Sunday, July 07, 2002

Right now, I can't hear anything except the blowing of the wind. A really strong wind. Which is why I'm glad I decided to stay home and not go out.

Forgive me of my paranoia but with weather like this, I'm discouraged to turn on the computer since power surges are prone during this time.

I was with myself hours ago, reading a book and nothing in the background except for rain, and strangely, the sound of a vucuum cleaner. And then I get a text message from Em asking me if I already had a group for Theology. It reminds me of how the world strangely works for me nowadays. During last Friday, my only group member was Dada and we were required to have at least four. Of course it also happened that I couldn't find other group members. Now, that problem's solved. It's a juxataposition from when I was in high school, wherein I'd be the last one to find a group and usually it's because the group has no one else to choose. As of late, finding a group for class isn't much of a problem. I just let it drift by, let people sort things out, and I eventually get chosen. It's amazing how college has changed me.


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