Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Looking at the tracker for my other blog, here are the strange things that came up on the search engines that led to my site:

Clarissa Concio - someone's probably a stalker.

Cure for Insomia - hmmmm... my writing's aren't that boring a read. =)

Atenean Porn - ummm, I don't have those.

Ateneo chat Atenean - someone's bored.

Of course sometimes I don't know what's worse. The keywords there or the ones for this site:

Noelle de Guzman - Ummm, either you're looking for yourself or someone's been stalking you... then again, there are many Noelle de Guzman's in the Philippines.

Yaoi Vincent - How did that come up here?

Plus a lot of SF&F fanfiction like Zelazny, Brooks, and Hobb.


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