Sunday, July 07, 2002

Maybe the storm ain't so bad. I mean it's saving us electricity because of the power failure it caused us an hour ago. (Oh wait, Meralco is making us pay for electricity we don't consume.) And it's helping with my poetry as I'm learning all sorts of figures of speech like "I don't want to go out" (understatement), "Oh fate, what cruel tricks you play on us" (apostrophe), and "The storm outside is comparable to the Great Flood" (Hyperbole).

And of course, I've finally solved the problem of my video card: it can't be fixed. I bought a pirated copy of Never Winter Nights to kill my boredom and see if my video card is really hopeless. Well, my video card is really hopeless. The game doesn't even start. I had to use the GM toolset and only then did it prompt me to say that there was something wrong with the video card. Great. -.-


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