Monday, June 02, 2003

Eat, Sleep, and be Merry

The only thing more horrible than a Charles that is broke is a Charles that has money. Which is why I'm putting myself under house arrest, at least for today.

Then again, there's not much I can do. I'm reading but I'm reading from the computer, which is far from the ideal circumstance, at least for me, since a computer screen will never replace a book (which will also explain my slower reading speed).

So after an hour or so of facing the computer, I go to sleep for one and a half hour. Then eat (I actually ate a lot of junk food today from bacon to marshmallows to pancakes) and watch TV (and it's my last day of enjoying Star Movies Mandarin). Then, the process begins anew.

GMA has Lost the War to ABS-CBN

Well, it seems that GMA has moved their schedule again so Shaman King started at 4 pm instead of 4:30.

And then after that, instead of showing Ippo, they suddenly showed the MTV of a Chinese boy band. At this point, it is my theory that GMA is acknowledging Meteor Garden's popularity and is making an attempt to counter ABS-CBN's strategy.

Happy Birthday!

Advance happy birthday to Mia, who I don't know where she is by now (is she in Indonesia, still abroad somewhere, or already in the Philippines?).

Also advanced happy birthday to Rin (*poke* oi, I need to give you your birthday's rotting here at home).

And Tomorrow

I finally go out to Tower Records in Makati to get my copy of the Animatrix DVD. Of course I actually got out today at 5:15 pm when I checked my email and found out that ADB just got their new stock. The only tempting book is the paperback of A Storm of Swords, but I already have it on trade, which is with Gabby on a perpetual loan (the first book, A Game of Thrones, on the other hand, is also on a perpetual loan with Mr. Yapan).

Cyril is also going back to the province tomorrow... and I wonder when exactly is Jobert coming back.


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