Inquest magazines have been piling up and I had binders and boxes cards. I spent an average of P10,000 a year on M:TG boxes alone.

Then there was anime and I managed to recuperate my expenses from the previous years by selling the M:TG cards I wasn't playing with. Of course depression hit me and I stopped my anime obsession for quite some time. Anything after the year 2000, I am totally unaware of.

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Whenever I'm bored or have nothing to do, I have a strange tendency to snack. Premium crackers, Ritz crackers, Jacob's crackers, Piknik, Chips Ahoy, Oreos, Doritos, Lay's, and anything else that can be eaten is quickly consumed by yours truly. I know, it's hard to believe. Doubt!

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Wheee! People are actually reading my blog. And I'm getting to meet new people. ^^

As Anna said, I should really learn to post a comments section. In the meantime, feel free to email me and I'll just post it. Yes, I know it's a pathetic substitution, but I don't have the time to learn a new programming language at the moment.

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Sunday, August 25, 2002

Aug. 25, 2002:

8:00 pm: I should do the Theology paper now...

9:00 pm: I should do the Theology paper now...

10:00 pm: I should do the Theology paper now...

11:00 pm: Checking email...

12:00 pm: Zzzzzz

Aug. 26, 2002:

6:00 am: I should do the Theology paper now...

7:00 am: I'll now write the Theo paper but I'll listen to some anime music first...

7:10 am: Still listening to JPOP...

7:20 am: Write write write!!!


Garr dearie, you misunderstand. I have been reacting to comments about my rants regarding Tolkien, which was actually misinterpreted. They went along the lines that "he's saying that since there's are newer writers, all the books of the older ones should be burned". That's putting words in my mouth. I respect Tolkien, make no mistake about that. I'm just saying that people who have nothing else to say but praises to Tolkien should read other stuff as well and not be limited to him. I liked the LotR movie, perhaps even better than the book (although of course, the books are infinitely richer than the movies).

And yes, I am a very arrogant person. I have said that over and over again in my blog. But that doesn't mean I confess to knowing all there is about SF&F. In fact, I know next to nothing. But that doesn't mean I can't tell good writing from bad, or what I like from what I don't like. =)

Garr dear, I also wasn't promoting the Wheel of Time. In fact, that's the last book I'd recommend to someone starting out in fantasy. I was just saying people should go out and read others (who comprises the "others" isn't up to me). Oh yeah, when can I borrow your Fritz Leiber books? *trademark sakang kick! Garrick*

And yes, I started out as a mythology fan. Greek, Norse, Chinese, Japanese, Indian... you name it. And of course, I will always be interested in things I have yet to obtain, like Russian myths, South American myths, etc...

And I thought I was off the hook with that LotR thread...

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I have money!!! After trying to live off P100 for the past week, getting my allowance is such a relief.

Scythe was right. Reading William Gibson's Neuromancer is getting difficult because of all the jargon he's been using in the narrative. Then again, there are worse reads. Like Anne Rice's detailed but lengthy descriptions or the insane perspective of the Malkavians in the Vampire: The Masquerade clan novels.

In the car, dad's forcing my sister to continue her piano lessons. I'm glad I got out of that years ago. Still, my parents tend to impose their desires on their children.

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