Saturday, June 28, 2003

Children of Dune

July 13. Cinemax. Must remember...

Apparently, I Make House Calls

Oh wow. Somebody sends me a text message early in the morning asking me what time CCHQ opens. I can only be grateful today is one of those days I actually have time to rest and recuperate.


Why is the guy advertising Globe's Sim Card named July?

Anyway, it's the middle of the year and it'll probably the busiest month for me.

I mean there's my immersion for one thing.

Then there's the new shows on TV. Aside from the plethora of cinovelas, Gundam Wing and Digimon Frontiers is premiering next week. And Ranma 1/2 is currently airing.

I'm also going to be spending a good deal of money on the upcoming 3.5 D&D books (I guess it's time to start collecting on debts).


Which is the only downside of staying at home and getting some rest. The less I go out, the fewer stories I have to tell. At least factual stories. Or those I'm able to divulge without too many people getting mad at me. =)

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Friday, June 27, 2003

P140,000 Starting Salary

Went to one Atenean from last year's batch. Of course this is more of the exception rather than the norm. Guess what the person's course was?

I.S. (Interdisciplinary Studies).

And yet Elbert (an I.S. Major) is still frustrated about landing a job once he graduates.

As for me, I have that reckless streak of come what may.


Well, I think my high school class will be having its reunion next week. Unfortunately, the one organizing it studies in DLSU so I really have this feeling the meeting will be held far away from my home.

On a side note, I was shocked when I saw a classmate of mine in Ateneo. Wearing a freshman ID. Apparently, he gave up three years of studies in UST and transferred to Ateneo. Hopefully, he'll be able to finish it in two and a half years. It's just weird seeing a fellow batchmate being a freshman and be now a senior.

Of course one classmate who's been studying in the US for the past two years came home and he's... thinner.

Unfortunately, that's the same thing people have been telling me for the past eight years. I mean I know I'm thin. Really thin. I don't think I can get any thinner. If I did, honestly, there'd be nothing left. It can't be true what people are saying. I can't be getting thinner for the past eight years. I might look more pathetic, but not actually be thinner.

Blog Hits

Apparently, I don't even exist in Rice Bowl Journals.

My hits, on the other hand, has been decreasing as of late. Although that's not necessarily a bad thing since I save more bandwidth when it comes to images. And I'd like to think I'm giving up quantity for quality. I mean do you know how many hits I get from people looking for "crush gears", "beyblades", "zoids", "porn", "meteor garden", and "poor prince"? Maybe I should just include the words Ranma 1/2 and Gundam Wing just to get a head start in racking up random pepole who use search engines.

And to the guy who was looking for RPGs here in Metro Manila, you can obtain them from Neutral Grounds, Comic Quest, CATS, and occassionally, from A Different Boookstore/Ink and Stone.

And Stalking We Will Go...

Haven't had time to visit people's blogs as of late. Tuesdays and Thursdays seem like "downtime" for me, and Wednesday and Friday mornings is used to "make-up" for those lost hours. Having back pains also hurt, which is why I reduced the load of my bag.

Meanwhile, I'm up to my old hauntings when it comes to saying "peek-a-boo!" to acquaintances who happen to be in front of me (and take the credit for being such a dedicated stalker).

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Thursday, June 26, 2003


I just awoke from ten hours of slumber...

...while dreaming I was getting more sleep.

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CCHQ New Stock!

Suikoden manga, Kingdom Hearts artbook, Hikaru no Go #22, Plus Anima #6, Fruits Basket #12, Dot Hack #1 and #2, Oh My Goddess #26, Cafe Kichijyoji #3 and artbook.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Obtaining a VHS Tape

Strangely enough, obtaining one today proved to be difficult.

After getting stuck in traffic for 45 minutes, I decided to walk to Cubao and then boarded the MRT to head for Virra Mall.

Of course it happened to rain when I was walking.

Then when my very wet self finally reached Virra Mall, they weren't letting people in.

One of the rumors (a lot of) people were murmuring while waiting outside of Virra Mall is that they were raiding the place.

