Tuesday, August 24, 2004

So Much for Anonymity

A decade ago, we had stories about couples meeting up on the Internet (perhaps from a chatroom or mailing list) and that the only time they get to see the other person's face was during an E.B. (eyeball) or through a personal date (i.e. the movie You Got Mail).

Of course I've heard that people use Friendster as a dating service, since your picture is up for everyone to see (and sometimes, the only info you have about the person). Anyway, I saw a coworker managing his Friendster account and it's really entertaining to see how people choose who they add to their "friend's list". And yes, it does get as shallow as choosing you because of your appearance (well, that is if you trust the photo that's uploaded there).

At the Mercy of the Elevator

Given the choice whether to take the stairs or the elevator, I'd go for the former. But that's not really an option at work, since you get locked out of the rest of the building if you do take the stairs. And unlike the LRT2 or the MRT wherein time lost in waiting is balanced by the time saved by not getting stuck in traffic, there's really no time saved by waiting for the elevator.

I guess jumping out of the window (once you manage to break the glass) is always an option...


Blogger satisfy.me said...

hey, did you know that some people actually just browse through the gallery in friendster and add whoever they find pretty? kinda reminds me of those movie scenes where whores are in some kind of an aquarium and the "client" chooses whoever he thinks will give him the most pleasure. sheesh...

just a thought.^_^

10:01 PM  

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