Saturday, February 02, 2002

I've been sleeping for the past two days. I come home late and the first thing I do after checking mail is to get some z's.

Yesterday went to ROTC despite it being a holiday. Our return to Sitio Payong was okay and we left early. Our formator was absent though.

And then I went through a lot of faking to go to Franco's "real" birthday party since he didn't want the rest to come aside from me, Jobert and Navarro. We played Guilty Gear X and that made me come home late at 11:30 pm.

For the past few hours today, I've been sleeping and doing more sleep. Thank God there's no school tomorrow. *sigh* That reminds me, haven't heard from Steph and I still have other problems to think about. My new fanzine for example. =)

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Thursday, January 31, 2002

While I expected it to rain today when I got out of the house, I lacked the foresight to actually bring an umbrella. I was often too lazy to take off the jacket strapped to my waist and don it. That basically sums up what I felt during this rainy day.

In line with rainy days, there's always been a tendency for people to borrow either my jacket or umbrella. That's why during the first semester, I always bring an umbrella AND a jacket, even on sunny days. Just my luck, I didn't bring an umbrella so when Ria had to go home from our fiction class and it was raining, I loaned her my jacket and I was bereft of cover. Not that I regretted it...

Finally saw Steph today. Perhaps I shouldn't have though. She was staring at a table with a melancholy expression. I was too shy and afraid to ask her what was wrong. Perhaps she's angry. Perhaps she needs time to cool off or something. Paula wasn't minding her. I had good sense not to bother her either.

I had to attend a talk for our Sci10 class today. I realized something about the environment and technology. Most of pollution results not from the bigger companies who have funds for research in pollution-free technology but rather it's the small to medium business who don't have the budget. Technology is like science. It's neither good nor evil but it has the capabilities for both, depending on how it's used.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2002

I finally found a way to overcome my boredom...

Guess what! I'm making a new fanzine. Gotta think of a new name though. I'm planning it to be ten pages long in black and white (hey, anyone know how to scan images in grayscale?) as well as being available in PDF format. It just occured to me when I woke up and I've been brainstorming all morning. I've already got several topics and I don't think they'd all fit in just ten pages. =)

I have to get my act right though. I still have my BLOG to work on, the Comicol thingie Bart is asking me to do, and of course, my school work. Oh well, I'll somehow find the time. I wonder though if I can finish it before the school year ends.

On a side note, in today's D&D "Survivor" session, I almost died. I was down to -10 hit points but that was due to subdual damage. Everyone else thought I was dead, including the DM. Four sessions down, six more to go. =)

I was just watching Hunter x Hunter... one of the protagonists is a girl!!! I just know it. =)

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Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Finally found something to do with my free time other than reading...

I'm actually practicing my layout skills by converting the last issue of P.Otaku Bytes (apparently, I didn't make a format for Adobe Pagemaker) into print form. It's taking me quite some time. Hopefully, I'll be done by the end of the week. And look at all the editing I need to do...

I'm getting better with Arnis... Oh yeah, I didn't see Steph or her blockmates today. Must be cramming for their CS project.

Thanks for the text message Chev. ^^

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Monday, January 28, 2002


Just woke up a few hours ago so I'm up at full strength now. Just finished practicing my arnis. It's now not as heavy as it was before. Oh yeah, I now know why the sticks are getting white chalk-like marks on it... they've been hitting my white cabinets. *sweatdrop*

Well, I miss a lot of things right now. Like Steph for one thing. I only managed to ask her if it was her midterms today. She turned away and left before I could greet her good luck.

I wonder what happened to the other people I've been emailing. I wonder how many times Lea's seen Lord of the Rings. Or how Sheila's doing. How's Kara? Chev? Mia? Benj even.

Even though summer break is still two months away, I'm already curious as to what part time job I can get. Anyone interested in hiring me? I want something different. I don't think I'll work again in Comic Alley. Or in Pulp/MTV Ink/Philippine Yearbook for that matter. Not only do I need the work experience but I also need the money.

I want a new project. Life's getting dull. Making a magazine is interesting since I now have the tools but I still don't have the capabilities of an established artist, making on-the-fly artwork. Nor do I have a set of clip art. Still, that would be interesting.

I guess I'm off to edit my other BLOG. Writing is easy. Editing is hell.

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Sunday, January 27, 2002

Sunday Sunday Sunday. What's so special about Sunday? Why is it the start of the week? Why not Monday, or better yet, Saturday?

Forgive me for my ranting above. I'm still not the sane old me. Not much happened today aside from the usual. Went to church, went home, went to Virramall, went back home, went to grandparent's house, went home...

Chloe was acting strange in church today. For one thing, she asked how I was. I replied that I'm still the same. She then asked me if I was okay. I said yes (even though that's not the truth). That made me think how often people say they're fine even when they're not. I'm lonely. I wanted people to reach out. But I just couldn't tell them. That would only make me look more pathetic than I really am. Aside from the fact that they don't want to. I'm digressing though.

She then began to ask our teacher and pastor what happens when you're dead. Do we continue to live on? Do we suffer? Is heaven a sure thing? I merely wondered what could be bothering Chloe. She was fearing death, either for a loved one or for herself. Our teacher said Christians aren't afraid of death. I guess the same goes for me. I don't fear it. Often, I even welcome it. But perhaps that's the wrong mentality for me. It's too easy if all my problems went away when I'm dead. I'm sure there's an afterlife which makes you "live" with the choices you made. Death isn't easy. Just as life isn't. I'm still not afraid of dying though.

It's roughly thirteen hours before my assignments are due and I haven't typed even my name. It's so like me. After sending text messages to people I know, I've realized that some of my batchmates are having their midterms this week. That includes my crush. And she hasn't replied to my email. *sigh* It's times like these I wish I had her number so that I can just send her a message even if it's just a simple good luck. That's my life I guess.

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