Friday, June 13, 2003

Blogger Ate My Post

Retype retype retype

The Mystery is Solved

If you happen to drop by a bible site whenever you go to someone's blog in blogspot, it's because you mistyped blogspot with blogPSot.


Heard that there was a chat with the creators of D&D 3.5 Eastern Time but I didn't know what time that was so I woke up as early as 6 am (actually meant to wake up at 5) but when I entered the chatroom, they told me I had two hours to go. Drat. That was two hours of potential sleep.

After numerous disconnections, lag, and IE crashing, did manage to get a transcript of the event. Apparently, I was the only Filipino present in the channel (although there was another Filipino from Velenzuela who was in the chatroom) and there was something like 100+ people participating in the chat. It was a good thing the moderators put everyone to mute or words would scroll faster than the ones on Link TV.

It Wasn't Meant to Be

Did manage to arrive at Justin/Jasper/Candy's condo (where I snagged Candy's prom pic) where I installed Ragnarok Online but didn't manage to download the patch despite the fact that they were on DSL. I caused havoc in general.


Candy: Have you taken the yaoi test? Are you seme or uke? Oh wait, you're straight. Please be gay. Be gay for me.

Me: *glare*

Candy: Isn't Fuuma cute?

Me: By the way, people tell me I'm uke.

Candy: I can't imagine you seme.

A Different Bookstore

They finally managed to give me a replacement discount card and bought David Edding's book, Regina's Song (sounds like a romance novel).


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