Friday, February 28, 2003

Forgot to mention that CCHQ got a Hikaru no Go go set (with the black and white pieces showing the faces of characters from the manga) and it's priced at P3000. For those with a lighter budget, there's the Raxephone artbook that's in softcover and I think it was priced around P1000+. Then there's the Chobits artbook that comes with a bag...

Anyway, the only reason I'm online now is because I have to cram a technical feature article and I don't know what to write. If I was feeling (un)creative enough, I'd probably write a how-to article on stalking but...

So I'll probably do an article on RPGs. But since I'm cramming it, it won't be as comprehensive as it should be, and I'll only be focusing on the pen and paper variety. But for those interested, here are some links to a holistic approach towards RPG gaming:

History of Role-Playing (refers to what is now known as the "pen and paper RPGs").

Computer Role-Playing Games

The History of Console RPGs


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Yey! Rave (the anime) will be premiering on AXN on March 12!

Oh yeah, can anyone order some books for me from Amazon UK? Feist's new books (The Riftwar Legacy/Legends of the Riftwar) haven't been reprinted in the US and only the European counterpart has it available.

Just watched the Justice League episode entitled Legends. They're paying homage to a lot of things. The one that immediately caught my attention was before the opening credits. Someone at Warner Bros. watches anime. Eva to be exact. The robot attacking the city (and being piloted by whom I presume is Lex Luthor) is eerily a green Eva-00. Four eyes, long blades sticking out of the back, etc.

Next up, when the Justice League travels to a parallel universe, it's Green Lantern who identifies the world as one in a comic he read when he was a kid. In the original comic, it was the Flash who discovered the parallel universe and identifies it with a writer he read as a kid.

Of course, the Justice Guild of America is a variant of the Justice Society of America. And well, it's funny to see that their Green Lantern can't affect objects made of Aluminum.

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Thursday, February 27, 2003

Found out I actually have blackmail material for Rin. =P Buwahahahaha!

I just noticed that there's really few pictures as of late with me in them. I'm usually the one taking the pic, or I'm avoiding it since I'm camera shy. Which probably coincides with my profile of being invisible, unseen, and ignored (which is all probably for the best if you're a stalker, hehehe).

Looks like I really missed out a lot on the anime prom held last week. But then again, I'd most likely end up like my graduation ball, getting depressed as I see my crush talking with everyone else but me. And let's face it, I don't have a group or barkada. Friends would drop by and say hello but in the end, I'd most likely end up in a table by myself, staring at everyone else. *sigh*

On a side note, anime fans (or anyone who can understand basic Japanese), check the Thursday strip of Real Life Comics.

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So there I was, trying to study for my one class, Theo, since we were having our midterms. When I finally got to class, the teacher wasn't there, and I soon found out it was a take home exam. Which, in a way, is a good thing considering I didn't get to study.

Why didn't I get to study? First, CCHQ has new stock! Fruits Basket #11, Hunter x Hunter #16, Salty Dog (Saiyuki artbooks) #1 and #2, Aquarian Age #3, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijyo, restock of Hikaru no Go, etc. More stuff will also be arriving tomorrow.

On a side note, while at CCHQ, I did get to see the regulars who I don't happen to see regularly. =P

Also sat-in Elbert and Pop's class since it was their exhibit for their Fine Arts subject.

Worth mentioning is the fact that it's Thursday and I haven't spent money on food for the entire week yet. At least not for myself. =P

I found this out last month but I think I forgot to put it in the blog. It's waaaaay cheaper to order books from ADB than to order it online, unless we're talking about used books. And they have a policy of offering 15% discount when buying ten or more books. This applies to book orders as well, so if there's a series you wanna get or if you have a group, it's wise to pool your resources so that you reach the ten-book minimum.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

To say I failed my Fil. Lit. quiz is an understatement. 4 out of 30 is horrible. But what's done is done and it's time to move on. On a side note, I had Krip sign my copy of The Great Philippine Jungle Energy Cafe.

Strangely enough, even though I'm already in college, some people still behave as if they were studying in an exclusive school of a particular sex. I mean in Philo class where we formed a circle, with the exception of me and my teacher Mr. Bulaong, all the guys were in one semi-circle, while all the girls formed the other half. I wouldn't be surprised if this happened in grade school or high school but it's strange coming from a co-ed college campus.

