Saturday, November 16, 2002

Had to go to school today since I have class. I saw people lining up just to confirm their ACP classes. Yes, ACP registration is horrible.

Anyway, for the past week, I've been hearing raves about how cute and handsome Lucius Malfoy is in Chamber of Secrets. At least from the girls. Some guys (like Navarro) are raving about how "hot" Hermione is.

Carlos: Is it pedophilia to like the actress playing Hermione? How old is she?

Elbert: 15 or so, I think. Wait a few years. She's hot!

Carlos, Elbert, and I split the cab bill to take us to SM North. From there, Elbert took a bus going home while me and Carlos were left to commute south. Unfortunately, it was raining. Hard. I was armed with my jacket and Carlos only had his multitude of thick body hair. He decided to take a bus while I decided to board the MRT. And believe me, the distance from SM North to the MRT is quite a distance, especially when it's pouring.

I was drenched (but fortunately, the contents of my plastic folder didn't get wet, especially T.H. White's Once and Future King) when I finally arrived at the MRT station. By the time we were in Cubao, clouds nor puddles of water were nowhere to be seen. It also a good thing I was wearing dark blue. That way, me being wet wasn't so noticeable.

I forgot to mention, Benj dropped by CCHQ to greet me. Apparently, he was planning to download Buffy episodes from E-Klik. But I forgot to mention to him that E-Klik was closed on Saturdays. I didn't know he was planning to come on Saturday. And I have confirmed it: the Super Pedro Hall of Shame lists Tin on its bulletin board. In bold letters.

Anyway, I eventually arrived in Glorietta to go to my favorite shop: A Different Bookstore. Boy, did they restock. The SF&F section was overflowing with books that they didn't fit on the shelves. Of course a lot of those books are copies of Dragonlance's new trilogy as well as several D&D core books and supplements. There's a complete set of Dune books available, which tempted me to get for Steph since she's still missing the last three books. To buy books for Steph for her birthday (never mind the fact that there's an Arislan manga set, a Glay 2001 calendar, an Arislan novel, a Hakkai and Kougaiji plushie, and a few books here at home just for her birthday) or for me? I was sorely tempted by three items: R. A. Salvatore's One Hundred Orcs, a book on the sources and myths of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, and the D&D supplementary materials. Me being the penniless person that I am, I could only get one. For Salvatore's book, I just told myself I'd get it when it comes out in paperback. Besides, it's a trilogy. For the book about Tolkien and Lord of the Rings, I'm not so sure about how reliable the author of that book is (it's a recently released book and I haven't read any reviews about it) and if I wanted to really know about Tokien's sources, I can just research about it (or ask Lea). Regarding the D&D supplements, I was torn between "Deities and Demigods" and "Monsters Manual 2". They were P1500+ each and while they're expensive, I have a 10% discount and it's cheaper here than the regular distributor (which would probably sell them around P1800~P2300). Guess which I bought? =)

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Thursday, November 14, 2002

*yawn* Just had the best sleep I've ever had in the entire week. Couldn't blog for the past few days because I was either too exhausted or brother was presumably using the phone line.

Anyway, I've been using the public transportation to get home for the past few days. My charm in acquiring carpools isn't working as of late. =)

As usual, I'm broke, and ACP registration is giving me a huge headache.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Oh yeah, everything appears to be right in the world. At least for the next few moments. So far, I've had a regular email correspondence with Steph (although for the life of me, why did this only occur once I've gotten over her? the paradox of my life...) and Lea just sent me a text message awhile ago that she's not mad at me. Why do I have a feeling things will start tumbling down before the day ends?

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Since my ISP is acting haywire again, I have to settle for an Internet Cafe to suit my blogging needs. Right now, I'm at E-click, a DSL Internet Cafe at Katipunan that charges P30 per hour and P35 to have something burned. Since there's only six computers here and barely anyone uses them, I rarely have to share bandwidth with anyone else. My downloading speed is somewhere along the 25 kb/sec range. Right now, I'm downloading Hunter x Hunter manga scans...

Anyway, yesterday had to go to school to attend my one class: Theology. The teacher wasn't so bad despite what other people have been telling me. Oh well, only time will tell. Mr. Asis was looking for a beadle in class. He told us it should be a person who never cuts and is willing to relay his messages to the other students. I'd qualify for the former but not the latter. I shirk from responsibility, at least when it involves school.

