Friday, October 15, 2004


I've been checking the stats for this blog and strangely enough, it's when I don't post that people start visiting.


I've been in my room for the past five days, part of my self-imposed exile. I've been doing nothing except play Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced on my emulator. Of course there's too much happening today that I cannot stay home.


Attempted to sleep without the sleeping pills last night. Well, my sleep could have been more peaceful but at least I'm not dependent on drugs for my rest.

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Thursday, October 14, 2004


Even though I slept at 4 am, it really surpised me that I woke up at 2 pm. And right now, I feel dizzy, and it's probably due to the medication I'm taking. I feel like the earth is shaking, except there's no earthquake.

On a side note, I have this particular friend that whenever I sleepover, I always wake up at 8 am. It doesn't matter whether we sleep at midnight, at 2 am, or 4 am; we always wake up at 8 am (and lucky for us since that happens when we're about to go to a Magic: The Gathering tournament, which "starts" at 10 am).

Courtesy of Vern

Fiction Novel Proposal Guidelines

Migrating Superheroes

I saw the ad for ABS-CBN's "superhero" soap opera, Crystala, and there was this scene where she was in the province using her power of flight to pick up a fruit from the tree. Of course it makes me wonder why a lot of Filipino superheroes (like Darna) come from the province and then move into the city, where they become popular and face supervillains. And perhaps more importantly, what it suggests to Filipinos (as if Metro Manila wasn't already congested).

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

In the Land of Dreams

Perhaps the only problem with my prescription is that the drug I'm taking to sleep is too effective. I mean the first time I took it, I felt lethargic the whole day. Even after lunch and a bath, I still had the urge to go to sleep. And mind you, this is only half of the pill. If I wanted to kidnap people, I'd probably slip the entire pill into their food.

Weekend Hell

Just to inform people, the annual Mega Mall and Robinsons Galleria sale will be this weekend. So expect a lot of traffic in the Ortigas area. Either avoid the place at all costs, or bring a good book to pass the time.

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Sunday, October 10, 2004


I've been asleep most of the day. It seems that the medication I was given was pretty effective.

Mister Donut without Donuts

A few years ago, I did blog about going to a Mister Donut shop and they didn't have any donuts. Yesterday, my friend was working for a certain gas company and they didn't have gas. The reason? The recent earthquake had damaged the pipes so their company didn't have gas to sell to their customers.

Of course I doubt it if this will be the last paradox we'll see in the year.

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