All the exits were closed, even the restaurants with doors leading inside. Thank God National Bookstore had an external entrance, although you still couldn't enter Virra Mall from there.

Unfortunately for me, National Bookstore didn't have a blank VHS. Decided to wander Shoppesville but there's no record shop there (apparently, Radio City relocated to Virra Mall). The same goes for Unimart.

On a side note, there's PaintBall above Greenlanes. Now if I only had friends to play PaintBall with...

My Pseudo-class

As I said before, I'm sitting in Mr. Sunico's class about book publishing. Of course I just can't help but feel that one day, he'll kick me out of the class, especially in light of the fact that on the second day of classes, some students wanted to shift to his class but he refused them. And as for me, I'm part of attendance and taking quizzes, even though I'm not enrolled in his class. I hope he remembers me...

Also, the reason I'm looking for a VHS tape is because there's this documentary on paper a few minutes ago that Mr. Sunico wanted us to watch. Unfortunately, I was waiting for it on National Geographic but it aired on Discovery Channel.

And the Sweetest Thing A Friend Told Me... that she doesn't consider me a stalker, but a friend. And then she asked me why I'm still single.

Errr, people don't need to have boyfriends or girlfriends. It's well and good if you have one, but it's not a requirement either.

Of course all I can say in my defense is that I've given up on the girl I've been courting for four years. And no, those four years weren't vain illusions. I knew from the start that she didn't like me. What I spent those four years on was the *hope* that she will like me.

And for those cynical enough, no, I do not have a new crush (lots of prospects but no definite person I'm willing to commit to courting). Honestly, you don't "replace" someone to get over them.

The Horror

Ack! ABS-CBN's anime line-up is going the way of GMA with the screen reduced to three-fourths as it's clogged up by ads and sidebars.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003


I was still feeling the effects of Saturday's busy day. Coming home at 2 am didn't help. I barely had the strength to walk, much less travel.

Monday was also spent juggling school, Virra Mall (since I needed a 1 x 1 pic), and Megamall (where I had to meet Daimira and hand to her Harry Potter Book Five).

And then yesterday, I felt the full effects of having a 7:30 am - 7:30 pm class.

Order of the Phoenix

I caught a glimpse of Powerbooks last Monday and I saw that Harry Potter Book Five is really out of stock now.

Until today though, there's a stall of Powerbooks at school and they probably have what is the last three copies of Order of the Phoenix in Metro Manila. Except in Fully Booked. I hear they were going for P1395 last Saturday but went down to P1345 the following day.

And my email is getting clogged up by people asking for ebook copies of the thing.

On a side note, I was already at page one hundred last Monday (couldn't read it when I got it since it was a busy day and had to finish Regina's Song the following day) when one of the cute students of Ateneo passed by. Loaned the book and I don't expect to see it anytime soon. There's a long list of people waiting to borrow it. Which is just as well since the only reason I bought the thing is to loan it to other people. My philosophy is that the longer you delay reading book five, the shorter time you'll have to wait for book six.

Walking Library

One of the reasons my bag is heavy is because I carry books. And one of the reasons my bag has been giving my back an ache is for the past two weeks, I've been bringing a lot of books. I come to school with books, people return me my old books, I loan them new ones, and then loan out again the newly returned books. It's a vicious cycle which is why I'll probably never get to arrange my bookshelf since my books are never complete.

As someone who loans books though, I don't think I can expect my books to get returned in their pristine and perfect condition. Not that I'm giving people a license to purposely ruin my book but well, I really can't expect people to treat my books the same way I do, especially since I'm loaning it to people who don't normally read books.

And My Mission in Life...

...Is to get people to read SF&F. Which is why I buy books and loan it to people in the first place. I'm not the type of person that rereads his books so once I'm through with them, I loan them out as soon as possible. Not that I don't weep over their eventual disintegration...

Comic Artists at Toy Con

Gerry Alanguilan (Wasted) left, Carlo Vergara (ZsaZsa Zaturnnah) right, artist of indie comic Black Rose at the top. Lyndon Gregorio is actually sitting next to Carlo, and there's a few not-so-well known people in the pic as well.

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