Saturday, June 07, 2003

The Podium

Well, did spent most of yesterday at the mall called The Podium mainly because I was acting as the extra (or stalker, depending on how you see it) in Elbert's group.


Me not being the coffee-type of person and who easily gets cold, Elbert's meeting at Starbucks was far from being the most comfortable.

Of course I did get to meet Elbert's date, Camille, who among other things, likes yaoi and totally adores Gravitation.

Leftover Man

After sitting at Starbucks for two hours, we finally transferred to T.I.B. since Carlo had arrived and the three other people (Elbert, Camille, Jansen) were hungry.

I didn't order anything although I did finish Camille's food since she had lots of leftovers.

Of course it was only when the bill came that Elbert told us he was treaing us out.

Return to Starbucks

Went there again to meet up with Elbert's boss, Chris, and then supposedly Katch.

It was a long wait for Katch because we were supposed to meet her at 1 pm but she came at 3 pm.

Oh yeah, she's leaving to join her brother Charp in Canada on Tuesday!


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