Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I Can't Run

At least without limping. Tried doing so this afternoon but my left leg keeps on collapsing.


Well, there's some construction being done near our place for the past few months. Somehow, one begins to appreciate the silence and tranquility that is no longer present.


Eh. Finally got my copy. And I think it'll soon be available in Comic Quest or something.

Anyway, my source told me that it was already on the web in DivX format since someone leaked out the DVD. And this is what Elbert calls the "Asian Release".

Also ran into my former Philo teacher Jon this afternoon and got to chat. He was surprised that I flunked Theo and didn't tell him. And he told me that he recomputed my grade because he thought my C+ was low. I told him that that was really my grade because of my low quizzes. Also talked about Matrix: Reloaded and how he can't wait for it. And I guess he'll be getting the Animatrix DVD if it comes out domestically. (Gio doesn't know what he's missing.)

Meteor Garden

For some strange reason (due to fan demand?), they switched to the Taiwanese dub of the song lyrics.

And there's finally subtitles of the Chinese words!!! (Then again, for the most part, I understand the Chinese...)


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