Thursday, August 07, 2003

Yesterday's Entry:

The Bell

The school fell apart when the school bell went haywire. Thankfully, it was fixed by yesterday afternoon. But still, it's amazing how teachers lose track of the time...


Most of the bookstores (i.e. A Different Bookstore, Powerbooks, Fully Booked) are having their annual sale until the end of the month (as if I haven't said this enough times already).

On a side note, the D&D 3.5 books are in ADB already so get them there if you want to obtain them really cheap.

I'm Not Going to Die Yet

The results from my medical examination last week came in and apparently, there's nothing wrong with my heart (no clogged up heart valve).

No I have to come up with a better explanation for my occassional chest pains...


I'm allergic to chocolate. But saw the people at Gayuma make their special BTS cake since one wasn't available when I dropped by earlier and saw them break up a bar of chocolate and sprinkled it on an incomplete cake.

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Monday, August 04, 2003

It's Alive!

If you haven't been able to read my blog except for the header as of late, it's because hosted scripts was screwing up and the problem with Internet Explorer is that it halts from there and refreshing your browser doesn't work.

Rain Rain

I wish I could make it go away but this is the Philippines and it's part of our daily lives so...

Anyway, I'm here at school, making use of the computer labs since going out is a no-no, considering it's raining cats and dogs (ugh, I'm using cliche expressions).

It's on Kazaa

Lately, that's been the reason people have been giving me when I tell them to buy books. Powerbooks is on sale! (until the end of the month since it's the pre-bookfair season) but they just tell me they'll download it from Kazaa. Even when I bought my D&D 3.5 books, one of the guys next to me told me I just wasted my money and that I should have just downloaded it from the Internet. I can just imagine Futurama spoofing Kazaa just like they did in that episode involving (kid)nappster.

I mean if you really want the author to come up writing these stories, support the original. Yes, I'm guity downloading of ebooks, but at best, it's only a temporary solution (or so I say) until I manage to scrounge up the money to buy the actual book. Unless it's out of print, of course.

Burn Baby Burn

*sigh* For the past few weeks, it seems that most of my time is spent on burning episodes of Prince of Tennis, Hikaru no Go, and Saint Seiya episodes. If only I had a faster burner, or a DVD burner... (sorry but the anime community has often thrived on fansubs, but that's mainly due to a lack of commercial investment domestically)


Well, the Warcraft RPG is out. It's published by Sword & Sorcery / White Wolf so if there's any kind soul out there... (must save money for upcoming book fair...)

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The Ugly

Good news: grandmother's out of the hospital.

Bad news: grandfather's now in the hospital.

I Don't Know How to Tie a NeckTie

Today was my photoshoot for the yearbook. We were required to come in white polo with a necktie, so I did straddle around school with people's stares on me.

And there's my creative pose which I didn't have an idea for.

Actually, the biggest problem I faced was finding the place of the photoshoot. Fortunately, I was able to put into practice my stalker powers and actually trailed someone to the venue.

God, I hate makeup. And the lecherous guy (he did try to flirt with this girl in skimpy outfit) doing the photoshoot kept on making comments "akala ko si Harry Potter" during my creative shoot (no, I was not dressed up as Harry Potter due to lack of a costume which people kept on pestering me to come in as but refused to give me an outfit).

Since They're Going to Read This

Thanks to the lovely Diva who did my photoshoot for my senior's page (see the July 25 post).

And cute Camy did pass by Ateneo today, where she had a lunch date with Elbert, who also does not know how to tie a necktie.

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