Half of the female caf up members are my classmates. Kendra volunteered for being the beadle while Lot is my seatmate. Speaking of the caf up, that clique will probably die with my batch. Right now, there's only Yaiba, Lloyd, Russ, Cyril, Carlos, Marcel, Rob, and me. We're too few to keep a constant presence there. And once the seniors are gone, we'll be left with me and Carlos. Marcel and Rob aren't really that avid gamers, at least when it comes to RPGs.

Of course, with the paradox that is my life, once I got out of Theo, I ran into Steph. >.< After that, I couldn't find a carpool and walking home was out of the question as people returned the books I loaned them, so you can imagine just how heavy the load I'm carrying. It's the first time I singlehandedly commuted home. The last time I commuted solo was during summer where I ended up in SM Centerpoint. I've commuted home several times after that but it was usually with someone, like Arianna or Elbert. Suffice to say, I managed to get home. =)

Oh yeah, two packs of Combos snacks got ruined because of the rat infestation the other day.

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Monday, November 11, 2002

So I was at school early, since I had nothing else to do at home. Spent the next few hours wandering the school, waiting in line, and meeting up with friends.

Of course Steph emailed me the day before that she was going to return my VCDs to me but we never agreed on a meeting place. I wandered for several hours without finding her (I did find her blockmates but that's another story). Resigning to my fate of not seeing her, I started going to the classroom of my first class.

And true to the paradox of failing to look for people when trying but succeed when I don't try, lo and behold: Steph's classroom was one floor below mine. >.<

Anyway, I was dismissed early in all my classes but I had to waste two hours in the library looking for books that aren't placed in their proper shelves and photocopying readings for my subject Phil. Literature in English. Now that's a subject I'm going to spend a fortune in.

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I'm all for the online reg and everything in ACP, but when the server is slower than a turtle, my God, they should reconsider having a normal ACP registration.

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#43 in line. However, when I got to the enlistment section, the girl manning it told me that I couldn't enlist in Theology since priority went to the regular students and I had to come back the next day to sign up for it.


Fr Dacanay - 5 Slots. Asis - 17 slots. Juniors in front of me: 7. They all took Fr. Dacanay.

Monday morning, 1 am:

I waded through the kitchen to get a snack since I couldn't sleep. I didn't bother opening the lights since I knew where the box of Combos was. I put my hand in it and I felt something moving inside. I immediately pulled out my hand and out came a rat. Thank God Combos packs were sealed in foil, or else I would have been eating contaminated food.

Monday morning, 10 am:

More long lines at school. Distribution of ACP forms were bad enough. It's a good thing I wasn't filing for load revision or else that would have been another long line.

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Sunday, November 10, 2002

First day of school. God only knows what's in store for me today.

Anyway, was watching Studio 23 last night and there was a special on Ateneo's Blue Eagles for winning the UAAP championship. Why make a special? Is it because it's been several years since Ateneo won? If DLSU had won, would they be making a special? Maybe it's a ploy by the ADMU for good PR. Or maybe just a money-making gimmick by the studio.

Well, the team did give thanks to Mary at the end of the show and Noelle would probably be happy that someone's praising God for their victory but for me. Well, the players might be sincere but Studio 23 didn't have to broadcast their thanks and prayers nationwide. I mean prayer should be a solitary thing between you and your God. Either Studio 23 is trying to cash in on Ateneo's victory, or Ateneo is trying to set up big PR with this. And as usual, why is the focus solely on the basketball team when Ateneo has other athletic teams that have won time and time again?

And of course, during the show, there were some bad things said about DLSU. Ugh. As if the rivalry wasn't fierce already. And the fact that they're having a special feature revolving around Ateneo's win is something to hurt injured pride as well.

Oh yeah, the commercials were fun. I guess Enrico Villanueva's UAAP career paid off as he's the star of this hairstyling gel commercial. It was actually quite funny. There's one where he's having a bad hair day and the commercial told viewers not to let this happen. Another was where he and BJ Manalo were playing basketball with each other but their faces are hidden... and when it finally shows their faces, their hair color was that of their school colors. Blue for Villanueva and Green for Manalo.

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