Comicol's magazine, Grafic, will hopefully come out in mid-March. LitSoc's magazine will also come out at around that time (and I have an article in it!). And there's the SF&F con on March 12. Aside from the hard-to-reach location, it falls on a Wednesday and I'm still pondering how I'll get there (bring me there Carlos ^^).

Since I've had lots of time to reflect as of late, I've discovered I'm more anti-social (not the psychology term) than I was a few years ago. I mean whenever people see me, I'm usually alone. And I haven't used the phone in several months to call someone up, with the probable exception of Elbert in which I have something important to tell him, usually regarding the org's activities. And I usually just can't call up the people I really want to talk to. Can't call up Rin, can't call up Steph, Ela doesn't have a phone, haven't asked the phone numbers of this and that person, etc.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Upon reading "I'm-not-rich" Carlos's blog on his filming exploits, I just remembered an event last Saturday during his class:

Carlos's classmate: how's your short film?

Carlos: haven't started filming. Still waiting for the camera I ordered online.

Classmate: Online?

Carlos: Yeah, bought one online.

Yes, Carlos, I know you'll say "it's something I need" instead of "I saved up for it". =P

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Should this really surprise me?

I am
I am nothing


what number are you?

this quiz by orsa

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Monday, February 24, 2003

I just hate it when I'm a stalker and I'm not even trying.

I mean last Friday, Cathy comes up to me and tells me that my crush had a haircut for an upcoming cosplay. Since there's no anime cosplay event in sight for the next few months, it's probably the anime prom she's going to, which was held last Saturday.

Yesterday, I greet Ria and ask her how the anime prom was (honestly, in the hopes of garnering more info) and she immediately tells me that my crush was there, who she cosplayed as, etc.

This is what I am talking about "not trying". And this isn't the first time it's happened. People just immediately tell me stuff. Not much prompting, not even me asking for the info directly. *sigh*

And I know what Elbert feels when he wrote in his blog about "distractions", particularly in the form of girls. I mean that explains why when we were watching Godfather, he kept looking at her. I'm glad I had more self-control (enough not to keep me distracted), but I think that's mainly due to the fact that I have a crush, and even if the chances I'd end up with her is nil, I haven't indulged in gaining the interest of other people. And again, this willpower of mine was tested yesterday, since my beautiful seatmate in Philo was wearing shorts, and she does have the prettiest legs. The teacher is at the right side of my vision, and so is my seatmate, so most of the time, I had to look up instead of my habit of facing the floor. Doing so is discomfortable since I'm accustomed to looking at the ground but well, it's nice to know I still have discipline and self control, even in my bleakest moments.

Ended up loaning Tracy the wrong book, since I gave her the 4th and 5th book of the Anita Blake series instead of the 3rd and 4th book. Will carry the entire series tomorrow to loan her. And managed to replace one of Steph's Valdemar books and sold to her (since she doesn't want me to give it to her... hopefully she'll forget and not pay me, like she and her friend Rin are prone to =P) Acorna's Search. Meanwhile, I'm saving up to get Maan some Mercedes Lackey books for her birthday, and probably some Anita Blake books for Tracy, and...

Yes, I'm dying of boredom here at the house, but at least I managed to finish reading Robin Hobb's Fool's Errand. And my random quote is already in the 70+ number. Some 290+ more quotes to collect to complete my goal of one random quote every day of the year. =)

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Sunday, February 23, 2003

Had to go to school today because of a seminar for Theo 131. When you count in Fr. Dacanay's seminar last semester, I've basically met five couples all in all, narrating their experiences of married life. It would probably be rude to recount what the two couples today said, although one of them was extremely funny.

Strangely, Ela was missing and she's not the type to cut class, much less miss a "must-attend" seminar. At the end of the seminar, she just arrived to sign the attendance. Apparently, she forgot since she had a Japanese competition yesterday and wouldn't be there today if Izza didn't text her.

When I was walking home, my crush's car passed me by. My heart nearly stopped. So sue me. I wish she'd give me her phone number so that I could have told her that the books she wanted arrived yesterday (courtesy of A Different Bookstore) but well, I don't have it and it's useless to chase a speeding car, especially on a Sunday afternoon at Annapolis where the street was devoid of vehicles (what a day to wish for heavy traffic).

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