Tuesday, July 09, 2002

I can't believe it's just Tuesday. It feels so like... Sunday. I guess it must be all the idleness.

First, instead of wasting the entire day at home like what happened yesterday, I was finally able to get out. Paid a visit to A Different Bookstore though it was a bit disappointing (no new books yet). And then I stopped by Shop 88 at the MRT station to buy some transparent folders for mom.

Came home to a Sherlock Holmes short story which I had way back in 2000. You just don't know how many unread books are lying at my shelf.

Of course whenever I tried to surf the net or download email, my brother would suddenly scream, which is the signal that he'll be using the phone. So here I am right now, using the "older" computer.

Since we're also talking about my brother, who's eight years older than me, I might as well narrate at how he's suffering from a mental disorder. Just an hour ago, he was screaming at everyone for the noise he hears during the evening. He was blaming the maids, blaming my mom, nearly everyone else. Last night, he even made a sermon that I should close the door "lightly".

Of course this is all strange coming from someone who plays his stereo at "loud" and you could hear him coming a mile away because of the stereo in his car. I'm surprised that his eardrums haven't exploded by now.

Also, it's now the third day since I haven't played Warcraft. And honestly, I should stop so I can save up for the bookfair one month away. And to afford the birthday present I'm buying for my crush. And probably to buy myself a new video card.

...must resist Warcraft...

Also been blog-hopping as of late. I go to Benj's site to connect to Wami's to connect to Arcina's...

And lastly, I want Philip Dick's compilation of short stories, like The Minority Report and Other Classic Stories. I heard that in the original story, Tom Cruise's character doesn't end up with such a happy ending.


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