Friday, June 06, 2003


Yesterday's events (enrollment, dinner) have left me dead tired and smelling like cigarettes (I don't smoke, but can't say the same for those I was having dinner with).

First Semester Schedule

Good news is that I was able to sign up for Ms. Belen's children's writing class. Bad news is that when I signed up, I'm only the third person to do so so unless it meets the minimum of 12 students, the class might get dissolved and I'll have to apply for load revision.

My schedule would have been perfect but beggars can't be choosers. There were only two history classes left and I either had to take the 7:30 am class on MWF or TTH. Not exactly much of a choice but oh well. At least I didn't closed out of a class (unlike some people).

Hajime no Ippo Ends

Well, that's one less show to watch on TV since GMA aired episode 75 today.

On a side note, GMA's Front Page is doing what TV patrol did for Meteor Garden: feature their upcoming Chinese soap opera (My MTV Valentine) on the news channel.

It still remains to be seen though whether it's a regular thing (meaning plugging the show every weekday) or just a one-shot promotion by GMA.

Toy Convention

The toy convention is looming as it's two weeks away. Not that I'll actually end up buying something there because aside from being broke (well, in terms of disposable cash since I owe people a lot of money), I'm not exactly a toy collector.

It's on the 21st and be sure to remember it's in the Megatrade CONFERENCE ROOM and not the larger and more well-known Megatrade Hall.

It's Alive!

Looks like the Pinoy Exchagne bulletin boards are now up after several weeks of being down. Not that it's the best bulletin board out there but you have to deal with what's given to you.

Links Links Links

I'm just glad that people, including those that I don't know or barely know, take the time to link me in their websites and blogs.

That's one step closer for me in taking over the world. Nah, that's too cliche. It's one step closer for me in acheiving stalker status, hehehe.

Animatrix DVD

P595 vs the $24.98 of the Animatrix DVD. It's good to be in the Philippines.


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