Wednesday, April 26, 2006

[Plug] Download Anime Off the Internet

Download Anime Off the Internet

Taken from Newsarama


Fans of the much missed Samurai Jack can again see the show thanks to a new venture by Cartoon Network and Viz Media entitled Toonami Jetstream.

Toonami Jetstream is a new broadband service that will provide on-demand, full-length streaming episodes of a number of hit animé and action series, including acclaimed hit series Naruto and Samurai Jack. In addition, users will also be able to watch full-length episodes of series like Hikaru No Go, MÄR and The Prince of Tennis that are not currently offered on U.S. broadcast or basic cable television.

Toonami Jetstream (available at will launch on July 17. Each week, new episodes will be added to the site while previous episodes will also be available through the Toonami Jetstream archive. It is a free service, supported by advertising that includes both banners and streaming video ads.

“Cartoon Network has long been the dominant TV provider of the best animé and action,” said Paul Condolora, Sr. VP and general manager of Cartoon Network New Media. “And we were the first to stream, in 2001, full-length animé series online. Now, with this joint venture with VIZ Media, we will give our fans the chance to view popular shows on-demand and follow new series that cannot be seen anywhere else. We also believe this will bring new fans to the action/animé genre, create interest in new shows and build the overall popularity of Toonami on Cartoon Network.”

“Toonami Jetstream will provide our current fans and new fans alike with unlimited opportunities to view our popular hit shows such as Naruto,” explained John Easum, Executive VP of VIZ Media. “It will also give us the opportunity to share with our fans an unprecedented variety of Japan’s newest and most exciting animated series. We are thrilled to be expanding our strong relationship with Cartoon Network. We believe that our collective forces will make Toonami Jetstream the online destination of choice for action-adventure animation fans.”

Five series are currently slated for the July launch of Toonami Jetstream. Following are descriptions of the shows that will be available at launch:

• Naruto: Twelve years prior, an evil Nine-Tailed-Fox demon that terrorized The Hidden Leaf Village was sealed inside the body of a baby in order to end the decimation of the village. A rule that forbade anyone to tell him that he possessed the spirit of the Nine-Tailed-Fox left Naruto unaware of why the villagers shunned him. Now a teenager, he attempts to earn the villagers’ respect by training to become the village’s top ninja. As Naruto develops his skills, he must learn to control his special powers to become the respected master ninja. Created by manga artist Masahi Kishimoto, made its U.S. debut in September 2005 and is among the top-rated series on Cartoon Network.

• Samurai Jack: Samurai Jack, which won four Emmy Awards including the Emmy for Best Animated Series in 2003, tells the story of a warrior banished to the future by an evil shape-shifting wizard. Jack encounters an amazing array of cultures and civilizations as he travels the world seeking the portal to send him back to his own time. A man of few words, Jack relies on his mental and physical training as a warrior to help him fend off the evil wizard’s forces. Created by Genndy Tartakovsky at Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, Ca., the influential series Samurai Jack has been lauded for its magnificent artistry, gripping action sequences, evocative score and cinematic scope.

• Hikaru No Go: Written by Yumi Hotta and drawn by Takeshi Obata, Hikaru No Go tells the story of Hikaru Shindo, a young student who stumbles across a dusty old Go board while exploring his grandfather’s attic. Trapped inside is Fujiwara-no-Sai, the ghost of an ancient Go master that enters Hikaru’s consciousness, allowing him to communicate with the spirit. Hikaru reluctantly begins playing Go. As he begins to appreciate the complexities of the game, Hikaru makes it his quest to become the ultimate Go champion.

• MÄR: Created by Nobuyuki Anzai, MÄR features Ginta, an average 14-year-old boy, until a mysterious portal suddenly transports him into the fairy tale realm he envisions in his dreams, the World of MÄR. In MÄR, Ginta acquires super human strength and Babbo, a talking magical weapon knows as an ARM. Together, Ginta and Babbo embark on a quest to save the World of MÄR from domination by evil chess pieces.

• The Prince of Tennis: The exciting backdrop of middle school tennis serves as the setting for this sports drama and coming-of-age story. The Prince of Tennis, created by Takeshi Konomi, depicts the on-and off-the-court adventures of Ryoma Echizen, who joins the Seishun Academy tennis team, known for being one of the most competitive teams in Japan. With his undeniable talent and shamelessly cocky attitude, Ryoma is ready to lead his team to victory.

Other titles currently scheduled to be released on Toonami Jetstream include such hits as Cartoon Network’s original Toonami production IGPX, Megaman NT Warrior and the all-new Zoids Genesis. Additional series will be announced in subsequent months.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

[Blog Entry] Don't Try This at Home, Once A Year, Expired Tear Gas

Don't Try This at Home

Remember the sequence in the media, when the person gets amnesia because he or she gets hit in the head? And the way of restoring his/her memory is by hitting him/her again? Well, in real life, that doesn't work.

But apparently it does for technology. I dropped my cellphone a few days ago, the same phone that I dropped previously which made it lose its ringing capabilities. Everything's back to normal again, at least until I drop it again...

Once A Year

Ever since becoming an employee of Pulp Magazine, I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll lose a day. April 30 as a matter of fact. Except this year, we moved it to April 29. So there, I'll be at our Summer Slam, living my own personal hell as I coordinate with lots and lots of people, and with customers inevitabaly placing the blame on me.

On a side note, management had to bar various items from the event (for the sake of safety, which seemed ineffective since we don't have any casualties so far in the past five years that we've been hosting a concert), some of which seemed inane to certain people (such as perfume... but it's not the perfume we're afraid of, it's the glass that's storing it).

In the event that you do pop up at Pulp Summer Slam, please DO NOT bring the following. Or else they will wind up in a bag of devouring.

1. Deadly weapons (knives of any sort and guns)
2. Dog chains
3. Pens and pencils
4. Water bottles
5. Cans
6. Banner poles
7. Pepper spray/tear gas
8. Lighters
9. Studded bracelets
10. Drugs and alcohol

Expired Tear Gas

Can someone explain the concept of expired tear gas? I overheard one of the Barangay tanod's having a stockpile of expired tear gas and well... this is the part where Seinfeld does his stand-up comedy routine. I mean expired food means spoiled food, but the concept of tear gas is to expel people. So does that mean the tear gas becomes doubly effective when it's expired? Wouldn't that make it more efficient? Or does it make you less teary, transforming tear gas into just plain gas?

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