Wednesday, July 10, 2002

I'm exhausted, and I just woke up.

Yesterday was quite busy. I played Warcraft longer than I should have but it's nothing I regret. I had to rush to get to my Philo class though but when I got there, Mr. Bulaong kindly gave us a free cut. -.-

And I was supposed to meet my gaming group at Starbucks Shangri-la by 6 pm but my carpool got screwed up. My friend said he'd be picked up at 5 pm but when 5 pm came, he told me that he was getting fetched at 6. I basically had to rush to Shangri-la, which wasn't easy considering all the rains and the traffic. I walked from Ateneo to Boni Serrano and then hitched a taxi. Of course the traffic at Megamall was intense as for every fifteen seconds we moved, we had to wait for five minutes. I paid the driver, got out of the taxi and literally ran for it.

Of course getting to the gaming area from Shangri-la wasn't easy as well. Most of the jeepneys and taxis were occupied. We were trying to get a tricycle but couldn't find one. We had to walk around halfway before we were able to board a tricycle. The game finally started at around 8 pm after everyone was there and with their character sheets completed.

There were strange things that happened during the game, like most games I've played. For example, the half-orc was more charismatic and smarter than everyone else in the party, one of the rangers wanted to list and catalog every creature he saw, ala Pokemon, and the Dwarven fighter couldn't even hit. We almost got killed by two dozen rats.

I got home at around 2:30 pm, exhausted. I got some crackers and checked my email. I was too lazy to actually write this down. And here I am now, rattled by yesterday's events. Thank God my classes start at 1:30 pm.

But I'm sure I've forgotten something...


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