Saturday, February 22, 2003

It's one of those "I only have one class today and the teacher gave us a free cut" situations. I mean what more can I say? I wake up early just to arrive on time to my class at 9 am and what do I see when I get there? Actually nothing since the teacher is usually late so I end up opening the room but a few minutes later, the announcement arrives that our teacher will be absent since she has the stomach flu, a.k.a. diarrhea.

Which in fact isn't so bad since Elbert brought me and Leo to the house of famous scriptwriter Ricky Lee. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Leo talked with his best friend Antonio so much that the latter didn't bother attending the class he was there for. I mean we went into the den of where Ricky Lee gave a lecture and then we watched the first ten minutes of Guns of New York followed by The Godfather.

Didn't stay (only saw what, the first hour of Godfather?) since Elbert was leaving and I had no idea where in the world I was (actually had problems getting out of the den into the sala so I had to follow a couple who were leaving the den) and didn't know how to get to Katipunan, much less get home. Still, I did get to meet one of the prettiest Ateneans, Kyla, thanks to Elbert.

Kyla is one of the actresses for Blue Rep, a group in Ateneo that hosts plays aside from T.A. (Tanghalang Ateneo). I remember her from last school year since she strolls past SEC from time to time and she did acknowledge Elbert when we were standing duty for the Reading Corner last week. But since I am shy, I don't go up to every girl who catches my attention and introduce myself. I beleive in the firm philosophy of "If I was meant to meet him/her, I will eventually meet him/her". And well, this is proof that it works since Elbert did introduce me today (sorta) but I doubt if Kyla will remember me in the event that I do see her in Ateneo. And no, I do not keep a list of "people I will eventually meet". It happens if it happens. If it doesn't, oh well. It isn't such a major loss.

A Different Bookstore has two distinct advantages over National Bookstore when it comes to ordering books. While the final price for the books are nearly the same, you can apply the 10% discount to the former while the latter doesn't. And the second reason is that the former's order arrives faster. It takes ADB one month to acquire your book. It takes NBS two months. That's a four week gap. ADB charges you a P100 fee from the refund though if they weren't able to acquire the book but NBS, as far as I know, doesn't and gives you the full refund.

I was pondering on the idea of ranting and raving about the various bookstores in Metro Manila but that'll probably bore you so I'll stop here. =P

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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Strangely enough, the past week has been "stalker week". Met one of my stalkers today, Criselda.

I was at CCHQ, minding my own business, when I see Jenny and a girl at the periphery of my vision. My stalker sense was bleeping so I assumed the girl with Jenny was the one who was stalking me a few months ago. That and her L5R cards.

When Jenny came in, I asked her if that was indeed my stalker (since well, people should always confirm their info, no matter what their instincts tell them). She shook her head and said no (not that I beleived her). Later on, when Jenny was gone, her companion came back in and did confirm it was her, one of my stalkers. Like the usual reaction of most stalkers, she claims she doesn't want to be known as a stalker.

Just finished watching "Fight School" on Star TV. Before that, I noticed their commercial for Star Movies was using the Zoids theme song. Anyway, Fight School seems okay, but it lacks that "oriental" feel. That and there are too many gorgeous people who just happen to be the "grand master's" assistants. The training and activites are definitely serious though and it's not a reality-based game that you enter without proper conditioning (hence all the participants are martial artists).

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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Before I start with my narration of the day's events, I can't help but ask myself, why do I write, especially in a blog?

Perhaps it's the writer in me, although I can hardly call myself that. I mean after all, what have I written? Aside from all the term papers and essays school requires of me, what have I written for the sake of writing? Certainly not a novel for I have often abandoned such attempts by the time I got around to the second chapter or so. Poetry? At times, but I don't feel the calling, especially in light of the fact that I don't have an ear for it. What's left? A few terribly written short stories (which is why editing is vital), a number of essays, and this, my blog.

I honestly think a "writer" should write everyday, even if it's a sentence or two. Maybe this is one of my ways of fulfilling that commitment. Or maybe I'm just arrogant and want to spread the word of my feeble existence. Whatever.

I was surprised to see Affie today at Ateneo, considering he studies in UA&P. Apparently, he attended a computer competition held in UP.

Affie: They only informed me yesterday.

Me: Really?

Affie: Yeah. It went "Affie, you're going to the competition tomorrow. *insert guy's name* signed you up."

Affie also took a ride on the jeep in the hopes that it would lead him to Katipunan but all it did was encircle UP. And now I know why Rin put in her blog "all your bases are now belong to us". I can't help but wonder in Rin's previous posts, whether Affie is actually Affie or Affie whom she thought was her now significant other.

Ugh. Tomorrow is election day at Ateneo. For the past few weeks, people but have been telling me to vote for them, wear their damned tags, and spread the word. It's the time of the year when people who ordinarily ignore you start pestering you. It's times like these that people are so transparent.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Trying to watch the 2nd season of Saint Seiya has kept me up for, well, basically yesterday. I'm in what, episode 92?

Anyway, received an anonymous text message yesterday saying "done with the book, I could give it back to you today". Mind you, any pictures you saw of my bookshelf are really just half of my books since a lot of them are on loan, scattered around Ateneo, and probably around Metro Manila (well, it did reach Dumagete at one point). So if an anonymous person sends me a text message like that, that person will most likely remain anonymous.

But since I am a walking contradiction (and a stalker), I flipped through the Litsoc directory and saw it was Liana's number.

Comicol basically lost Carlos's Blade of the Immortal comic. I'm impressed with Carlos. He didn't freak out or shout.

Me: We lost your comic.

Carlos: You're kidding.

Me: No I'm not.

Carlos: *shrug*

Whereas Carlos of last year would do the following:

Me: We lost your comic.

Carlos: You're kidding.

Me: No I'm not.

Carlos: YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!!! I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!! *strangles me*

Don't worry, we found Carlos's graphc novel. I am a stalker, after all. The girl who got it left her ID at the booth and failed to return it. Since we did have her ID, it means we have her name, year, and course. Elbert only got to tell me the girl's name on Sunday afternoon. Fifteen minutes later (yes, beleive me, even Elbert was shocked it only took me fifteen minutes, especially considering that it wasn't a school day), confirmed that it was with the girl and that she'd be returning it the following day.

On a side note, the girl did leave me with a thank you note scrawled on tissue paper. And it wasn't even my comic that was lost.

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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Ugh. I've been errand-boy for Elbert yesterday, buying CDs and CD-cases for his 24 hour comic. What I really hate at CD King is the fact that I wait there 15-20 minutes to purchase something that'll only take a minute or two.

Anyway, Cartoon Network has a new anime on their Toonami timeslot: Crash Gear Turbo, which is basically something like bump cars except they're smaller. Well, CN is certainly choosing their anime well... it's all freaking tied up to merchandise. I mean Zoids, Beyblade... now Crash Gear Turbo?

And here's a cool site that I found out a few years ago when Sacha and her blockmate had nothing else to do with the school's bandwidth: Real Life Comics.

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